Space Gun Ship

Lego Space Ship

The Lego Car Blog office knows collectively the square root of nothing about spaceships. What we do know is we quite like spaceships that look like… er, ships, in space. This is one such creation, the USS Avenger. It’s the work of Flickr’s JBIronWorks and there are some truly spectacular images available to view. Click the link above to see how good sci-fi photo editing can get!

Lego USS Avenger Ship

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2 thoughts on “Space Gun Ship

  1. […] you have a spaceship like this one, parking it might be tricky. Luckily Billyburg‘s classic space heavy lifting tug is here to […]


  2. […] charming creation from Galaktek, on Flickr. Unusually for a sci-fi build it isn’t covered in guns & missiles and our workforce has a proven penchant for such things. This delivery lorry could […]


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