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Another Arocs

Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs Truck

LEGO’s Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs set is currently generating a huge response from the online community; we’ve publicised four home-built variants in the last week alone! This one, suggested to us by a reader, comes from previous bloggee Krzysztof Cytacki, and it’s so far the most similar build to the official set. But don’t let that fool you – it’s far from a minor modification.

Lego Technic Mercdes-Benz Arocs Truck

Krzysztof’s Arocs truck loses the official set’s 4-axle configuration in place of a 3-axel with rear-steer set up. It also features a grab arm, pneumatically operated stabilisers, and a hook-lift roll-off container, which is also powered by LEGO’s neat pneumatic system.

There’s lots more too see at Krzysztof’s Flickr photostream via the link above, and if you’d like to read more about the official Technic set that started the current trend you can do so via TLCB Set Review Library – click here to make the jump.

Lego Mercedes Truck

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Pump Action – Picture Special

Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs Concrete Pump Truck

Home-designed variants of LEGO’s own official 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck set are popping up all over the place at the moment, and this absolutely enormous 4-axle concrete pump is easily the biggest, the most complicated, and probably the most amazing variant we’ve seen so far.

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Truck

Built by Brickshelf’s waler, this remarkable Technic model faithfully replicates the huge truck-mounted concrete pumps that regularly service the needs of entire construction sites*.

Lego Mercedes-Benz Remote Control Truck

Featuring remotely controlled Power Functions drive and 4-wheel steering, LED lights, a tilting cab, a V6 piston engine, motorised out-riggers, rotating pump arm, and pneumatic compressor for the pneumatically raising and extending boom, Waler’s Mercdes-Benz Arocs is one of the most technically advanced builds of the year.

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs RC

There’s an extensive gallery of over 40 superb images available to view on Brickshelf – join us there in amazement by clicking the link in the text above.

*Just like your Mom.

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More Mercs

Lego Mercedes Arocs

LEGO’s latest flagship, the Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs set, is currently generating a bit of a buzz in the online Lego Community, and Polish Lego group LUGpol has tasked its members with diversifying the official set by building a new vehicle from the original cab.

We featured a superb remotely controlled Arocs flatbed rescue truck here earlier, which we thought would be tough to beat, but Brickshelf’s GIJack might have taken the lead with his excellent 3-vehicle car transporter. Yes, you can fit not one, but three broken Fiats on-board. Or some nice shiny new cars of course.

There’s a full gallery of high quality images available on Brickshelf via the link above, plus you can read our Review of the official 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs set by clicking here.

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Tilt ‘N Slide

Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs Truck

The last four creations posted here have been remotely controlled, thanks to LEGO’s excellent Power Functions motor system, and today’s find makes it five-in-a-row. TLCB debutant Karol Czerwonka’s Mercedes-Benz Arocs recovery truck mixes LEGO’s electric motors and pneumatics systems to create a fully working under-lift and a brilliant tilting and sliding recovery bed.

There’s also functioning steering, a tilting cab with opening doors, and a working piston engine. In fact the only way Karol’s truck could be more realistic is if it included a Fiat on the back. You can see more of the Mercedes on both Brickshelf and Flickr – click the links for the full gallery of images.

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Hitting the (G) Spot

Lego Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Mercedes’ G-Wagon has become a bit of tragic of late, being largely bought by rappers, business men of dubious morality, and rich housewives, fitted with 22″ chrome rims, and driven to the mall every other Tuesday. Never has a vehicle so capable been used so far beneath its ability.

We very much like this one though; Pat-Ard‘s basic short-wheelbase hard top, with plastic coloured wheel-arches, no body-kit, skinny tyres, and much more street-cred than anything in Beverly Hills.

Pat’s model is fitted with working suspension, opening doors, dropping tail-gate with swing-away spare wheel, and with Power Functions RC steering and drive too – check it out in Eurobricks at the link above.

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Sikorsky Skycrane

Lego Sikorsky CH-54 Helicopter

It’s an RC kinda day here at TLCB. LEGO’s beautifully versatile Power Functions motors can be used to enhance almost any model, and one of the more unusual we’ve found recently is this Sikorsky CH-54 Skycrane helicopter. Eurobricks’ juGSI16V is the builder and you can see more of his brilliant remote control Technic helicopter at the link above.

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Topless Technic

Lego Sports Car RC

Nope, not your Mom’s promiscuous photos again – newcomer Chade is making his TLCB debut with his neat remote controlled convertible sports car. Like your Mom though, Chade can fit a lot in; underneath the compact bodywork are a Power Functions rechargeable battery, L-Motor, Servo Motor and IR receiver. There’s more to see on Eurobricks – click the link above for all the photos.

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Shiny Scania

Lego Technic Scania Truck

This superb remote control Scania R730 truck was discovered on MOCpages today. It’s been built by previous bloggee Shineyu Yu, who has matched his latest build to scale with LEGO’s own Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck. Underneath the Technic bodywork is a set of Power Functions motors and LED lights, and there’s lots more to see on either MOCpages or Eurobricks – click the links to make the jump.

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Harvest Time

Lego Technic Combine Harvester

It was quiet in TLCB Towers over the past few days. The Elves were out foraging for creations, thus allowing TLCB Staff to get whatever it is they do done, away from any Elf-related shenanigans. That productivity ended today.

Three creations were found, and – as is almost always the case – this started an Elf fight. This time though, one Elf had a distinct weaponry advantage…

Usually our smelly little workers employ the use of stationary, kitchen utensils and other office supplies to tip the odds in their favour. Unfortunately for the two Elves equipped as per the above, one of today’s combatants brought along an enormous remote control combine harvester…

It’s safe to say that a hand whisk is no match for several kilograms of remotely controlled whirling plastic.

The machine in question – a Bizon ZO56 – was found on Brickshelf, and whilst it is responsible for quite a lot of Elf blood on the office carpet, it’s also a damn good build. Trawson21 is the builder behind it, and there’s lots more to see, including a link to a video of the harvester in action, on Brickshelf at the link above.

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RC Rally Raider

Lego Technic RC Buggy Sheepo

It’s been a while since the last Elf smushing, but today – thanks to Technic legend Sheepo – vehicular violence returned to the halls of TLCB Towers.

Sheepo’s latest build is everything the Elves love in a vehicle, being orange, remote controlled and cartoonishly proportioned. It can also drive down a flight of stairs (literally! – watch the video below), so it had no trouble in running down (and then over) our smelly workforce.

Featuring all-wheel-drive courtesy of four XL motors, servo steering and two third-party SBricks for control Sheepo’s RC buggy is a formidable off-road machine. You can see further details of the build on Eurobricks by clicking here, where you’ll also find a link to free LDD instructions, because Sheepo is awesome.

You can also read more about Sheepo himself in our Interviews section and visit his own website via the Really Useful Links Directory.

YouTube Video:

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Hong Kong Tramways

Lego Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong’s public transport system is awesome. The taxis have self-opening doors, the ferries are wonderfully historic (and ridiculously cheap), and the trams are as beautiful as this. Thank the British Empire for much of that, which is all the more annoying that in actual Britain public transport costs around fifty times as much and is worse in every way.

Back to Hong Kong and this brilliant electric tram comes from Shineyu Yu. Built to Technic figure scale it includes remote control drive, working LED lights, rotating destination board and some beautifully engineered opening doors. Hop on board at either MOCpages or Eurobricks.

Lego Technic Tram RC

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The Hulk

Lego RC Monster Truck

We were still hoovering up the left over Elf body parts (we think they grow back… probably) from today’s earlier mass smushing when this came barrelling down the corridor in pursuit of a group of fleeing Elves.

Fortunately what is a terrifying Monster Truck of Death to the Elves is a Smallish Remote Control Toy to us, so it was duly picked up and the piloting Elf found and ejected from the office.

A Smallish Remote Control Toy it may be, but we can confirm that paave‘s buggy-motor powered, all-wheel-steered and all-wheel-drive ‘Hulk’ monster truck is riot to drive. So much so that it was sorely tempting to go on smushing rampage of our own.

You can see more of the Hulk on both MOCpages and Eurobricks – click the links to make the jump.

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Beast of Baja

Lego Technic RC Baja Trophy Truck

Sigh… Another day, another RC find, and another hour spent picking squashed Elves out of the office carpet. This has got to stop.

The cause of the carnage goes some way to brightening the mood here at TLCB Towers as it’s an absolutely first-class build. Eurobricks’ Madoca has constructed one of the best Technic off-road vehicles of the year with this incredible Baja trophy truck.

Lego Technic RC Chassis

Underneath the bodywork is a Technic axle frame that houses five Power Functions motors (four for drive through the rear wheels plus one servo motor for steering) all controlled by a third-party SBrick system, a working V8 engine, LED lights, and brilliantly engineered independent front and trailing arm rear suspension, making Madoca’s trophy truck one of the most competent off-road vehicles built from Lego that we’ve seen.

You can read all the technical details and see the full gallery of images via the link in the text above, and you can watch the truck in action via the excellent video below.

YouTube Video:

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The Power of Functions

Lego Technic RC Tow Truck

In the right hands LEGO’s Power Functions system can do some truly amazing things, and Eurobricks’ builder D3K definitely has the right hands. This is his beautiful 4-axle tow truck, and it features a vast array of Power Functions components and gearboxes to multiply the ability of the motors. Concentrate, here comes the science part;

D3K has engineered a remotely controlled linear actuator operated tilting cabin, front, middle and rear stabilisers, working front winch, wheel lift elevation, extension and tilting, and crane lifting, extending and winch. And he’s thrown in some old fashioned mechanical functions too, including a working V8 engine and three-axel Ackerman steering.

Lego Technic Tow Truck RC

You can read the full details of D3K’s incredible creation at the Eurobricks forum where there also renders available showing the truck’s internal workings. To get a true idea of what this model can do though, you’ve got to watch in in action…

YouTube Video:

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White Elephant

Lego Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck

This enormous Technic-figure scale Mercedes-Benz Actros 8×4 heavy haulage truck was discovered on MOCpages and Eurobricks. It’s been built by Shineyu Yu and it features a host of Technic functions including RC drive and steering. There’s more to see via the link above, and you can check out our preview of LEGO’s official 2015 Mercedes-Benz truck set by clicking here.

Lego Technic Mercedes Benz Truck

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