Le Mans Special

It’s that time of year again! Yes Christmassy snow might be falling here at TLCB* but the big news is that the amazing Henrik Hoexbroe has released his annual ‘Mega MOC’ for 2014! Henrik’s past works have included a brilliant 1950s Town scene and an astonishing Citroen 2CV factory. This time though, he’s gone racing! (Making 2014 our […]

Weekend Town Special

It’s the weekend, hurrah! And we’ve got a very special post for you today. MOCpages-based Henrik Hoexbroe has featured on The Lego Car Blog a number of times over the past two years with his superb Town-scale vehicles of all descriptions. Henrik uses these cars to add life and realism to his ‘Mega MOC’ Town displays, […]

Mega MOC Special

The Lego Car Blog has featured a number of creations by the hugely talented Henrik Hoexbroe since our inception two years ago. Henrik has very kindly given us a sneak peek of this latest incredible ‘Mega MOC’, displayed at a recent expo in Madrid. Depicting the construction of one of Europe’s most famous vehicles, Henrik’s work […]

Baker’s Dozen

Henrik Hoexbroe has a snail problem. A tin snail problem. His MOCpage now has classic Citroen’s all over it, in every colour imaginable. See the 2CV Colony here. And because it’s a Baker’s Dozen, we need a bonus Citroen to take the total to 13. Luckily MOCpages newcomer Henrik Jensen has recently uploaded a 2CV […]

Space Balls

This slick looking spacecraft is the work of Henrik Hoexbroe on MOCpages, who came up with the design by crossing The Jetsons with a Ferrari. Well, the Premiership footballers of the future are going to need something flashy to drive around in. See more here.

Yee haw!

Our Elves are gross little creatures. They do a good job (or at least a very cheap job), but they’re still gross. Which is why the Elf that brought this in to The Lego Car Blog Towers was so pleased with itself; finally a car for them! Small, green and a bit yukky. Henrik Hoexbroe […]

Carry on Camping

Henrik Hoexbroe is well known on MOCpages for his excellent medium scale cars and street scenes. His VW T1 “Bulli” camper (inspired by Richard Brown’s Volkswagon Kombi ) is packed with details inside and out – every thing you need for the perfect camping holiday, except for the hotel and en suite 😉

Mini-Land. But Better.

Today we’re pleased to bring you a MOC Special. One of our favourite Town builders, whose creations we’ve featured a few times here before, has pulled together all of his MOCs into one incredible Town-style layout. Set in 1959, Henrik Hoexbroe’s masterpiece includes some simply beautiful small-scale Americana, including Checker Taxis, Greyhound Buses, finned Cadillacs […]

The Third Car

Can you guess the name? Lime? No, that’s only its colour. Henrik Hoexbroe wants to know the brand, model and year of his fantastic 6-wide minifig scale lime cruiser. Doesn’t he know himself? We think he does – it’s only a guessing game. Guess on Flickr – or find some hints on MOCpages.