Lego Volkswagen Beetle

The Elves, forced into action by hunger, are back on the hunt for the best Lego creations the web has to offer. Today’s find comes from Flickr’s Peteris Sprogis, who has created this charming Model Team style classic Volkswagen Beetle. There’s more to see of Peteris’ Bug at his photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego VW Beetle

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Jeremy Clarks-gone

Lego Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson

The news today that the BBC have taken the decision not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract, and that Top Gear – at least as we know it – is no more, has meant that our Elvish workforce are currently inconsolably sad.

Whilst extreme violence towards colleagues is an almost hourly occurrence here at TLCB Towers, this particular blogger thinks there really could only be one outcome to Jeremy’s moronic outburst. Much as we love the show, it’s probably time to move on – Top Gear existed long before Clarkson, Hammond and May, and it’ll hopefully exist long after them too.

But sadly the news of Jeremy’s axing from the BBC does mean that our Elves are likely to be incredibly mopey for a bit, and that we’re going to be a little more reliant upon you – our readers – for good blog-worthy content.

If you’d like to suggest a creation that should feature here at The Lego Car Blog you can do so by commenting on the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, or if you have a Flickr account by sending us a Flickr Mail. If you’re feeling especially productive you may even get to write a post yourself – just let us know in your comment that you’d like to give guest blogging a go and we’ll arrange for you to be able to submit your content.

In the meantime you can join our Elves in mourning by clicking here and here to read our Top Gear related posts from times past, including the great recreation of Jeremy, Richard, James and the Stig by Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg shown above.

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Lego Technic Peterbilt Truck

Today’s creation is one of the simpler models to appear here in recent times, but it’s no less lovely for that. Artemy Zotov makes his TLCB debut with this neat Technic Peterbilt 379. It’s got hand-of-God steering, opening doors, and – somewhat oddly – a working two cylinder engine. There’s more to see on MOCpages at the link above.

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Rainbow Warrior Picture Special

Lego Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3

This astonishing ship comes from Flickr’s Konajra, who appeared here last week with this, and who has now reconstructed one of the world’s most iconic vessels in Lego form. It is of course, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

This is Greenpeace’s third Rainbow Warrior ship and the first to be purpose-built for the charity. As you would expect (although certainly not the case with the ship’s predecessors), Rainbow Warrior III is one of the greenest ships afloat – and not just in colour. Launched in 2011 the ship mostly functions as a sailing yacht, with additional hybrid propulsion used when necessary. It dumps no waste water into the ocean and all components have been sustainably sourced where possible. Sounds like a good approach to building any ship to us.

Lego Rainbow Warrior Ship

Konajra’s Lego replica of the 190ft Rainbow Warrior III is actually mini-figure scale, which makes it simply enormous. Every conceivable detail has been finely recreated in Danish plastic and Konajra has uploaded a wealth of photography to his Flickr photostream to support the build – click here to visit the ship’s Flickr gallery.

Finally, whilst we don’t always agree with Greenpeace, if you’d like to check out what they do and why they need the Rainbow Warrior you can click here to visit their website.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3 Lego

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High Roller

Lego Technic Rolls Royce Phantom II

I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, if they aint cutting then I put ‘em on foot patrol.
How you like me now, when my pinky’s valued over three hundred thousand,
Lets drank you the one to please, Ludacris fill cups like double D’s.
Me and Ursh once more and we leave ‘em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed

Indeed. The sage words of Ludacris and Usher there, on why driving a Rolls Royce is a splendid thing to do. This one is a classic 1934 Phantom, built by martijnnab of Eurobricks. It’s fully remote control with a working engine, functioning rear suspension, and side-opening bonnet, suicide doors and trunk. You can see more of the Roller at the link above.

Lego Technic Rolls Royce Phantom II

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Convoi Exceptionnel Picture Special

 Lego Crane Transport Truck

There’s a very fat Elf somewhere in the office today. Fat because it legitimately earned – and spent – three meal tokens in one go.

Lego Volkswagen Transporter Van

Flickr’s Barry Bosman aka Barman76 has caused the temporary obesity through his wonderful trio of complimenting creations; a huge Mercedes-Benz heavy haulage truck, its mobile crane load and, our favourite, a simply brilliant Volkswagen Transporter escort vehicle. Each is a work of art and all are available to view via the link to Flickr above.

Lego Technic Crane Truck

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The Power of Dreams

Lego Technic Honda RA300 Formula 1 Grand Prix Car

The 2015 Formula 1 Championship kicked off in Australia last week, and with a long-absent name back on the grid. Or should we say back of the grid? Honda’s F1 return with McLaren has not been an easy one, and due to ever more ridiculous FIA rules restricting development, innovation, and fun, the once mighty engine supplier will probably be at the back for some time yet. But we like Honda here at TLCB, so we’re going to take a trip back to when they were allowed to do what they do best – innovate.

1967 Honda RA300 Formula 1 Lego Technic

This gorgeous 1967 Honda RA300 is the work of previous bloggee Nico71, and not only does his Technic recreation of one of Honda’s finest moments look completely beautiful, it works too. There’s Power Functions controlled steering and drive, functioning suspension, and of course, a replica of Honda’s masterpiece V12 engine which powered the car to victory in its first ever race.

There’s lots more to see of Nico’s RA300 Formula 1 car on the image sharing platform Brickshelf – click here to make the jump.

Lego Honda RA300 V12 Formula 1 Grand Prix Racer


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Boat Party

Lego Jutlandia Ship

This one is big. Like, really really big. Konajra has clicked approximately 100,000 LEGO pieces together to create this 3.25 meter long replica of the 1934 MS Jutlandia. It’s big enough that we lost more than a few Elves for several hours (you can come back any time Konajra). His latest commissioned piece is available to view now on MOCpages.

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Lego Spaceship

We love Classic Space here at TLCB, but this classic spaceman’s pointy ship by Flickr’s Jerac looks like it’s compensating for something…

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To the Strip

Lego Bonneville Hot Rod Transporter

Flickr’s piratecox can sure put a LEGO brick to strange use! His latest creation, this enchantingly weird Chevrolet flat-bed transporter and hot rod combo, even features mini-figure arms, rubber bands, and ice-axes in its construction. Click the link above to see more!

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The Fifth Element

Lego The Fifth Element Taxi

1997’s blockbuster The Fifth Element contained everything you could possibly want in a sci-fi movie; Flying cabs, Milla Jovovich, giant robotic turkeys, Milla Jovovich, exploding spaceships and Milla Jovovich.

TLCB regular and Brothers Brickist Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist) has applied his talented hands to the first item on the aforementioned list (insert your own joke about the second, fourth and sixth), with his brilliant Lego recreation of Bruce Willis’ hover cab. Ralph has also constructed a brick-built Milla Jovovich, but for some reason it doesn’t quite capture the subject matter in the same way.

Anyway, while we make friends with Google Images you can see more of Bruce’s taxi (and Milla) by visiting Ralph’s Flickr page here.

Lego The Fifth Element

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Lego Sci-Fi Tank Thingumy

This beautiful creation is so far outside of our vehicular knowledge that we’re not even going to attempt an explanation. Vince Toulouse of Flickr owns the brain that created it, so it’s probably best we simply throw you a link to his page. Click this link.

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Smokin’ a Dub

Lego Volksrod Diesel

The diesel car market is a curious thing. It’s been around for ages, was relentlessly mocked by Top Gear and their like until a decade ago, yet now in Europe over half of all cars sold are fuelled from the black pump (and almost every luxury car, SUV or rep-mobile saloon is diesel powered). Even Top Gear now approves.

Currently though, diesel is rapidly falling out of favour for being nowhere near as clean in the real world as the official EU tests suggest, and it’s petrol-hybrid that is seen as the immediate solution to our urban air quality problems. But as hybrid technology is relatively new it’s being relentlessly mocked by Top Gear and their like… Hmm, where have we seen this before?

Anyway, because America is automotively about a decade behind Europe car manufacturers are now shifting their diesel wares stateside – probably in anticipation of the bottom falling out of the EU market at anytime soon. This new wave of diesels is being largely marketed as ‘Clean Diesel’ (because that way no-one will ask any searching questions), and Lino Martins has put this magic new fuel to good use in his wonderful diesel-powered Volksrod rat rod. It looks clean to us!

You can see more of Lino’s diesel monster on Flickr – click the link above to make the trip.

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Accessorise My Set

Lego Technic 8258 Trailer

This enormous Technic rig was discovered by an Elf on Flickr. It starts of course with the official LEGO 8258 Crane Truck set behind which Ingmar Spijkhoven has constructed a matching Power Functions controlled steered-axel trailer (complete with excavator set load). The set-up features a huge variety of working functions, both from the official LEGO sets and Ingmar’s complimenting creation – it’s definitely something we’d like to see more builders attempt.

If you own an 8258 set Ingmar has released instructions for his creation so that you can add your own trailer too – click the link above to see more.

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Daytona 1967

Lego Ferrari 330 P4

Following Ferrari’s latest hypercar posted earlier this week we’re taking a trip back to a time when their cars were at their most beautiful, and long before silly names and crap merchandising.

This gorgeous endurance racer is the Ferrari 330 P4, and it’s been created by one of our favourite vehicle builders bob alexander. The 330 P4 was Ferrari’s answer to Ford’s all-conquering GT40, and whilst it didn’t take a Le Mans victory Ferrari did earn a famous one-two-three finish at Daytona ’67, staging the cars so that they crossed the finish line together.

Only four P4’s were ever built, but you can see more of this honorary fifth on Flickr – just click the link above to make the jump.

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