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Latest LEGO Liebherr

LEGO’s constant release of new pieces is difficult thing to keep up with. However the guys at New Elementary do just that, cataloguing LEGO’s latest parts to allow – in this case – builder Pierre E Fieschi to create the unique Liebherr pneumatic ‘Tunnelier’ concept that you see here from the brand new bricks. There’s more of Pierre’s creation to see on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump to all the images.

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Smashing Truck

HW 01

The Homeworld strategy game burst onto the scene in late 1999. It soon gained a cult following, both for its game-play and its distinctive graphic design. Many of the ships were brightly patterned, reminiscent of designs from 1970s pulp book covers by the likes of Chris Foss and Peter Elson. The designs have inspired many Lego builders, most notably TLCB bloggee Pierre E Fieschi, who has built a variety of space and ground vehicles in this style.

Flickr’s curtydc has joined in the Homeworld inspired building with a micro-scale build of massive proportions. The Baserunner is a 6×6 truck, powered by two XL motors and steered using two M motors. Neatly tucked behind X-pod lids are 6 radio control car tyres. Although they’re not Lego, were very much appreciated by our Elves for their smushing potential. The rear of the vehicle features a hangar, with space for a fleet of micro-machines. You can see these in detail by clicking this link to curtydc’s Flickr Photostream.

HW 02

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Dust Storm

Lego Gunship

This incredible gunship is the work of TLCB newcomer [Stijn Oom], who has realised the artwork of previous TLCB bloggee Pierre E Fieschi in three dimensional form. Stijn’s Lego recreation of Pierre’s ‘Hammerfall Gunship’ design is one of our favourite entries into this year’s Flickr SHIPtember competition. We won’t pretend to know anything about what this craft does, how it flies or who pilots it, but we do know awesome when we see it. Expect to see more of the Hammerfall on all the main Lego blogs very shortly, but to get in early take a visit to Stijn’s photostream via the link above.

Lego Hammerfall Gunship

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And It Was All Yellow

Lego Light Transport

After watching Sesame Street the Elves are having a yellow day today, hence the Coldplay lyric, (guess what colour ‘todays show was brought to you by’…), but we’re not too bothered; we’ve not given out any yellow Smarties for a while and, well, yellow is just cool sometimes. Previous bloggee Pierre E Fieschi subscribes to the same school of thought regarding the sunny colour, and his ‘Light Module Transports’ sure look the shiznit in their bright hue. You can see more at Pierre’s Flickr photostream here.

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Newton’s Balls

Lego Science Vessel SpacecraftThis beautiful spacecraft was uncovered on Flickr earlier in the week. Built by the fantastically talented Pierre E Fieschi it reminds us of the Newton’s Cradle desk ornament, which in turn (and because we have the minds of children), makes us think that Sir Isaac Newton had an enormous pair of pendulous testicles. See more (of the spaceship, not Sir Isaac’s gentleman’s area – although it’s probably on Google somewhere) on Flickr via the link above.

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Moving Out

Lego Spaceship

Not quite a car…

This is not a car. In fact it’s so far outside our vehicular remit we wondered whether to post it. But… there’s something about that entrancing blue glow…

The beautiful picture above is the work of Pierre E Fieschi on Flickr, whose Tesseract space freighter and accompanying Battleship escort are the product of both some serious brick-based talent and a deep working knowledge of the intricacies of Photoshop. View more of his incredible works by clicking on his name above.

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Lego Vintage Aircraft

The year is 1889, and inventors Pierre and Jean are about to launch their brand new heavier-than-air-powered-flying-machine on its maiden journey! Photographer Jacques is back to capture the moment for the newspapers, whilst Brave Volunteer No.6 ready to take his shot at making aviation history in the pilot’s seat.

Flickr’s Tino Poutiainen is the builder behind this eccentric scene, which pre-dates the world’s first successful heavier-than-air-powered-flight by some fourteen years (it’d be embarrassing to think this was actually from the early days of manned flight wouldn’t it?), so we can all guess the fate of Brave Volunteer No.6…

Still, Pierre and Jean are adamant his death won’t be in vain. Welcome No.7… this time we’re sure we’ve cracked it!

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Galactic Exploration

Capital Planetary Deployment Unit

Run out of space on Earth? Want to find yourself a new home? Then you need a Capital Planetary Deployment Unit. Built to colonize distant worlds, Pierre Fieschi‘s monstrous conception has been imagined down to the last detail. View Pierre’s incredible creation, and the artwork that goes alongside it, on Flickr.

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