Dat Car*

Lego Datsun Roadster

We balance out today’s posts with something befitting the beautiful sunny weather we have outside TLCB office. This lovely little Model Team Datsun Roadster is the work of TLCB regular Senator Chinchilla, and it’s earned a very happy Elf a delicious yellow Smartie. See more of the diminutive Datsun on Flickr.

*You might think this is just another exceeding witty (yeah right!) TLCB title, however it is in fact the name given to the very first Nissan (Datsun) ever manufactured. Yes, it really is!

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2 thoughts on “Dat Car*

  1. Car Audio boy says:

    Very nice car 😉


  2. You should do an interview with Senator – he is incredible with bricks, he really is.


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