Arctic Roll

Arctic 01

It’s Technic! It’s Power Functions! It’s Pneumatic! It can smush 17 Elves into The Lego Car Blog carpet in one go! We’re still scraping up and plumping up our flattened workers after some of their colleagues brought this giant machine into the office. It has the perfect blend of Lego features to excite our excitable workers.

Russian builder Desert752 Kirill’s land leviathan looks as though some of his countrymen have put one of their mighty ice-breaking ships onto tracks. Weighing in at 6.9kg, the handle-like gantry in the middle is actually a handle, so that the machine can be carried around. Click this link to MOCpages to see more of this beast, plus diagrams of the pneumatics and drive-train and lists of all of the PF gear that makes it function. There’s also a video of the Arctic Explorer in action.

Arctic 02

4 thoughts on “Arctic Roll

  1. Micha

    This thing is just big, but apart from this, the functions are nothing special. Driving and lifting/lowering two devices is almost nothing in such a huge MOC.

      1. Micha

        Yes,this is definitely fully packed with functions. For this reason I like it, but I don’t find it visually appealing.

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