A Super Car

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500It’s a supercar double today here at The Lego Car Blog. And this one is really super. Built by Technic legend Sheepo, this Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 is the pinnacle of what can be achieved from LEGO bricks technically. The well-known Lego blogs are often not interested in the technical realism of Lego models. Here though, whilst we may not feature an expertly landscaped castle, we do love to see what Lego can be used to do technically. With Sheepo’s talent and engineering prowess it can be used to do a lot.

This astonishing Shelby Mustang GT500 features the usual Technic supercar requirements (steering, suspension, engine and gearbox) and adds remote control drive via LEGO’s versatile Power Functions system. But Sheepo doesn’t stop there. Not only does his Mustang drive and steer remotely, it features a remotely operated sequential 5+R gearbox with an automatically triggered clutch, and remotely operated disc brakes that can also be engaged from a working pedal in the cabin. If it was any more realistic this car would be for sale in a Ford dealership.

See all of the photos and join in the discussion on Eurobricks, and you can check out the full technical specifications and builder commentary of the GT500 on Sheepo’s website here.

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5 thoughts on “A Super Car

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  2. Jordan

    Very Nice Car. And as said on eurobricks, I also think the wheels are too small for this large model. In the future I would like to see Sheepo do a smaller scale auto that could take advantage of the mechanical genius that he has with the inner workings. It is great to see brakes and a gearbox, but they really do not demonstrate anything properly at such a slow crawling speed. Much respect though to him for the model overall. Better than I could ever do. Cheers!

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