Slug Balancer*

Lego Magnum PI Ralph Savelsberg Ferrari

Ralph Savelsberg adds another star TV car to his collection. The Ferrari 308 was one of the most famous cars of the 1980s, thanks mostly to an extravagantly moustached Tom Selleck – playing simultaneously the most masculine and the most camp TV character of all time – in the hit American TV show ‘Magnum P.I’. You can see the full gallery on Flickr at the link.

*A large prize** to those of you who get the cross-televisual title reference!

**Not really.

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5 thoughts on “Slug Balancer*

  1. Dr Asp Menace says:

    Slug balancer? I thought that he was doing a Charlie Chaplin impression! Would you care for some liquorice? Ah, the gorgeous Georgina…


  2. Our Play-Well staff are AFOL’s obsessed w/ LEGO. So, we created this ridiculous video to address their LEGO addiction. We thought your readers would appreciate this.

    Feel free to share this video with all the LEGO addicts you know:


    Jeff Harry


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