Sing Like a Canary

Lego Singer Porsche 911

The Elves, still on the hunt for scary Lego cars this Halloween, have discovered one of the scariest. The 1970s-1980s Porsche 911 might not look fearsome, but it’s responsible for more brown-stained pinstripe suits than probably any other car.

By the 1970s the Porsche 911 was producing a fair amount of power, but tyre, braking, and suspension technology was lagging some way behind. To make matters worse for unsuspecting bankers, the 911’s engine was lagging behind too – quite literally. Mounted behind the rear axel the heavy flat-6 caused a huge pendulum effect when cornering, swinging the car violently one way and then the other.

Sadly for the 911 and its owners, this meant many didn’t make it out of these decades in one piece. And if the unhinged handling wasn’t frightening enough, you could order your 911 with even more power – courtesy of Porsche themselves who bolted a turbocharger on (and in the process defined the term ‘turbo-lag’), or tuning specialists Singer, who created cars like the canary yellow example pictured here.

Built by Flickr’s Rolic this Model Team Singer 911 features all the design cues that made the car such a hit a few decades ago, and is so realistic it’ll probably end up smashed into a cupboard before long.

See more of the scary canary at the link above before an over-confident Technic figure stuffs it.

Lego Porsche 911

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Halloween Themed Title

Lego Technic VW Camper

This may look like a tenuous attempt to link today’s post to the spooky festival in which we’re blogging it, but it was planned all along. Definitely.

Anyway, this gorgeous Type 2 Volkswagen Transporter Bus is the work of Master MOCer Sheepo, who has (much like Volkswagen themselves) repurposed his previous Beetle chassis for a whole new job. Underneath the wonderfully recreated Technic bodywork there’s a choice of remote control drive or a ‘manual’ variation with working drum brakes, steering, 4+R gearbox, suspension and the famous flat-4 engine.

So what’s so spooky about it? Well firstly, any car that can drive itself is up to no good, and secondly, would you ever get in one of these if it stopped to pick you up after your car had broken down at the side of the road? Exactly. Sheepo’s Lego version even has doors that lock too…

You can see more of the Volkswagen Bus on Eurobricks, at Sheepo’s own website, or via the YouTube video below.

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Poison Ivy

Lego Classic Tiny Turbo

Another day, another Elf, and another MOC to bring you. This 5-wide named ‘Poison Ivy’ is the work of Flickr’s Vinny Turbo, and you can see more here.

Lego 5-Wide Muscle Car

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Monster Mash

Lego Munster Coach

What with it being Halloween and all the Elves are feeling spoooooky, and are trying to find scary Lego vehicles for us here at TLCB. So far they haven’t found a Lego Ssangyong Rodius, but they have found the next best thing; Herman Munster’s ‘Munster Koach’ by the Lego-ace Mad Physicist (who sounds pretty Halloweeny himself!).

The Munsters remind us of a time when monsters were creepy rather than gross* and – in this case – they were hot rodders too! You can see more of Herman and his ride over on Flickr. Fliiiiicker… (in a spooky ghost voice).

*Language caution advised. But the keyboardist is also worthy of note!

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Pint of Poison

Lego Ford Pinto Hot Rod

Because Halloween! Nathan Proudlove gives lime green Lego a rare appearance with his lurid Ford Pinto van, a vehicle famed for being a little bit rubbish most of the time, and quite a lot deadly when involved in a rear-end collision. It’s perfect for the season of ghosts and ghouls! See more of Nathan’s Pinto on Flickr at the link.

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Sideways is Better

Lego Toyota GT86 Scion FRS Subaru BRZ

Slower, but better. There’s a lot to be said about slidey rear-wheel-drive cars like the Toyota GT86 / Subaru’s BRZ twins, and here at TLCB Towers – as you’d expect for a car blog – we absolutely love cars like this.

TLCB regular Senator Chinchilla has recreated the Japanese icon beautifully in white bricks, and fantastically complicated it is too – such swoopy bodywork is fiendishly difficult to replicate from the straight angles of Lego pieces.

You can see how the Senator has done it by visiting Flickr via the link above, although we still think he’s some sort of wizard.

Lego Toyota GT86

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Lego Space Racer

Flickr’s Red Spacecat has produced this beautifully sleek space racer, but unfortunately we know nothing more about sci-fi than that. We suggest heading over to Flickr where there’s lots of appropriately spacey chat, and we’ll get back to cars…

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Play Your Cars Right

Lego '59 Chevy Impala Gasser

From the A-Team to Only Fools and Horses, 1980s television created some utterly brilliant cult shows. ‘Play Your Cards Right’ was not one of them – a game show in which contestants play a simple card guessing game in order to win mediocre prizes is not a recipe for televisual excitement. Today though, we’ve found two creations that make the ‘higher or lower’ game much more fun.

First up, and ‘higher’ is Tim Inman‘s 1959 Chevrolet Impala gasser van. ‘Altitude’ is fitted with a ridiculous V8, some ace sign-writing, and of course the all important gasser raised suspension. The ‘lower’ Impala to Tim’s gasser is fulfilled by fellow Flickr car builder Lino Martins, and his beautiful 1959 Impala low-rider ‘Low Life’. Both Tim and Lino’s complimenting ’59 Impalas can be found on Flickr – click the links in the text to see more.

Lego 1959 Chevrolet Impala lowrider


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Toscana Front

Many of Angka Utama’s cars are like the Elves, complex and small. The Toscana is a good example of this, including a drop down rear engine. Actually, on second thoughts the Elves are a worryingly simple bunch. On third thoughts, the Elves’ diet of sugary Smarties and fizzy drinks means that they’re getting a bit tubby too. Please click on this link to Angka’s Flickr Photostream to have a closer look at the Toscana’s features, whilst we go and find some better similes.*

Toscana Back

*I didn’t want to be a blog writer anyway. I wanted to be a lumberjack.

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School’s Out

Lego School Bus

Here at TLCB Towers it’s half-term, meaning the roads are nicely devoid of the unnecessarily large SUVs that clog them up most mornings. What we need is a good school bus system, something that America’s got nailed. This Town example – suggested to us via the Feedback page – is the work of Nathan Proudlove. See more on Flickr at the link.

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Mysterious Ma.Ktober


We’ve almost come to the end of Ma.Ktober without featuring any of this year’s builds. This is possibly due neither us nor the Elves really understanding what it’s all about. Time to rectify the situation, with this build from :VolumeX:. His Zank7-FIU has some of the strangest wheels that the Elves have seen but this has been a trend with their recent sci-fi discoveries. A neat bit of design keeps the trim on the hubs horizontal as the Zank rolls along. Click this link to Flickr to have a closer look.

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BSA Bobber

Lego BSA Bobber Bike

Taking a ‘vintage’ style photo of your dinner is perhaps one of the douchiest things you can do on the internet (thanks for that one Instagram), but occasionally retro images do work. This is one such occasion, courtesy of Aaden H and his BSA based ‘Bobber’/’Rat’ motorcycle.

Aaden has captured the ethos of bobber/rat bike culture brilliantly, even including a ‘heat wrapped’ exhaust by way of (we think!) a sticky bandage! See more of the BSA on Flickr here, just don’t get any ideas about taking similar pictures of your food.

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Futures Friday

Lego Space Launch

An almighty clang travelled up the office stairs from the Elf cage room today. A weary trudge down to uncover the source revealed an Elf of unusual flatness, and another sheepish looking Elf trying to push a stolen colander under one of the cages.

The cause of the conflict, as is often the way with our Elves, was competition. Two Elves, each with a spacey find, and the perception of only one available meal token reward. It’s survival of the fittest here at TLCB Towers.

Fortunately, and somewhat unnecessarily for the squashed Elf, both finds are deserving of a place on the blog today, and thus each Elf could be rewarded with sustenance. So we have two happy Elves (well, two fed Elves, one is still quite grumpy), and two creations to bring you.

The first (above) is the work of Flickr’s Lego Junkie, and he’s taken a trip back through Classic Space (although with a touch more ethnic diversity than was found in the ’80s range) and created this most excellent starship, launchpad and support vehicle. Click the link above to see the individual builds in more detail.

Our second creation comes from another Classic Space specialist, the wonderful Crimso Giger. Crimso’s ‘Zorg Light Tank’ is quite a thing to behold. We have absolutely no idea what it’s for, but we feel that way about most sci-fi builds so that’s not unusual for us. Flickr is once again your destination for more details – click the link above to be taken there.

Lego Sci-Fi Tank

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Hippies on Ice

Lego Volkswagen Transporter Snowcat

Dude! We like, totally need to tie-dye some warmer threads if we’re going to take a trip in this Vee-Dub. Andrea Lattanzi aka Norton74 has transformed Volkwagen’s faithful T1 Transporter van into something far more winter-ready. Time to take the Russian President a flower of peace? Something* makes us think Putin probably won’t appreciate the arrival of hippy rainbow colours though…

*Possibly it’s the homophobic, country-destabilising megalomania.

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Wheels of Whimsy

Lego Art-Deco Trike

The inside of Vince Toulouse‘s mind must be an interesting – and rather beautiful – place to live. Vince has appeared here previously with his wonderfully art-deco spaceships, and he’s now transferred his uniquely brilliant style to wheeled wonders. These two spectacular creations can be found at Vince’s most excellent Flickr photostream, click the link above and submerge yourself in Vince’s sea of brick-built loveliness.

Lego Sci-Fi Art-Deco Car

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