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Happiness is Mini shaped

Lego Technic Mini

A Mini Mini

This Mini, recently posted to MOCpages by the incredibly talented Nick Barrett, is so lifelike it’ll probably start rusting soon. Underneath the remarkably accurate bodywork sits a real working model of the famous BMC A-Series engine, driving the fully suspended front wheels via a working gearbox. It has working lights, brakes, hand brake, door locks, tilting seats… in fact we’re fairly confident in saying this is the most accurate vehicle we’ve ever featured. Join us in awe on MOCpages.

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Open Happiness

Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2 Turbo

An unusual paint job for a race car, but somehow it seems to work. Dylan Denton is the creator behind this 1997 Toyota MR2 Race Car, complete with fizzy drink sponsorship. Unfortunately for us it got the Elves in the mood for sugar, and we’re still fixing The Lego Car Blog office as a result. So whilst we get busy with the gaffer tape, you can view the MR2′s full gallery on Flickr.

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Creations for Charity 2012

Every year¬†Creations for Charity¬†invite you to help raise money to provide LEGO toys for children in need around the world. This wonderful annual event gives you the chance to buy custom LEGO MOCs from some of the most talented builders in the LEGO Community. You’ll become the owner of a unique and brilliant creation, and all proceeds are used to bring happiness and joy, in the form of our favourite toy, to children who otherwise would not get anything to play with this Christmas. LEGO is the perfect toy for such children as it can be played with for years without breaking, without needing batteries, and without age limits or gender associations.

You can participate in two ways; by bidding for a unique MOC, or by donating a MOC to Creations for Charity yourself. The Lego Car Blog wish Creations for Charity every success with this year’s fundraiser.

Creations for Charity

Visit to find out more

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