Robots in Disguise!

Lego Transformers Jazz

The Elves are very happy today. Firstly because someone left the office door unlocked yesterday and they got in and ate all the office’s glue sticks, and secondly because Alex Jones aka Orion Pax has returned with some absolutely killer Transformers creations.

Lego Transformers Dragstrip

We’ve broken our own rule a little with this post, as some of Alex’s latest works feature the odd non-LEGO (Kre-o) piece, but as they’re 95% LEGO and the Elves would likely revolt had we not posted these (they’re still Transformers mad) we’ll let it slide.

Lego Transformers Cliff Jumper

All Alex’s Transformers models are fully pose-able and are available to view on his Flickr photostream, where more will uploaded in the coming weeks. Check out these three and the others uploaded by clicking the link above.

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