If Only the World were a bit more Classic Space

The world could learn something from LEGO’s perennially smiling Classic Spacemen, peacefully conducting whatever research and exploration missions their giant fleshy masters directed them towards. First featured here over five years ago, TLCB favourite Billyburg has recently updated his 6950 Rocket Launcher redux, and we like it more than ever. Of course this being a […]

Cosmic Cruiser

This retro-tastic creation was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr today, who returned to the office to collect a meal and a Smartie. Built by TLCB favourite billyburg and sharing your Dad’s nickname from his disco days, this ‘Cosmic Cruiser’ blends science fiction hover cars with ’60s land-yacht styling, and adds a Classic […]

Space Rod

TLCB favourite Billyburg might be stretching the rules of Febrovery a bit with this one, but seeing as we suck at sci-fi, but we do love hot rods, his classic space liveried ‘Retro Pick-Up Rover’ is right up our alley. See more on Flickr at the link above.

Space Surf

If we were a smiling Classic Spaceman, heading for the space beach to catch some space waves, this is the space buggy we’d like to go in. Billyburg is the builder, and there’s more to see of his lovely VW-esque lunar buggy here.

Space Utility Vehicle

Who knows what it is that classic spacemen have been doing for nearly thirty years, but it always seems to put a smile on their face. TLCB favourite and classic space extraordinaire Billyburg returns to these pages with an update to his classic space portfolio that now includes an SUV (Space Utility Vehicle), and hover […]

Pew Pew Pew!…

…Or something. As regular readers of this site will know, space is not one of our limited strong points, so we won’t try to describe this ‘Vespine Vic Viper’ by Flick’s billyburg. What we will say is it has a smiling Classic Spaceman at the controls and we like that very much. Swoosh over to billyburg’s […]

Moon Dune

Febrovery continues apace, and this smiling classic spaceman looks like he’s got his blue-gloved grabs on a seriously fun rover. Billyburg is the builder, and with only one sixth of the Earth’s gravity acting upon it his lunar dune buggy is going to get some serious air. If there was any on the moon of course. […]

A Long Time Ago…

…in a galaxy far, far away, smiling spacemen were busily carrying out various tasks, exploring a planet with all sorts of new rovers and spaceships. It was 1978 and they were totally unaware that a year earlier the evil Darth Vader and his cohorts had exploded onto the big screen. Nearly 30 years later and […]

Not a Car

TLCB Office had a few too many Jägerbombs last night and thus are feeling a little fragile today. Fortunately the awesome Firas Abu Jaber, a TLCB Master MOCer no less, has stepped in as Guest Blogger to keep the Legoey goodness coming. Over to Firas… When you see a non-car creation featured on The Lego Car […]

Cheesy Space

It’s not just TLCB staff who get to write their thoughts here, you can too! Previous bloggee and space builder Billyburg joins us in a guest capacity today. Over to Billyburg… Every Lego builder (and TLCB Elf) should know about David Roberts and his wonderful, whimsical builds. They embody the idea of Lego perfectly: build […]


Star Wars – for all its brilliance – does have a few issues; Jar Jar Binks, pretty much all of the dialogue, Jar Jar Binks, the total lack of any women in the entire galaxy, and Jar Jar Binks again. However the machinery of Star Wars we thought was almost un-improvable… Until we saw it […]

Tugs in Space

If you have a spaceship like this one, parking it might be tricky. Luckily Billyburg‘s classic space heavy lifting tug is here to help. You can see more of his beautifully creative ‘4 K-Lifter’ at the link above.

A Red Re-Vamp

The Elves were incredibly excited when they found this super Starfighter Transporter by billyburg. They thought that each of hub caps on its 8 wheels was a blue Smartie. Alas not but we have rewarded them with a handful of meal tokens. We’ve previously blogged the chassis of this machine but now it’s been topped […]

That Was Febrovery That Was

Here at The Lego Car Blog, we pride ourselves on being a serious journal. We’ve chronicled and curated a high quality collection of Technic vehicles, Town & City minifig-scale machines and micro-scale builds. We would never demean ourselves with a photo feature on such a silly group as this year’s Febrovery. Oh, go on then: […]

New Year Fireworks

Everyone likes a big rocket,* and Flickr’s Billyburg has got two! They’re mounted on the back of his Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command vehicle, a reimagining of LEGO’s own 6950 Classic Space set. See more at the link above. *Especially your Mom.