Enormous Erection

Lego Liebherr LTM 1750 9.1 Northwest Crane

Huib van der Hart, aka LiftingBricks, likes to go big. So big in fact that LEGO don’t make wheels tough enough. His latest creation is this truly enormous Liebherr LTM 1750 9-axle crane and, apart from those wheels, it’s all LEGO. Six Power Functions XL motors power the drive, with another six Servos controlling the nine steering axles.

There’s more to come too, as currently the top half is a static display piece, but soon a further suite of Power Functions motors will bring life to the crane itself. You can see more of this remarkable creation, complete with sponsorship by Kanye West’s daughter*, on Flickr via the link above, and look out for the next stage of this build later in the year.

Lego Big Erection

*Not really

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2 thoughts on “Enormous Erection

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