Convoi Exceptionnel Picture Special

 Lego Crane Transport Truck

There’s a very fat Elf somewhere in the office today. Fat because it legitimately earned – and spent – four meal tokens in one go.

Lego Volkswagen Transporter Van

Flickr’s Barry Bosman (aka Barman76), Dirk Klein, Lifting Bricks and TLCB debutant JaapTechnic have caused the temporary obesity through their wonderful quartet of complimenting creations; JaapTechnic’s huge Mercedes-Benz heavy haulage truck, Dirk Klein’s mobile crane load upon Lifting Bricks’ Noteboom trailer  and, our favourite, a simply brilliant Volkswagen Transporter escort vehicle by JaapTechnic. Each is a work of art and all are available to view at Barman76’s photostream via the link to Flickr above.

Lego Technic Crane Truck

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4 thoughts on “Convoi Exceptionnel Picture Special

  1. Sato says:

    Just to clarify, Barman took excellent pictures of these builds during a modelshow. But he did not design or build them, The Designers/Builders are:

    Volkswagen Transporter: Jaaptechnic. (Unfinished WiP, 3D printed hubcaps, 22 LifeLites Leds.)
    Mercedes Benz Actros (Truck): Jaaptechnic.
    Nooteboom MCO-121 (Automatically Steered 8-axle Trailer): LiftingBricks.
    Liebherr (Crane): Dirk Klein.

    The trailer was a WiP from Jaaptechnic, Who is currently focusing most of his attention on finishing his study.
    LiftingBricks ‘took over’ the project and started from the ground up with new ideas (In close cooperation with Jaaptechnic)

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    • Hello Sato

      Thanks for the update. Unfortunately none of the above was included in the image description we found.

      We’ve updated the post accordingly and congratulations to all the builders in this collaboration.

      TLCB Team


  2. […] Lego models photographed on location look the business. This stunning Mercedes-Benz Actros with Noteboom trailer and its Volkswagen Transporter escort vehicle have appeared here previously as part of a builder collaboration. […]


  3. […] the Elves will still prefer models made from real bricks for the moment, otherwise the Smarties and meal tokens will be a bit thin on the […]


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