Space Hazzard

Lego Classic Space Dodge Charger

This wonderful classic space Dodge Charger* is the collaborative work of Kristi and Cody at Custom Bricks and C3Brix respectively. Kristi has been hard at work knocking up some most excellent decals to decorate Cody’s Charger design. As well as the classic space iteration above, Kristi has liveried the most iconic Charger of them all, the Dukes of Hazard ‘General Lee’. Both cars can be found on Flickr – click the links above to see more.

Lego General Lee Dodge Charger

*You won’t find us making a very poor taste space-related joke about Dodge’s other ’60s muscle car. Nope. We’re rising above it today.

7 thoughts on “Space Hazzard

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    1. Cody Wells

      My name is Cody of C3Brix and I am confused – these are my models that I created and Kristi designed and applied the decals! Why was c3Brix not mentioned?

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Cody

      Thanks for stopping by.

      No problem being picky! Unfortunately there was no link to you in the creation’s description, which is usually all we have to go on when writing posts.

      Please send us a link to your original work and we’ll be happy to add this into the blog post.

      TLCB Team

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