A Red Re-Vamp

BBurg Red

The Elves were incredibly excited when they found this super Starfighter Transporter by billyburg. They thought that each of hub caps on its 8 wheels was a blue Smartie. Alas not but we have rewarded them with a handful of meal tokens. We’ve previously blogged the chassis of this machine but now it’s been topped off with a colourful, red starfighter which uses a nice mix of Technic panels and System bricks, plus a bit of white sticker. Billyburg has also posted a rather nice space-crane, in the same micro-scale, as you can see below. Click this link to billyburg’s Flickr Photostream to see more of both creations.

BBurg Grey

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Little Old Lady

Lego Nissan Silvia

We close a period of much blogging with another build from a TLCB regular. Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla takes us back to a time when Japanese cars were cool, but also – in Nissan’s case at least – named after elderly British people – the S15 Silvia joining Nissan’s line-up alongside the Cedric, the Gloria and the Maureen*. You can see more of the Senator’s S15 by clicking here, whilst we slow things down a bit here in TLCB Towers.

*We might have made that last one up.

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Lego Audi R10

Audi have been the dominant force in endurance racing since forever, and long before diesel and hybrid power became their propulsion of choice they used this, the mighty open-cockpit R10 LMS. Malte Dorowski built this Lego version years ago too, but it’s just appeared on Flickr and thus it can appear here too. See more after the jump.

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Lego Airwolf

A sort of Knight Rider of the skies, Airwolf aired between 1984 and 1987, and made every 6 year old boy want to be a helicopter pilot when they grew up. This near-perfect Lego recreation of the ’80s TV star is the work of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg, adding to his already impressive catalogue of famous TV vehicles. You can see all the images via the link above.

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A Little Steamy

Lego Micro Steam Train

This tiny steam train was found on…er, The Brothers Brick, but whatever, it’s really good and it’s allowed us to make the most British of references about our encounter with your Mom last night. Flickr’s Galaktek is the builder and you can see more via the link above.

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Seeing Red

Lego technic Land Rover Defender

Today we saw the return of two Elves, both clutching things of much redness. The first red thing turned out to be this, Rabbitdesign‘s superb Technic Land Rover Defender 110, which has one of the most thoroughly engineered chassis we’ve ever seen (a trip to MOCpages via the link above is highly recommended to see how he’s done it).

Coincidentally this year will be the Defender’s last. Emissions and safety laws have finally caught up with the 1940s design, signalling an end to more than 60 years of continual production.

Lego German Tug Aircraft

Elf No.2’s red thing was discovered on Flickr. It’s a German target tug by Sydag, used for towing things into the sky to be shot at, and it’s a wonderfully smooth build. There’s more to see at the link above.

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On the Origin of Species

Lego HMS Beagle

This stunning photograph comes from James Pegrum, with his beautiful recreation of one the most important ships ever to sail.

The HMS Beagle was an unremarkable 10-gun Cherokee-class vessel that served with the Royal Navy and HM Customs and Excise from 1820 until it was scrapped half a century later in 1870.

Unremarkable apart from one detail. It carried a passenger working as a naturalist and geologist. His name; Charles Robert Darwin.

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Grey Day

Lego Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 1

It’s mid-winter here at TLCB Towers, and whilst those from warmer climes are probably picturing piles fluffy white snow, the reality is at the moment everything is an unremitting sea of Grey.

So in recognition of the boring palette at work outside, here are two decidedly grey Lego creations*. First up is MortalSwordman’s brilliant little Volkswagen Golf GTI. The design of the first generation of Wolfsburg’s ‘Peoples’ Hatchback’ was so successful it is still defining the styling direction of the entire Volkswagen range today. You can see more of MortalSwordman’s near-perfect Lego recreation of the Mark 1 GTI on MOCpages here.

Lego Skoda RSO Truck

Today’s second grey creation was suggested to us by a reader. It comes from Brickshelf’s myszomor, and it’s a World War 2 Skoda RSO truck.

Skoda built the RSO under force from the occupying Nazi’s, who wanted it for their war effort. Luckily the RSO had a few design flaws that were never rectified, so the truck wasn’t as useful as the Nazi’s wanted it to be. Good. You can see more of myszomor’s intriguing Town-style version of the wartime Skoda on Brickshelf via the link above.

*Smarties don’t come in grey for today’s successful Elf, so one of the office staff sucked a red one until the colour had come off…

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Lego Steampunk

We have no idea what is going on here. Flickr’s Pascal aka pasukaru76 probably does though, and you can see more of whatever this is at his photostream.

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Porsche Plus

Lego Porsche RUF CTR3 Clubsport

Here at The Lego Car Blog we’re not usually fans of German tuning houses. This is because for the most part they seem to take some really good cars, ruin them, and then charge twice the price for the resultant mess. One of the exceptions though is Ruf, who have been building ultra high performance cars since the 1970s.

Ruf base their designs on Porsche chassis, but all the fabrication is done by themselves (rather than simply bolting on ‘uprated’ parts), so their products have Ruf VINs and thus Ruf are classified as a car manufacturer in their own right. Which does mean that our title is factually incorrect.

Anyway, this incredible Model Team recreation of Ruf’s monster CTR3 Clubsport shows that Lego builders can show the same attention to detail in their work as Ruf themselves. It also continues the recent return of one of the Lego community’s most revered builders, Firas Abu-Jaber. Firas’ beautiful CTR3 is available to view on both MOCpages and Flickr, and you can see Firas’ Top 5 creations according to Headturnerz by clicking here.

Lego Ruf CTR3 Firas Abu-Jaber

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Miami Vice

Lego Ferrari 365 Daytona

This glorious Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider in Miami Vice specification was suggested to us by a reader. It’s the work of Flickr’s ER0L, and it’s one of the most perfectly executed Town-scale replicas we’ve seen. More photos are available at the link above.

Lego Miami Vice Ferrari Daytona

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Lonely Road

Lego Lone Spaceman

This lone spaceman has shunned the permanent sunny disposition of his Classic Space counterparts for a look of grim determination. It looks like he’s got a very long way to go…

You can see more of Peter Reid‘s Satellite Patroller on Flickr.

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Lego A6M2 Zero

This World War 2 Japanese A6M2 Zero fighter by Andrew Jodeit was found by one of our Elves on MOCpages. We’ve written a little about the history of Zero here before, se we’ll jump straight to the all-important link – click here to see more!

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Lego Lexus LFA

This Lexus-LFA-like Technic supercar was suggested to us by a reader. As with many recent creations this model includes LEGO’s Power Functions parts to provide remote control drive and steering, plus it adds a working V8, 4-speed gearbox with auto-clutch, and all-wheel-drive to an impressive list of functions. MOCpages’ Rage Hobbit is the builder, and you can see all the photos, including detailed chassis images, via the link above.

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Winning Wankel

Lego Mazda 787B Le Mans

In the Le Mans 24 Hours of 1991 something rather remarkable happened. A car without a reciprocating engine not only finished the endurance feat, but won it. The car was of course Mazda’s incredible 787B, powered by a brilliant 900bhp 4-rotor Wankel rotary engine, and driven by Johnny Herbert, Betrand Gachot and Volker Weildler.

No other car without a reciprocating engine has since repeated this feat, and nor has any other Japanese car claimed outright victory at Le Mans.

This beautiful recreation of one endurance racing’s greatest legends is the work of Bob Alexander, and you can see more of his Model Team Mazda 787B at his photostream by clicking the link above.

Lego Mazda 787B

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