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The Power of Four

Lego Technic RC Buggy

We are very thankful to reader and previous bloggee Lipko today, as he a) found us this awesome Technic RC buggy, and b) most importantly, he found it before one of the Elves did. That’s because this monstrous creation by Didumos69 features four L Motors, all-wheel-drive, and two BuWizz LiPo battery bluetooth controllers, making it very probably the most capable Elf-smushing creation built yet.

Thankfully there will be no Elven smushing today and you can see more of Didumos69’s riotous build, which also includes a V8 piston engine, superb suspension complete with caster angle and Ackerman geometry steering at the Eurobricks discussion forum, where there’s also a video showing what two BuWizzes can achieve when hooked up to four L Motors and all-wheel-drive…

Lego Technic RC Buggy

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Pneumatic Backhoe – Picture Special

Lego Technic Pneumatic Backhoe Loader

This magnificent pneumatic Technic backhoe comes from TLCB favourite Máté Lipkovics aka Lipko, and it’s one of the best pieces of Lego engineering you’ll see this year.

Lego Technic Pneumatic Backhoe Loader

A Power Functions motor operates duel pneumatic pumps, allowing Lipko’s model to run two sets of pneumatic functions simultaneously. These include the backhoe; which can rotate, elevate and tip the bucker, the front loader; which both elevates and tips, and the rear-mounted stabilisers.

Lego Technic Backhoe

If that wasn’t enough there are mechanical functions too, including all-wheel-steering, both by Hand-of-God and the steering wheel, pendular suspension, an opening hood and a rotating driver’s seat.

Lego Technic Backhoe Pneumatic

There’s lots more to see on three of the major Lego-sharing platforms, click the links for all the details on MOCpages, Brickshelf, and Eurobricks.

YouTube Video:

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Pallet Pusher

Lego Technic RC Telehandler

‘Uh oh…’ thought this TLCB writer upon entering the office today. It wasn’t a particularly big or eloquent thought, but it summed up the situation that lay before him rather well.

The keys to the various rooms within TLCB Towers, (including to the Executive Washroom and Sauna, the Archive Halls and to the Smarties Cupboard) hang on a hook, high above the floor and out of reach of the Elves, even if several stand atop one another to form a wobbly tower.

Said hook only had this one purpose, and it had fulfilled its brief flawlessly. It may simply be an inch of curved metal, but the safety and security of TLCB rested entirely in its brassy embrace. Today though this hook was missing something. It stood naked… unadorned… keyless. This was not good.

A panicked run down the corridor revealed several usually-locked doors ajar, and the sound of a jacuzzi water jet on full thrust. Not the washroom….

Sadly our worst fears were realised, and every single TLCB Elf that was indoors when we left last night was found in our place of peace and serenity, defiling it. We won’t go into any details here, but the pool cleaner has got one hell of a job.

Lego Technic RC Telehandler

The all-night Smarties bender that preceded the defiling was facilitated by a remarkably rare event of Elven teamwork and this; Máté Lipkovics aka Lipko’s spectacular remote control Technic telehandler. Powered by three L Motors Mate’s model can raise, lower and extend the boom (which includes automatic fork levelling) and can extend and retract its stabilising outriggers remotely.

Mate’s creation also includes several mechanical features, such as a gearbox to allow the motors to perform multiple functions, rear pendular suspension, and some trick three-mode steering (4-wheel, normal and crab).

Unfortunately all of this technological cleverness meant that Mate’s telehandler was the perfect tool for sending an Elf skywards on a key-thieving mission, and that the office’s previously unreachable door handles suddenly became portals to Elven debauchery.

We now have a morning of mopping, vacuuming and disinfecting ahead of us (and we also need to come up with a new key storage protocol) so we recommend that you come back later. In the meantime you can check out Mate’s brilliant, but immensely costly for us, Technic telehandler via MOCpages and the Eurobricks forum by clicking the links.

The washroom may never be the same again.

Lego Technic RC Telehandler

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Power Cut

Lego Technic Supercar

This impressive looking vehicle is the latest creation from Eurobricks’ builder and previous bloggee Lipko.

Underneath the striking bodywork Lipko has built a Technic Supercar chassis of old-school brilliance; and that means there’s not a single Power Functions motor to be found anywhere. Instead of remote control Lipko’s Supercar returns to the classic formula (and one which we very much like here at TLCB) of mechanical functionality, including a rear-wheel-driven V8 engine, independent (pushrod) suspension, functioning transmission, working steering and a mechanically deployed rear wing. Lego Community – we’d like more Supercars like this please!

There are more images and further details available on Lipko’s build at the Eurobricks forum; click the link above to join the discussion.

Lego Technic Supercar 2016

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Wrod Wrecker

Lego Hot Rod Tow Truck

LEGO’s Power Functions are an excellent way to add play value to your models. Cheaper than the previous 9V motors, more powerful, and with the added benefit of being remotely controlled if desired, they have quickly become the electronics of choice amongst Lego builders.

MOCpages’ Mate Lipkovics shows how versatile the Power Functions system can be with an installation in his fantastic hot rod wrecker. The remotely controlled functions include steering and drive, a two speed gearbox and the crane winch. You can see all the detailed photos of how Mate has squeezed that lot in via his MOCpage – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Technic Hot Rod Wrecker

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Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

Lego Technic Audi RS5 DTM

This incredible creation, suggested to us by a reader via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, is a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) racing car. DTM is Germany’s Touring Car Championship, in which the world’s top drivers – including names from both LeMans and F1 – compete across Germany and Europe in 500bhp V8 ‘silhouette’ monsters. Only a handful of car manufactures take part, but the grids are huge, the action frantic and the crashes… m.a.s.s.i.v.e.

This amazing recreation of Audi’s 2013 RS5 DTM racer is the work of Eurobricks and Brickshelf regular Lipko. Underneath the spectacular aero-bodywork Lipko has perfectly engineered a monocoque chassis with integrated roll cage, working independent pushrod suspension, and a V8 engine complete with four speed gearbox. You can see all of this in detail too, as Lipko has made chassis images and the engineering details available. Click on either of the links above to see more, and then get lost in YouTube’s extensive DTM library…

Lego Technic DTM Racer

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Party Like It’s 1999

Lego Technic Rally CarIt’s been a while since we featured a purely Technic car here at The Lego Car Blog, and even longer since we featured one in such a classic style – they’re getting hard to find these days. szecs aka lipko takes us back to 1999 with a beam-and-pin Rally Car suggested to us via the Feedback page. You can see the full gallery on Brickshelf via the link above.

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