Lego Technic G63 AMG

Lego Technic G63 AMG

Lego Technic G63 AMG

4 thoughts on “Lego Technic G63 AMG

  1. tonyburton says:

    I really appreciate the effort that goes into your blog. Why do you obscure the links in the text?


  2. Hello Tony

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Sorry, we’re not sure what you mean by ‘obscure the links’. In most browsers the text links should show in a different colour or will be underlined. What do you see?

    Kind regards

    TLCB Team


    • tonyburton says:

      The links are obscured by being in a different place within a sentence each time, only distinguishable by underlining as you say. Apologies for placing comments on this particular photo. Feel free to delete after reading.


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