Rings of Saturn

Lego Saturn SC-2

Today we continue the theme of vehicles that really aren’t suited to modifying… This (begrudgingly) rather cool looking coupe is a 1990s Saturn SC-2, built during America’s very worst automotive years and featuring (mostly) everything we dislike about American cars.

The Saturn brand was concocted by GM to flog tired old products to trendy new customers, and its cars were almost uniformly crap. Saturn did away with GM’s thirsty, polluting and woefully underpowered V8s in favour of smaller more efficient engines to rival those from Toyota, Honda and Nissan – who were taking huge bites out of the American automotive pie once consumed by the U.S’s domestic manufacturers.

Unfortunately the 1900cc 4-cylinder fitted to the Saturn range was neither efficient nor powerful. Like, at all. How not powerful you ask? Try 85-100bhp. Eighty five! Don’t get us wrong, we like small efficient cars here at TLCB, but to get as little as 85bhp from an engine nearly two litres in size you’d surely have to be making it rubbish on purpose.

One thing’s for sure then, whilst the Saturn SC may be a hopeless base to start modifying from, you could only ever make it better.

Amazingly Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla found one such example of a heavily modified Saturn SC lurking on the ‘net and decided to recreate the mad beast in Lego form, and it looks, well… really quite good! There’s lots more to see on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump – just don’t blame us if you end up inexplicably searching Craigslist for an old SC…

Lego Saturn SC Racer

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2 thoughts on “Rings of Saturn

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