Where Were You in ’62?

Lego Ford ’32 Deuce CoupeWe might not be generous in any way to TLCB Elves, but we are to you guys. Overlooking a slight time-zone discrepancy, Flickr’s Chrisbuilds has snuck into TLCB Summer Building Competition at the last second. Well, when we say ‘snuck’, as much as is possible with a bright yellow ’32 Ford Deuce hot rod and a ’55 Chevy Coupe.

TLCB Summer Building CompetitionBoth cars are stars from the iconic 1973 movie ‘American Graffiti’ and Chris has replicated them superbly in smooth Model Team style. You can see more of both his competition entries on Flickr – click the link above to take a trip to ’62.

Lego '55 Chevy Coupe

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Finish Line!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

Competition Closed!

The chequered flag has fallen and the submissions have been closed – TLCB Summer Building Competition in partnership with LUGnuts and Headturnerz ended today!

We’ve received a wealth of superb entries over the past two months by builders from all over the world, from small scale hot rods to massive Technic masterpieces, so a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry.

The TLCB Team will be reviewing the competition entries over the next few days, judging them against the competition criteria, and we’ll be revealing the winning creations soon!

Lego Competition Prizes

The overall winner and runner up will receive some fantastic prizes courtesy of the awesome guys at No Starch Press, so check back here regularly to see if your creation has made it to the top spots!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.36.37

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Lego Ferrari Dino F2

This glorious Ferrari Dino F2 racing car, built by Flickr’s LEGO Bro for TLCB Summer Building Competition, takes us back to a time when the top motorsport teams (and drivers too) competed in multiple racing categories at once. With race calendars only featuring events in single digits throughout an entire season competing in several championships concurrently was a common practice.

LEGO Bro’s Dino F2 might have been down on power when compared to its F1 brother, but it still comes from a time when downforce hadn’t made it off the drawing board and driver safety was second very much to speed. As a result the F2 cars of the 1960s were slightly deadly, but wonderfully pretty machines, and the Dino was amongst the prettiest of all. Step back in time with LEGO Bro at the link above.

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Nineteen Twenty Seven

Lego Vintage Car

The Lego Car Blog Elves are not classy creatures, and so Nik J Dort.’s vintage sedan is a bit lost on them, being both grey and subtle. The Lego Car Blog Staff do like it though (‘cos we’re really classy…) and so it earns a spot here. See more via the link, and if you’re of an Elvish persuasion when it comes to Lego creations fear not, normal service will be resumed shortly…

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Little Forker

Lego Forklift

You don’t need a million bricks to appear here – sometimes the simplest models are the best. David VII‘s little Town-scale forklift is simple playable goodness, and you can go and fork yourself at the link above.

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Two Chevies Tuesday

Lego Chevy Nova Drag

Flickr’s _Tiler should probably have his own section here at TLCB, so frequently does he appear. With builds like this superb Chevrolet Nova SS, it’s easy to see why – _Tiler has recreated the Chevy’s bodywork beautifully. Apart from the hood that is, which as been removed to make space for one heck of an engine. See more of _Tiler’s latest build at the link above.

Today’s second classic Chevy comes from fellow Flickr builder Tim Henderson, who has recreated one of the two mid-’60s G-10 panel vans that he own’s in real life. Cornering doesn’t look like a fun proposition, but we have to admit it looks damn cool! Click the link above for more classic Chevrolet goodness.

Lego Chevrolet G-10 Van

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Out Run

Lego Sariel Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari’s Testarossa is possibly the car that defined 80’s excess, and as fashion moves in circles it’s starting to look very cool once more. This neat recreation of the famous Fezza has been built by Sariel, who is – as many of you will know – one of the very best Technic builders in the world right now.

So what’s this admittedly pretty, but simple static model doing coming from him? Well, almost unbelievably, this little Ferrari features a complete Power Functions remote control system inside along with working lights front and rear. To fit it all in Sariel has designed one of the cleverest steering systems we’ve seen, which allows the front wheels to pivot inside their arches.

You can see how’s he’s done it via MOCpages, where there’s also an excellent (and nostalgic) video showing the Testarossa in action, and you can read his interview with us here at TLCB by clicking this link to the Become a Pro series.

Lego RC Ferrari Testarossa Sariel

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A Swift Drink

Lego Porsche 918 Spider

It’s the final day of TLCB Summer Building Competition and Flickr’s Peter Blackert (aka Lego911) has probably scored a win for the model with the best racing stripes of the summer.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

Usually a digital builder, Peter has recreated Porsche’s Martini-liveried 918 spider superbly in brick form, with cunning techniques used throughout to capture the iconic colour-scheme. See more via the link above.

Lego Porsche 918

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Try Try Try

Lego Pagani Huayra

The builder of this fantastically complicated looking Pagani Huayra has been suggested to us numerous times over the past few months and never quite made the grade. But perseverance pays, and Gerald Cacas has repeatedly refined his Model Team recreation of the famous supercar to make his debut appearance here. You can see more of his Huayra at his Flickr photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

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140 Studs of Brilliance

Lego Homeworld Vaygr Battlecruiser

Here at TLCB we don’t really understand sci-fi. Or video games. So sci-fi video games are well outside of our comfort zone. But we do understand brilliant building, and this Vagyr Battlecruiser from the Homeworld game series certainly earns that accolade. Flickr’s Tim Schwalfenberg is the builder and you can see more of his incredible creation via the link above.

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Lego Chevrolet Hot Rod

Although the proper Lego blogs don’t seem to think much of us here at TLCB, you – our awesome readers – are the reason why we’re here (that, and to raise some money for those who desperately need it), and your entries into TLCB Summer Building Competition have been fantastic!

It’s the final day of the competition and Flickr’s Tim Inman has taken the full two months to get his second entry in; this spectacular Chevrolet Town Sedan hot rod. As has been well documented, the Elves love both the colour orange and hot rods, so we have a happy workforce today.

You can see more of Tim’s entry at the link above, and if you’re visiting from the aforementioned Lego blog you can read more about the TLCB Summer Building Competition by clicking here.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

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More Madness

Lego Mad Max Fury Road

Following our review of the excellent Manner-Spielzeug Interceptor set from the original 1980s Mad Max movies, we’re back to the 2015 incarnation, with another superb Town-scale recreation from TLCB regular _Tiler. His latest replica is probably the weirdest yet, and you can see more of this and his previous Fury Road vehicles via the link to Flickr above.

Lego Mad Max Fury Road

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Mad Max Interceptor – Set Review (Manner-Spielzeug)

Lego Mad Max Interceptor Set

A few days ago a little brown bag arrived at TLCB Towers, and the Elves have never been so excited! It came from custom set builders Manner-Spielzeug, and the excitement was due to a few words printed at the top of the packaging:

Violence Level / Medium

This is something that is – for those that know The Lego Car Blog – right up our alley, and it’s also something we’d like to see on every LEGO set… although it’s probably quite unlikely!

The guys at Manner-Spielzeug have a few custom sets available, in themes that The LEGO Group are unable – for sound ethical reasons – to explore.

Our set comes from the original Mad Max movie, and features Max’s famous V8 Interceptor, a mini-figure Mel Gibson, and a host of the coolest parts possible. The genius behind the Manner-Spielzeug products is that they use the very best pieces from all available sources, whether that’s LEGO themselves, third party accessory makers, or their own print-works, to make the sets that LEGO can’t.

Lego Mad Max Manner-SpielzeugThe Interceptor set comes with 150 pieces, neatly packaged in a tough brown paper bag (which is both cool, and green – a solution that surely toy companies should be exploring themselves). 147 pieces are band new official LEGO parts, whilst two come from third part accessory wizards Brickarms, and one is an official LEGO brick enhanced with Manner-Spielzeug’s own print. Included in the official LEGO piece count are a dog, snake, bush and gas-can, as well as the neat Mad Max mini-figure.

The instructions come in digital format, with a QR code included so that a simple scan with a smart phone can bring up the PDF, which is optimised for multiple device types. This is worth bearing in mind as although it’s unlikely to impact anyone reading this review it may restrict builders for whom the Interceptor is bought as a gift.

The instructions themselves are very nearly as good as LEGO’s own, being logical, neat and clear. They do perhaps lack a few sub-assemblies when compared to those from an official LEGO set, and this does make the build slightly more challenging than you might expect. However for us this made the familiar ‘spot the difference’ between the part built model in our hands and the part built model pictured in the instructions a more fun experience, and certainly didn’t detract from an enjoyable build.

36 steps later and the finished model proves to be excellent, being both true to the Mad Max movie and gloriously playable. The Interceptor is a comparable size to LEGO’s newer vehicles at 6-studs wide, and features a removable roof, detailed engine with supercharger and some trunk space for the aforementioned gas-can and Brickarms weaponry.

The two Brickarms pieces are well suited to the set, and the real surprise was Manner-Spielzeug’s own printed part – a can of Dinki Di dog food from the movie – which is of a quality as high (if not higher) than anything LEGO make themselves.

Lego Mad Max Interceptor Set

Overall the Interceptor is something of a delight. It’s different from anything that LEGO produces, but is totally true to LEGO’s ‘Play Well’ ethos. Only with a bit more violence. Perhaps the only sticking point is the price, as for €69 (just over $75/£50) the piece count is quite low. The quality however, couldn’t be higher, and if you’re a fan of the Mad Max movie franchise we expect you’ll find little better than this. 4 stars – Highly Recommended.


You can check out the Manner-Speilzeug Mad Max Interceptor set by clicking on the link below, where you can also read more about their mission and view the other products that they have available. Let them know we sent you and you can take advantage of a 10% discount too.

View and Buy the Interceptor Set here

Lego Manner-Spielzeug Sets

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Got Wood?

Lego Ford Woody

This gorgeous Town scale ’51 Ford Woody was found on Flickr. Sir Nadroj is the builder and you can see all of his beautiful photographs by clicking this link.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Lego RC Rally Truck

This little 6-wide mini-figure scale rally truck by Flickr’s Big Boy may well have featured here at TLCB on looks alone, but it’s got a lot more going underneath than you might realise. Squeezed inside the diminutive dimensions is a full remote control drivetrain, plus working lights too. You can see more of this miracle of packaging, and watch a video of it in action, at the link in the text above.

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