On the Buses

Lego AEC STL London Routemaster Bus

This gorgeous pair of mini-figure scale London buses comes from TLCB debutant Hung Andy. Whilst his Flickr name does seem more appropriate for the seedier corners of the internet, Hung Andy’s builds are some of the most exceptional Town style vehicles we’ve seen in all of our time blogging.

Two eras of London Routemaster bus are represented, the second of which is only just coming to end with the arrival of the new (and beautiful) hybrid double-decker this year.

You can see more of Andy’s AEC London Routemaster buses on Flickr, click the link above to get on board.

Lego London Bus

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Return of the Mack

Lego Mack RL700L Rubber Duck Convoy Truck

This beautiful Model Team recreation of the Mack RL700L ‘Rubber Duck’ from the 1978 movie ‘Convoy’ was discovered on Brickshelf today. There’s only one photo at the moment – and we have a feeling that we’ve seen this builder before somewhere*. zmasterbrick is the mysterious creator and you can see their Mack in full-size by clicking the source link above.

*Answers in the comments if you know! It does make for a clever title though.

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Total Recall

Lego Total Recall

We’re feeling lazy today, so it’s time for a Guest Blogger! Firas Abu-Jaber keeps the posts coming…

In 2012 Len Wiseman brought us a remake of the cult 1990 science fiction action movie ‘Total Recall’. His modern reboot included some amazing action scenes and several exotic fictional vehicles. Today in 2015 Flickr’s Tiler has created his own remake in LEGO form by building this highly detailed hover car as used in the movie’s chase sequence.

What could be more amazing than taking a ride in an exotic supercar that doesn’t have any wheels!? All of the speed without having to feel the pain of speed bumps or the street flaws! You can take a ride in Tiler’s brilliant Total Recall hover car by visiting him on Flickr.

Thanks to Firas for joining us today, and for inadvertently reminding us of Kate Beckinsale’s character in the movie. Google google google….

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On Track

Lego Track Crane

It’s been a while since we posted anything train-ey, so here’s a neat track-mounted crane from Flickr’s de-marco that’s helping his Town’s mini-figures upgrade their network. See more via the link.

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Scooby Doo Picture Special

Lego Subaru Impreza WRX STI

This impeccably recreated replica of Subaru’s famous Impreza WRX STI was discovered by one of our Elves today (now contentedly munching on a blue Smartie).

Subaru Impreza WRX Lego

It’s been built by previous bloggee Rhys’ Pieces and it includes some stellar detailing inside and out. There’s loads more to see at Rhys’ Flickr and MOCpages accounts – click the links for all the photos.

Lego Subaru WRX STI

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Les Aventures de Tintin

Lego Tintin Rocket

Belgium isn’t famed for having contributed much to humanity. Admittedly they did come up with the internal combustion engine – without which this blog wouldn’t have a lot of content – but after Stella Artois and The Smurfs we got stuck. Until we saw this.

It comes from TLCB newcomer gonkius, and he has recreated the impossibly curvy spaceship of Belgium’s favourite comic book character Tintin wonderfully. And hugely!

There’s more to see of this beautiful retro rocket on Flickr – click the above link to take the trip!

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Elf For a Day

Lego Concept Car

Spring has sprung here at TLCB Towers. The days are getting longer, skirts are getting shorter, and the Elves are getting, er… frisky. We lose a few Elves every year, mostly to dogs and Elf-on-Elf violence, so this isn’t a bad thing. We’ve got no idea of the biology of it, but their numbers always seem pretty constant.

Anyway, such is the Elves’ mood at the moment that they haven’t really found much worth blogging, so it’s over to you for a find. This neat concept car by previous bloggee Angka Utama was discovered by a reader and you can see more it, including some very clever cockpit construction techniques, on both MOCpages and Flickr.

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Modded Mazda

Lego Mazda RX3

Mazda’s RX-8 and RX-7 are something of a cult motoring institution, and long before either of them Mazda had this; the RX-3 coupe. This lovely Lego recreation of the little RX is the work of TLCB regular Senator Chinchilla and, as is often the way with old Japanese cars, the Senator has added a few mods to his whip. You can see more of them and the car on Flickr at the link above.

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Let’s Tesselate

Lego Lancia Stratos HF Zero 1970

The 1970s were a decade entirely made up of straight lines. Preferably three of them joined by three corners. This Lancia Stratos HF Zero concept car follows the rules of ’70s car design to the letter. It’s been built by newcomer Heiko Ruutel of MOCpages and you can see more here.

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This is Spinal Tap

Firas Abu Jaber Lego

TLCB has reached one and half million views, and in celebration we’re going all Spinal Tap! Yes, we’re cranking our previously-deceased Master MOCers Series up to eleven.

And who better to be that No. 11 than probably the most famous LEGO vehicle builder in the world, the brilliant Mr. Firas Abu-Jaber.

Read Firas Abu-Jaber’s Master MOCers Interview here!

Smell the Glove.


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You Gotta Roll With It

Lego Oasis Airfield FW190

This gorgeous Tunisian World War 2 oasis airfield scene – complete with a magnificent FW190 fighter – is the work of previous bloggee and aircraft genius Sydag. There’s clever detailing everywhere in this build – click the link above to see all the photos in Sydag’s Flickr gallery.

Lego Focke Wolf Fighter

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1.5 Million!

Lego Mini-FiguresA lot of rubbish things have happened over the last few months; the Charlie Hebdo attack, the cancellation of Top Gear due to a fight over a steak, and the arrival of ‘that bloody Lemur‘ (as it’s collectively known in TLCB office) at The Brothers Brick, a creature that generates such violent hate amongst our Elves that it’s difficult to keep them from storming TBB compound.

As years go then, 2015 has had a pretty rough ride so far, but thanks entirely to you guys TLCB has bucked this depressing trend brilliantly. For reasons we simply can’t fathom this ropey brick-based car blog has racked up another half a million views in the few short months since the one million mark was reached at the end of last year, taking the total to;


In celebration we’ve decided to bring back a feature that we parked a little while ago, with an eleventh addition to TLCB’s Master MOCers series. He’s probably the most well known, well loved, and inspirational Lego vehicle builder on the planet – join us tomorrow to find out more!

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Ticket to Ride

Lego Technic Hoist Truck

Getting a ticket isn’t fun, and in many cities if you’ve parked particularly poorly you might come back to find an empty space where your car used to be*.

Brickshelf’s pipasseyoyo has recreated the traffic warden’s favourite tool – the hoist truck – in Technic, and he’s included a whole host of Power Functions components too.

His build includes four motors running through three gearboxes, meaning the truck can drive, steer, tilt and lower the ramp, rotate, extend and lift the crane boom, and deploy stabilisers. Which is a lot more than most official LEGO Technic sets. You can see how it’s all packed in via the link to Brickshelf above.

Lego Technic Recovery Truck

*Or – if you’re an unsuspecting TLCB Elf – where your cage used to be, courtesy of a mischievous colleague.


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Two for Tuesday

Lego Opel Rekord

We’ve got a classic Town two-some for you today. Above is a very pretty 5-wide late ’50s Opel Rekord by Nik J Dort whilst below is piratecox‘s equally lovely Ford Model T hot rod. Both are available on to view Flickr – click on the builders’ names to see their respective photostreams.

Lego Ford Model T Hot Rod

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Emergency in New York


These two FDNY vehicles are the work of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist) who has recreated brilliantly the Seagrave ladder truck and Ford F350 ambulance common to the emergency crews of Manhattan. There’s more to see of each on Flickr – click this link to make the jump.

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