TVR and MOCpages have much in common. Unreliable yet much loved, they both enjoyed a glorious peak and then slipped into obscurity. But there is hope. TVR has a new owner and a new car on the way designed by McLaren F1 legend Gordon Murray, whilst MOCpages can, if the moon is in the right place […]

The Rise & Fall of MOCpages

MOCpages is dead. The largest and most vibrant online Lego community for much of the past decade, the site slowly slipped into a coma over the last few years and it seems its founder, Lego artist Sean Kenney, has this week switched off the life support. And that’s really rather sad. The Rise Launched back […]

Get It Up

Nick Barrett’s got a big one. It might not look it here, but this 15-wide Liebherr LTM 1130 mobile crane can grow to almost six feet tall! A four part extending boom is the key to such impressive length, utilising reels of string and a full-length ratchet mechanism (no linear actuators here). The entire superstructure […]

Ferrari 275 GTB – Picture Special

This beautiful creation is a near-perfect scale replica of Ferrari’s magnificent 275 GTB, and it comes from a long-lost car builder Thomas Poulsom aka DeTomaso Pantera. Tom’s been busy over the last few years campaigning for his LEGO Ideas Birds project. With his Birds models now in stores around the world it’s great to see Tom […]

853 Redux

Our review of LEGO Technic’s 853 / 956 Car Chassis set is the most viewed individual page on the whole of The Lego Car Blog. It might have been flawed, but 853 is the grandfather of LEGO’s Supercar range, without which we probably wouldn’t have had some of LEGO’s best ever sets. Previous bloggee, Master MOCer and Lego […]

Nick Barrett

… Welcome to the third in TLCB’s Pro Series; How to Become a Lego Professional In this series we’re interviewing builders who have taken their hobby to the next level, and who are now earning an income from their Lego building, either via a full time career, or via side projects such a commissioned creations or […]

The Last of the LR Defenders

Land Rover’s brilliant Defender dies next year, after more than 50 years of continual production. In celebration of this amazing vehicle MOCpage’s Nick Barrett has recreated the iconic off-roader in its final 2015 specification. His long-wheelbase 110 Station Wagon includes the four-cylinder turbo-diesel powering the last generation of cars, opening doors, hood and tailgate, plus folding […]

Fifty-Six Ford F-Series

It’s been a ridiculously busy few days here at TLCB. Thanks to several online contests running concurrently our Elves have been finding huge numbers of top quality vehicles for us to blog. As February draws to a close we’ll be able to slow things down a bit, much to the relief of our typing fingers, […]

Twin Jeeps

These two delightful CJ5 Jeeps were discovered by a happy Elf today, built by previous bloggee and Lego Professional Nick Barrett. Nick’s work has appeared here several times over the years and his latest builds are everything we could want in a LEGO model. Both are beautifully realistic on the outside (whilst sturdy and playable too), and underneath […]

Master MOCers [Series 1]

Master MOCers [Series 1] | Eleven of the greatest vehicle builders DeTomaso Pantera BricksonWheels VFRacingTeam Crowkillers Chris Roach Lego Exotics Dennis Bosman Nick Barrett Ralph Savelsberg Sheepo Firas Abu-Jaber

Become a Lego Professional

Become a Lego Professional | Taking building beyond a hobby Sariel – Published Lego Author Nathanael Kuipers – Set Designer for The LEGO Group Nick Barrett – Bright Bricks Model-Maker Peter Blackert – Published Lego Author SaperPL – How to Make (and Sell) Building Instructions

Become a Lego Professional!

It’s Easter weekend and TLCB Team are much too full of chocolate eggs to blog. Luckily for us we’ve been joined by a special guest to keep the content coming. Yup, it’s No.3 in our How to Become a Lego Professional series! Not put off by his first encounter with TLCB Elves, Nick Barrett joined us here at […]

Bricks in Motion Picture Special

One of The Lego Car Blog’s very favourite builders has taken the brave – and often envied – step into the world of professional Lego model making. Certified LEGO Professionals Bright Bricks can now count the ridiculously talented Nick Barrett amongst their building staff. Nick joined the Bright Bricks team bringing a wealth of vehicular knowledge, […]

Nick Barrett

The Lego Car Blog Elves, armed with sharpened pencils, can be a formidable adversary. They’re huge fans of our next Master MOCer builder and took it upon themselves to ‘invite’ him into the Master MOCers Club. So here at No.8 in the Master MOCer Interview listings is the utterly brilliant Nick Barrett. Over to Nick […]

SHIPtember 2015 Review

The darkening skies outside The Lego Car Blog’s skyscraper can mean only one of two things. 1) The Elves have opened an apocalyptic portal to Hades again or 2) it’s autumn and time to brace ourselves for various sci-fi themed building months. The TLCB editorial staff are renowned for our lack of comprehension of sci-fi. […]