Review Your Set for TLCB & Win!

Lego Set Reviews

Is The Lego Car Blog Set Review Library missing your favourite LEGO set? Or a set that you think really ought to be reviewed to warn prospective buyers? If so, The Lego Car Blog Set Review Library needs YOU!

We’re looking for funny, articulate writers to review LEGO sets for TLCB, and in doing so you’ll be part of a site that reaches over a million people per year!

To add your Set Review to TLCB all you need to do is contact us, either here or via Flickr Message, and let us know the set in question.


Lego Set Reviews Prizes

Yup! As if reviewing your set for over million annual readers and becoming part of the coolest Lego Blog there is* wasn’t enough, you could also win some awesome loot!

We’re sent lots of great stuff here at TLCB to review, and as we want your Reviews we’re going to pass on some of the items that we’ve, er… reviewed. Simple huh?

One Reviewer will be chosen to receive a goodie bag full of the lovely stuff above, including the newly released and five star rated Tiny Lego Wonders book, the brilliant Manner-Spielzeug Mad Max Interceptor kit, and the stunning Art of Lego Scale Modeling book too. In all it’s a prize pot currently worth over $130!

To read the full details of how a winner will be selected click on the link below, and we’ll be publishing the first Set Reviews submitted to us and cleared for publication soon!

Click here for Competition Details!

*We measured this by polling the Elves. So maybe not…

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