Big Rig

Lego Oil Rig Platform

This is a different type of big rig from the ones that we normally feature on TLCB. A very tired Elf carried this 100kg creation up 27 floors to the penthouse office at TLCB towers this morning. After rewarding him with a nautical blue Smartie (they’re the best kind), we settled down to take in the details of this build. Mario Fabrio’s rig is over a metre square and is 1.6m tall. As with many builds of this size, a lot of the fun comes from zooming in on the photos and spotting all of the details and little scenes that the creator has included. As this blog’s mission is to feature vehicles, we should mention that the rig has four mini-fig scale lifeboats and a helicopter, all ready to launch. There are also plenty of workers scattered around the platform, as Mario says that they are just finishing a major repair job. Some of them are enjoying some time off, fishing from the lower decks.

You can enjoy spotting even more details on Mario’s MOCpage by clicking the link.

P.S. If anyone can recommend a specialist Elf osteopath or chiropractor, we’d be very grateful.

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