Cafe Racer

Lego Technic Cafe Racer Motorbike

Finally, we’re back to what we know. The Elves have been given strict instructions to stick to their brief, and the first result is this lovely Technic cafe racer motorbike. There’s a working twin-cylinder engine, front and rear suspension, steering and chain tensioner. Senpai Ragnarok is the builder making his TLCB debut, and you can see more of his excellent motorcycle at the Eurobricks discussion forum or at his Flickr photostream.

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And Now for Something Completely Different*

Lego Town City Hovercraft

We’re not sure what’s got into the Elves at the moment (apart from the usual glue paste, pencil sharpenings and other stolen office supplies, plus the occasional Smartie) – nor for that matter, what’s got into you our readers, but no-one’s finding any cars. So here’s a neat Town hovercraft with the most original use for rubber tracks we’ve seen in ages. Frantisek Hajdekr is the builder and you can see more here.

*We promise the next post will be a car or bike. Probably.

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Pedal Power

Lego Bikes

Not that you’d know it from recent posts, but we are supposed to be a car blog. However, we do have a soft-spot for anything pedal powered – they were our first wheels after all. These two unusual builds come from Konajra on Flickr, and Stephan Niehoff of Flickr and MOCpages.

Konajra’s drift trike looks like a riot of fun. The same can’t be said for Stephan’s penny farthing mountain bike, which looks like one of the most dangerous contraptions ever invented. Join the ride via the links above.

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Lego Space Stegosaurus

David Alexander Smith has given the mini-figures of Classic Space one heck of ride. His SpaceOsaurus does unfortunately remind us a little of Transformers 4 (one of the worst films of all time), but we’ll forgive it that because Classic Space is damn cool. See more at his photostream via the link above.

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Twin Ships

Lego Spaceships

Crimso Giger’s got a lovely big pair. His micro-scale spaceships were suggested by a reader and can be found on Flickr.

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Not a Car

Lego Spacecraft

But a class build nevertheless. This nicely photoshopped creation, entitled ‘Juggernaut’, was suggested to us by a reader. It’s been built by Tim C of MOCpages, and you can see all the photos, including some superb detail close-ups, at the link above.

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Mach 5

Lego Speed Racer Mach 5

The ‘Mach 5′ car from the 1966 cartoon ‘Speed Racer’ couldn’t actually go mach 5, but it did have a lot of optional extras fitted. MOCpages’ Clayton Marchetti has built both the car and the gadgets – make the jump to see them all.

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Something for the Weekend

Lego Hot Rod

These two beautiful hot rods were discovered on Flickr. The first (above) comes from TLCB regular _Tiler, who adds another gorgeously smooth car to his ever expanding garage. The second (below) comes from another regular of this site, piratecox, with his superbly detailed Town scale hot rod pick-up. You can see more of each creation via the links in the text – click the builders’ names to visit their respective Flickr photostreams.

Lego Hot Rod

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Summer Building Competition – Half Way!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

The Lego Car Blog Summer Building Competition, in partnership with Flickr’s LUGnuts and Headturnerz groups, is nearly half way through!

We’ve seen some excellent entries so far – here are few of our favourites to date that haven’t yet appeared on the blog…

Lego Technic F1 Car

This creation is one of the Elves’ favourites, ticking with the ‘fast’ and ‘violent’ boxes with a big thick marker. Greg Conroy has re-purposed the pieces within the official 42039 Technic set to build a mini-gun toting racing car. It’s sort of Mario Kart meets Formula 1, and that can only be a good thing. Greg has also included a couple of Elves to score some bonus points too. There’s more to see on Brickshelf – click here to check it out.

Next up we have a herd(?) of Mad Max-ish hot rods, with several builders taking this route to the Elves’ hearts. From left to right, _zenn‘s ‘Karma’ hot rod, Filip Gabryel‘s ’57 Chevy tow-truck, and Calvin Sun‘s post-apoc BMW.

Lego Mad Max Hot Rods

Alexander Paschoaletto, UndercoverWookiee and Sir. Manperson have also taken the hot rod route with their entries below.

Lego Hot Rods

The top row score highly for violence potential, whilst the bottom row earn some speed points, but with no Elves and few racing stripes included they can certainly be beaten to the prize-winning top spots.

One of TLCB staff picks so far is this very cleverly constructed Pagani Huayra from Flickr’s Yubnub. Whilst it features no Elves or racing stripes, it epitomises ‘Nice Parts Usage’, with hot dogs used in the most interesting way we’ve ever seen. OK, the second most interesting way, but we better not talk about the other one.

Lego Pagani Huayra

To view all of the competition entries so far, including those that have already featured here at TLCB, click the links to LUGnuts or Headturnerz above, or you can use the Search function at the foot of the page.

No entry has yet ticked all the boxes to score top marks, although a few are close (if that’s you – repost your model with an Elf of two / add some stripes and you might gain some more points!), and one builder definitely took the competition title a little too literally

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.36.37

To enter your own creation – and be in with a chance to win some excellent prizes courtesy of No Starch Press – please read the full competition details here.

The closing date for entries is the 31st of August 2015

One month to go!

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Formula 3

Lego F1 Kit

This neat idea comes from TLCB regular Angka Utama, who has designed a racing car set with interchangeable nose-cone, rear wing and side-pod bodywork.

Lego Racing Cars

There are three colours and styles to choose from (above) and these can be mixed and matched too (below). You can see more at either Flickr or MOCpages, where you will also find a link where you can vote for Angka’s idea to become an official LEGO set via the LEGO Ideas platform.

Lego Racing Car Kit

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Smokey and the Bandit II

Lego Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans-Am

Chris Melby’s huge 1975 Kenworth 900 A truck from the cult film ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ featured here at TLCB earlier in the month, and he’s now completed the second star vehicle from the movie; the Bandit’s 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am.

Chris’ Model Team replica of the famous American muscle car uses some ingenious building techniques throughout, not least the glass, wheel-arches, front air-dam and side sills. There’s lots more to see on Flickr – click the link above to join the journey.

Lego Smokey and the Bandit 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

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Salt Fever

Lego Hot Rod Salt Flats

This adventurous mini-figure looks like he’s having a blast. Tim Henderson has recreated a scene from the pioneers of modifying. You can see more of his ‘Origins of Hot-Rodding’ on Flickr – click the link above to step on the salt flats.

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My Fairlady

Lego Datsun Fairlady Z

This gorgeous Datsun Fairlady / 240Z was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s the work of Cagerrin and we love absolutely everything about it. There’s a whole host of images available to view on Flickr – click the link above to see more.

Lego Datsun 240Z

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A Decade of the Brothers Brick

Lego Birthday Balloon

The internet’s largest and most famous Lego Blog is celebrating an incredible milestone today, as it passes the one decade mark! This makes The Brothers Brick as old as YouTube, the Aston Martin DB9, and Bird Flu. You can read a brief history of their first 10 years by clicking these words. Happy Birthday TBB!

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Muscle Beach

Lego Classic Muscle Cars Ford Mustang Dodge Challenger Plymouth 'Barrauda

This impressive trio of classic American muscle cars comes from MOCpages’ Heiko Rüütel. From left to right; ’65 Ford Mustang, ’71 Plymouth ‘Cuda and ’70 Dodge Challenger R/T. There’s more to see of each at Heiko’s MOCpages account – click the link above to check them out.

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