A $1,000 Thank You

Lego Nurse

Some time ago WordPress, our landlords here at thelegocarblog.com, selected us as a pilot for their WordAds programme. Up until this selection TLCB was, in contrast to the proper Lego blogs, entirely advertisement free. Since then we have allowed the appearance of one or two advertisements per page (you can probably see one now, either above or below this post), managed through the WordAds programme.

These advertisements generate a small amount of revenue, and as we operate with an unpaid mythical-creature-based workforce our overheads are nice and low, even once we’ve paid for the Executive Washroom and Sauna.

This leaves us with a bit of a surplus, and because it’s a privilege to write for a million visitors a year, we don’t really feel like we need to keep it. And thus we owe all of you a huge thank you, because your visits, clicks and comments here at TLCB have – from one little ad – generated over $1,000 for good causes around the world so far.

The money raised through your visits has been used for projects as diverse as building essential facilities in India, children’s homes in Romania, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Red Cross, Unicef, and many more.

We’re mooting whether to restructure this site to allow a similar quantity of advertisements to show as the proper Lego blogs ($1,000 is great, but $20,000 would be better!), but we’re not sure about that yet. In the meantime, we’ll keep blogging, please keep clicking, and between us we can keep on doing a little bit of good : )


5 thoughts on “A $1,000 Thank You

  1. mud4fun

    WordPress changed the reader recently so that people clicking on your blog posts are no longer taken into your blog. They are taken to a sanitised white page which shows your full post contents and no clear way to get into your blog. The sanitised white page has no adverts so you will not be earning advert revenue. The recent changes also now ignore the more tags and ‘only show exert in reader’ settings and instead show full post contents at all times meaning people will no longer visit your blog itself. I’m on the new page as I type this and there is no advert showing.

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