‘Misstress’ Picture Special

Lego Technic Mistress Supercar

This bewitchingly beautiful Technic supercar was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s been built by previous bloggee Jeroen Ottens and – as you can see – it’s a work of art. The beauty of ‘Misstress’ is more than skin deep too; underneath the deliciously curvaceous bodywork is a mid-mounted V10 engine, working steering and fully independent double-wishbone suspension.

Lego Technic Super Car

There’s a large gallery of superb images available to view at Jeroen’s Flickr photostream. Click on his name in the text above to see all of the photographs.

Lego Technic Supercar 2015

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Star Port

Lego Classic Space Moon Base

Following his classic spaceship collaboration publicised here earlier in the week, builder Simon Liu has now completed the epic spaceport in which the classic spacecraft feature. Simon’s huge Moonbase services travellers from far and wide (just like your Mom), and there’s a vast amount of clever detailing and cunning building techniques used throughout the build.

There’s lots more to see on Flickr at Simon’s photostream – you can book yourself a trip to the moon by clicking on these magic words. We’ll see you there.

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Ol’ Red

Lego Hot Rod

You may think the current trend for building smooth, studless creations requires LEGO’s newer smoother pieces, but TLCB favourite _Tiler proves that you get the look whilst going very old-school indeed.

_Tyler’s beautiful hot rod utilises a Fabuland roof (one of LEGO’s weirder past themes) combined with classic Town grey/white tyres, and they look absolutely resplendent here. You can see _Tiler’s latest build on Flickr – click the link above to step back in time.

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TLCB Summer Building Competition is Open!

Lego Competition

After much teasing we’re delighted to announce that The Lego Car Blog’s first building competition commences today!

Build the Elves a Vehicle!

Someone (possibly these guys) tipped off the animal welfare officers that there may have been mistreatment of animals here at TLCB Towers. How that’s possible with fictional mythical creatures we don’t know, but the short of it is we need to prove that we look after the little sods that make up our unpaid workforce. And so… The Lego Car Blog Elves are about to get their Christmas and Birthdays all rolled into one!

To get us off the hook with the authorities we need you to build the Elves their perfect vehicle. Those of you who’ve been visiting this site for a while will know what they like, but for those of you that haven’t, think racing stripes, Transformers, guns, remote control, huge engines, or all of the above. There may also be bonus points available for incorporating an Elf or two into your entry.

How to Enter

We’ve teamed up with the wonderful guys over at LUGNuts and Headturnerz on Flickr to enable you to upload your entries via their discussion threads. Alternatively you can enter right here at TLCB by commenting with a link to your entry.

You may enter as many creations as you like, and the winners will be chosen based upon the designs that best meet the brief and our usual Submission Guidelines. We recommend using the Search function to discover more about what the Elves like, and a few hints may be dropped throughout the duration of the competition.

Lego Competition Prizes


You can never read too much, and the awesome guys over at No Starch Press – purveyors of a large range of brilliant Lego books, have provided some excellent prizes for you to win!

The first place winner will have top choice of one of the three superb books pictured above. The second place runner up can choose between the remaining two books and the winner will also get their mitts on the remaining publication.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.36.37

Legal Stuff

  • TLCB Summer Building Competition runs from July 1st to August 31st 2015 GMT, and no late entries will be considered.
  • All entries must be your own work and be built and photographed during the two month competition.
  • If you’re under the age of 18 you must get parental permission before entering the competition, as winners will need to provide TLCB with their contact details.
  • LUGNuts, Head Turnerz, TLCB, and No Starch Press are not responsible for any additional tariffs, taxes, customs, bus tokens, or traffic tickets your country may impose on you when claiming your prizes.

Good luck to all our readers, and don’t forget you can join the discussion, ask questions, submit complaints etc. via the comments here at TLCB or via our Flickr partners.

Submit Your Entry!

…via one or more of the following;




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240 Winks

Lego Datsun 240Z

This lovely Datsun 240Z was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. TLCB regular Senator Chinchilla is the builder and you can see more of his classic Japanese sports car here.

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Only Fools and Horses

Lego Challenger Terra Gator

If someone said they’d built a yellow three-wheeler we would probably think of this. Which is about as far from this monstrous Challenger Terra Gator as you can get. There’s more to see on Brickshelf courtesy of Samolot.

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White Knight

Lego T34-85 Tank

It’s time once more for some TLCB history. This is a Russian T34-85 tank, the most-produced tank of the Second World War and the second most-produced tank of all time. Whilst America’s contribution to the outcome of WW2 cannot be underestimated, it was not America, nor the British, that first rolled into Germany to end the conflict. It was the Russians, who made the biggest sacrifice of anyone – with more casualties than the US, UK, France, Japan and Germany combined – that got there first, thanks largely to this vehicle.

Over 84,000 T34s were built, and they remained in service within the Soviet Union until the late 1960s. Which makes this tank’s role in humanity a muddled one. It is possibly the vehicle with the single biggest contribution to the liberation of people, helping to end the Nazi oppression of millions, only to be re-purposed post-war as a tool of the Communist regime to oppress millions itself. How awful it must have been to escape the tyranny of Nazism in Eastern Europe to then be shackled by Communism a few short years later.

Still, much as we dislike megalomaniacal, nationalistic, homophobic, war-mongering Russian presidents (and we may not just be talking about Stalin here), Russia’s sacrifice for peoples’ freedom is perhaps the most remarkable and incredible of any country in all of history. Without the T34 tank Russia’s story, and the story of the World, may have been very different.

The Lego T34-85 featured here is the work of previous bloggee LegoMarat. It has four motors (controlled by the third-party SBrick, allowing operation via mobile device) which power the tracks, turret rotation and gun elevation, plus an authentic working recreation of the T34’s clever suspension system. There’s lots more to see on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego T34 RC Tank

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Spaceship! (x12)

Lego Classic Spaceships

The Lego Movie‘s Benny is sure gonna like this post…

Flickr’s Simon Liu recently held an Open Day at his moonbase build, and this is what turned up: Twelve different classic spaceships from a variety of the net’s best sci-fi builders. Each is a a work of Classic Space brilliance and you can see them all at Simon’s photostream here. Spaceship!

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Monster Miner

Lego Komatsu Wheel Loader

This enormous wheel loader was discovered by a member of our Elvish workforce on MOCpages. It’s been built by newcomer Dave MacLeod, and it’s his first creation to be uploaded to the site. This highly detailed model is – almost unbelievably – mini-figure scale, being based on the Komatsu WA1200, the largest loader in the world. It’s therefore a bit big for most Town layouts, being larger than even many of LEGO’s modular buildings, but what a way for a mini-figure to ride around Town! There’s more to see on MOCpages, click the link above if you’re digging it and welcome Dave to the community.

Lego Komatsu WA1200

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I’m a Wanderer

Lego Gypsy Wagons

Most of the gypsy/traveller vehicles that we see near TLCB Towers are not like these. New Toyota Hilux and Range Rovers with private number plates seem to be the preferred choice at the moment, but very occasionally we do see travelling done the traditional way.

These beautiful Polish gypsy wagons by Flickr’s Karwik remind us of a time when there was only one horse power available up front. Click here to go travelling.

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Lego Creator 10248 Ferrari F40 Set Preview

Lego 10248 Ferrari F40 Review

Today might have been Clarkson, Hammond and May’s last episode of Top Gear, but LEGO have gone a very long way to cheering up TLCB office…

This is the new 10248 Creator set, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Following on from the 10220 Volkswagen Camper and 10242 Mini Cooper sets, LEGO have teamed up with Ferrari once more to bring us a stunning brick-built recreation of possibly the greatest car ever made.

Ferrari’s F40 was launched way back in the late 1980s to triumphant acclaim and it became the definitive supercar of the era. Powered by a small 2.9 litre twin turbo-charged V8 shrouded within kevlar and carbon fibre bodywork, the 201mph F40 was the fastest and most expensive Ferrari ever built.

Production lasted just 5 years, during which time around 1,300 units were manufactured. This means that today the F40 is a little too pricey for most of us, but luckily LEGO have the answer…

LEGO’s 10248 Ferrari F40 Creator set arrives in August of 2015 and contains over 1,150 pieces, a few of which are new and unique to the set, including the wheels, tyres and windshield. There’s an opening engine cover to reveal a detailed V8 engine, opening doors, clamshell front section, pop-up headlights and a detailed interior.

Aimed at ages 14+ the LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 won’t be cheap (RRP is estimated to be around $90/£70), but that’s quite a lot cheaper than the real car. Plus you can park it on your desk.

As is often the way a Set Review for 10248 may follow – in the meantime you can remind yourself of the previous iconic vehicles in the Creator line-up by clicking on the links in the text above.

Lego Creator 10248 Ferrari F40 Review

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Death by Deuce

Lego Mad Max Hot Rod

There seems to be little let-up in the proliferation of Mad Max – Fury Road vehicles within the Lego Community, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Flickr’s _Tiler has added another to his garage – you can see more of it and his previous Mad Max builds at the link above.

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Clap Trap

Lego CL4P-TP Robot

Flickr’s Simon Liu is the builder behind this utterly brilliant recreation of the CL4P-TP robot from Borderlands 2, which in hindsight looks uncannily like a robotic Minion. It’s a remarkable build that’s well worth a closer look – click these words to jump to Simon’s photostream where you can show your appreciation.

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‘It’s Got a Cop Motor…’

Lego Dodge Monaco Blues Brothers

It’s been a while since we featured one of your suggestions; this one was discovered by one of our readers on the Lego Ideas creation sharing platform. It’s a recreation of the 1976 Dodge Monaco from the 1980 film ‘Blues Brothers’ by newcomer eini1971, and you can see more at the link.

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