Space Crane

Are you a Classic Spaceperson in need of a habitation pod on your newly discovered planet? Then you need a Neo-Classic Space Sky Crane! Able to land a fully self-contained living quarters onto almost any surface (liquid and gas planets not included), the Neo-Classic Space Sky Crane will enable you to continue your Classic Space […]

My Other Big Crane Truck’s a Big Crane Truck

This is a big crane truck, and it’s built from… er, a different big crane truck. Still, it is about as different from the source big crane truck as it can get, whilst still being a big crane truck itself. Previous bloggee damjan97PL (aka damianPLE) is the builder who has converted the official LEGO Technic […]

Bigger Than it Looks

This is a Liebherr LTM 1100-4.2 mobile crane – well, a Lego version obviously – and it comes from Mateusz Mikołajczyk, making their TLCB debut with one of the most highly-detailed small-scale creations of the year so far. Despite being only roughly Town-scale, Mateusz’s model looks much larger, thanks to some brilliantly intricate detailing, much of […]

Mammoth Extension

Ah, a mobile crane, which means you’ll be expecting TLCB to make erection jokes. But no! We’ve grown up, and are rising above it. Yup, we’re stiffly sticking to sensibility today, as Ralph Savelsberg‘s Town-scale Mammoet-liveried Liebherr LTM-1350 is a properly well-constructed piece of equipment, with an impressive rotating superstructure, extending stabilisers, and a meaty […]

Urally Good

We may mock President Putin as regularly as we can create a tenuous link to his dickwittery, but the country he dictates is an amazing one. Spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific across eleven time zones, responsible for the first animal, satellite, and person in space, and with a history uniting fifteen separate countries […]

The Lego Truck Blog

We seem to be a truck blog today, what with us publicising exactly no cars, but five trucks or vans. This one was found on Flickr and comes from yelo_bricks. A suitably yellow Scania three-axle truck, there’s a folding crane behind the cab, functional (kinda) stabilisers, and some clever SNOT techniques at work, all fitted […]

Siberian Cladding

If you’re into building-a-house-in-the-wilderness type TV programmes, you’ll know that – along with having royally impractical work surfaces, owners who insist rather too much that the wood stove is so warm they’re glad they don’t have central heating, and that the whole build only cost half as much as a conventional house (although their parents […]

Big Reach

Reach. It’s a word we hear a lot in the running of a world-famous top-quality Lego site. OK, a mildly-known bottom-of-the-barrel Lego site. But nevertheless, we still hear it a lot. Countless messages offering great value reach improvement services are deleted with alarming frequency. Anyway, today we have great reach, courtesy of TLCB favourite and […]

Honey I Shrunk the 8110

First appearing here in December with a suitably rubbish Christmas pun, Thirdwigg’s Mercedes-Benz Unimog U423, complete with working steering, suspension, piston engine, power take-offs and free building instructions, is just the sort of creation we like. Of course to be a proper miniature Unimog, an array of attachments and implements should also be available, to […]


Sounding a bit like an Italian magician pulling a rabbit from a hat (and thereby adding both Italy and Japan to TLCB’s long list of offended nations), Tadano are Japan’s largest crane and arial platform manufacturer, dating way back to the 1940s. This is their TL200M mobile crane, or rather, a Lego version of it […]

OK Boomer

This mighty Mack Granite boom truck was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr, and – as we unfortunately discovered – it’s just the sort of vehicle that can be used to raise an Elf to a door handle, enable them to break into the stationary cupboard, and eat all the glue sticks. Thanks […]


We thought about butchering the Shirley Bassey ‘Goldfinger’ theme song for this post, but re-writing iconic song lyrics to fit a truck-mounted-crane-company seemed a bit of a stretch, even for us. And we’ve stretched pretty far before! We’ll stick to the model then, a beautifully presented Mercedes-Benz Actros 4140 truck, complete with a fully foldable […]

Weekend in Drag

This a dragline crawler crane, used in open-cast mining for digging really big holes. Built by previous bloggee Beat Felber, this incredible creation is a fully-working replica of one the world’s largest; the 700-ton P&H 2355 diesel-electric dragline that worked the Rix Creek Mine in Australia. Remotely controlled by three SBricks, Beat’s creation can hoist […]

Threeway Knuckle

The excellent Technic Iveco Eurocargo off-road truck was discovered by one of Elves today, and it comes from previous bloggee Thirdwigg aka Wigboldy. Eqiupped with both a three-way tipper and a knuckleboom crane, Thirdwigg’s creation is packed with mechanical features, including a piston engine and high/low gearbox, pendular suspension, steering, a two section extending and […]

Knuckle Dragger

This astounding creation is a Volvo FH16 750, and it’s one of the finest Technic creations of the year so far. Packed with working functions, it took builder blaz62 over two years to complete, with a remote control 8×6 drivetrain linked to an inline-6 engine that resides under a fully suspended cab, all-wheel suspension, LED […]