Blood Sucker

It will suck your blood then blow your mind.

He has done it again!  The Vampire GT – Another technical marvel from Crowkillers.  Includes a new 5 speed with reverse transmission,  H.O.G. steering and  4 wheel independent suspension.  There is a switch on the dash that lets you choose between rear wheel and all wheel drive.  At the rear are bevelled gears that will open and close each door.  Stunning.

10 thoughts on “Blood Sucker

    1. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Yeah defo. He is an excellent builder. Some of his older cars don’t have suspension but this has the lot. It looks like he has taken inspiration from Lego’s latest super car 8070 (with gears to open the doors) and Nathanael Kuipers’ 4 wheel drive system. Thanks for your comment :).

  1. Randy

    Crowkillers has been building cars for about a decade now and everyone has a unique full suspension(except for his Gallardo model) and most have All Wheel Drive. The new drivetrain/gearbox on this car is unlike anything that anyone has ever done including Nathanael Kuipers. I have built the 8070 and this is nothing like it at all. If anything the 8070 was inspired from some of Paul’s past work.

    1. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Hi Randy. Thanks for your comment. Crowkillers is one of the best builders out there and my comments are in absolute respect of his skills. I stand corrected regarding the drivetrain. However, The principle of the opening doors is very similar to his 2011 Supercar which was inspired by Lego’s 8070 Thanks again for your interest. Hopefully you will come back again 🙂

  2. Paul Boratko

    Actually, the method in which the doors open in my new car work more like they do in this model than they do in that 2011 Supercar that I did last year, which by the way doesn’t work anything like the 8070, in fact when I started building the chassis and gearbox back in September 2010, I, like everyone else out there had no clue how the functions were even being routed in the 8070 or how they even worked as all we had was a single preliminary picture to go off of… I posted a video up on youtube of it a couple months before the actual 8070 was released in stores and before I actually got to see it in person…

    The doors on the 8070 open by being pushed forward by 9L steering links and are mounted on angular liftarms to achieve their open forward and out effect… Mine don’t work anything like this at all, but if you want to say that the similarity lies in the fact that they are scissor doors, then you would be correct… But this certainly wasn’t the first car that I incorporated those types of doors on…

    The doors on this new Black car do use worm gears to hold them in place, but the mechanism that opens them is completely unique to me as this was the first car that i have ever built Gullwing doors on…

    I am currently making instructions for the All-Wheel-Drive chassis that this new car uses and hope to have full instructions for the entire car done by the end of the year.. 🙂

    This looks like it is going to be a great Blog! Thanks for the exposure..!


    1. thelegocarblogger

      Thanks for stopping by and adding some further detail about your work Paul. Glad you like the blog, we hope it’s going to be great too : ) Thanks to Madman Lt. Sorrows for the original post

    2. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Hi Paul. Thank YOU for another wonderful supercar for us to drool over. Please excuse my mistakes, I hope you understand that I posted it out of total respect for your work. Yours and Nathanael’s creations inspired me to start building again after a 15 year gap. I have your Gallardo instructions and look forward to these new ones. If only you worked for Lego 😉

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