Lego Caterpillar D11t Remote Control Bulldozer

Lego Caterpillar D11t Remote Control Bulldozer

Lego Caterpillar D11t Remote Control Bulldozer

4 thoughts on “Lego Caterpillar D11t Remote Control Bulldozer

  1. Brian Hewitt says:

    The lego caterpillar D11t remote control bulldozer i would like to know how i could buy it or one like. It please.


    • Hello Brian

      There is an official LEGO bulldozer set that you will be able to find on Amazon etc. As for this model, like everything we post it is not a set and is therefore not available. However you can contact the builder directly if you’d like to make an offer. To reach them click ‘Big Cat’s Back’ to the left of the image which will take you to the blog post. In this is a link to take you directly to the model’s creator.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team


  2. Chip Herrick says:

    Hi Brian
    How do I found the builder of the Lego Caterpillar D11T Dozer?


    • Hello Chip

      Every blog post includes a link to the builder. You’re commenting on the image here, first click the link to visit the main blog post, then on the external link to the builder’s page.

      Good luck!
      TLCB Team


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