Satan’s Lawnmower

Lego Claas Jaguar

This Claas Jaguar looks pretty dangerous up front – it’d be the perfect vehicle for a zombie apocalypse! Just us? OK.

You can see more of the Claas at Eric Trax‘s Flickr photostream, whilst we imagine mowing down the undead hordes…

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Space Rod

Lego Space Hot Rod

The smiling spacemen of Classic Space seem to be taking over the world! No sooner had we posted this classic space mash-up than another Elf returned to TLCB Towers clutching this imagining of what a hot rod would look like in classic space. It’s the work of Horcik Designs and there’s more to see here.

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Classic Truckin’

Lego DAF FT 18DS Truck

Flickr’s Arian Janssens has appeared here at TLCB a few times over the years, and on each occasion with a DAF truck. Building diversity may not be Arian’s thing, but if you’re good at something there’s lots to be said for sticking with it. Arian’s latest truck – a classic DAF FT 18DS – shows the results such building consistency can bring. There’s more to see at the link above.

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Space Hazzard

Lego Classic Space Dodge Charger

This wonderful classic space Dodge Charger* is the work of Kristi of Custom Bricks, who’s been hard at work knocking up some most excellent decals with which to decorate their creations. As well as the classic space iteration above, Kristi has liveried the most iconic Charger of them all, the Dukes of Hazard ‘General Lee’. Both cars can be found on Flickr – click the link above to see more.

Lego General Lee Dodge Charger

*You won’t find us making a very poor taste space-related joke about Dodge’s other ’60s muscle car. Nope. We’re rising above it today.

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New Delivery

Lego Delivery Van

This refrigerated box-van was discovered by a member of our Elvish workforce today. Tromas is the builder and you can see more of his Town-style truck on Flickr.

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The Horror… The Horror…

Lego Apocalypse Now

Lego Admiral’s scene from one of – perhaps the – greatest movie of all time stopped the whole office today. Head over to Flickr to see it.

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Lego Sky-Fi

Jon Hall is back with another weird yet utterly brilliant aircraft. This one’s got checkers (which are surely the new racing stripes), it’s entitled the ‘Liberator’, and you can see more here.

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Super Caddy

Lego Technic Cadillac ATS Supercar

This simply excellent Technic Cadillac ATS appeared online courtesy of friend of TLCB Thirdwigg, who has – whilst normally famed for his construction machinery and a very big plane – decided to join the elite ranks of supercar builders.

His first entry into the Technic Supercar club is a good one; his ATS features everything you’d expect from a large scale Technic car, including all-wheel suspension, working steering, a 6-speed gearbox and – more unusually – three interchangeable engines of different configurations (I4, V6 and V8).

There’s lots more to see on Flickr, and on Thirdwigg’s own website where instructions for the Cadillac can be downloaded.

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Mr. Plow

Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser Plough

This beautiful Technic Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser pick-up was discovered by one of our Elves on MOCpages. It’s the work of Egor Karshiev aka RM8, who has continued to develop his original FJ40 Land Cruiser design that we featured here on this site a few months ago.

His updated Land Cruiser is now fitted with a brilliant snow-plough attachment controlled by LEGO’s Power Functions motors and the new SBrick that’s starting to make waves in the Lego Community. Egor’s classic Toyota has also got RC all-wheel drive and servo-motor controlled steering, a two-speed gearbox and live axle suspension. There’s lots more to see of the FJ45 on MOCpages – you can visit Egor’s page via the link above.

Lego Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

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Lego Monorail

Well sir, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car, monorail!

 Sinan Bitibic is pitching the idea to the people of MOCpages. Although it might be more of a Shelbyville idea…


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Town Trio

Lego Town Cars

This lovely trio of Town cars was discovered by a very fortunate Elf. An Elf which now has three meal tokens. Will it use these over a number of days, or will it go on a bender and use all three in the next hour? We think we know the answer to that…

Anyway, as we prepare for the appearance of a perfectly spherical – and possibly quite ill – Elf, you can check out its finds by heading to Aitor Fernandez‘ MOCpage. There’s an ’80s Ford Crown Victoria taxi, a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom, and a neat ’65 Pontiac Firebird – all of which can be viewed via the link above.

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Post-Apocalyptic Pat

Lego Hot Rod Van

Looking a bit like Postman Pat’s ride from a post apocalyptic future and named after a small-ish lizard we’re not really sure what to make of Horcik Designs‘ ‘Salamander’. However our workforce of annoying little Elves love it. There’s more to see of Horcik’s remotely controlled hot rod van at the link above.

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Forking Good

Lego RC SBrick Forklift

This might be the best Technic creation we’ve seen so far this year. It’s a Hyster forklift truck and it’s been built by friend of TLCB, published author, and Technic genius Paul Kmiec – better known as Sariel.

Sariel is famous for his functioning Technic models and his latest takes the genre to a new level of engineering accuracy. Underneath the smooth yellow bodywork there are several Power Functions motors powering the drive, steering, and raising, lowering and tilting of the front-mounted lift.

Sariel has then incorporated the newly-designed ‘SBrick‘ into the build, meaning that all the functions can be controlled via Bluetooth through a mobile device. It’s a very clever piece of kit and something we’d love to explore further here at TLCB Towers.

Lego Technic Sariel Forklift SBrick

The forklift can also be fitted with a range of interchangeable attachments, some of which feature pneumatics controlled by an in-built compressor, including a grab and an excavating bucket. LEGO, hire this man please!

You can see more of Sariel’s incredible creation on MOCpages and via the excellent video below, and if you’d like to understand how creations such as this are designed and built we highly recommend Sariel’s ‘Incredible Lego Technic’ book – click this link for a preview.

YouTube Video:

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A Quick Drink

Lego Porsche 917 Le Mans

Le Mans, probably the greatest motor race in the world, is better than ever this year. Alongside the ubiquitous Audis in LMP1 there’ll be Toyota, Nissan and Porsche, all running hybrids in a huge variety of configurations. Formula 1 take note; giving manufacturers the freedom to innovate in line with their own skills is what creates great racing. Whereas forcing everyone to make exactly the same car with a different paint scheme blows goats.

Anyway, Porsche’s current challenger features a tiny flat-4 turbo in conjunction with some very tricksy electrical witchcraft. It’s a very different beast to the car that Porsche are probably most famous for; the monstrous 1970s flat-12 powered 917.

The brilliant 917 above is the work of Flickr’s Manuel Cara, who has recreated the car that took the 1971 Le Mans overall victory in stunning detail, including the iconic Martini livery. The full gallery is well worth a look – you can see all the images of Manuel’s beautiful Martini-Racing 917 on Flickr via the link above.

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Red, White and Blue

Lego Model Team Truck

This impressive American rig is the work of Ingmar Spijkhoven of MOCpages and Brickshelf fame. Ingmar has packed his model with LEGO’s Power Functions components so that his truck can drive, steer and light the road ahead remotely. It’s also got solid axel suspension, a working fifth wheel and a detailed cabin and engine bay. There’s lots more to see at the links above – click to make the jump.

Lego RC Truck

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