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Rat Race

Lego Nissan 180SX

As you can imagine with a blog as ropey as this one, an Elven workforce held together with Pritt Stick, and our penchant for your Mom, we very much like objects of a slightly aesthetically-challenged nature here at TLCB. This is one such object, an absolutely brilliant Nissan 180SX drift pig by VovaRychkov. What the Nissan lacks in sleek looks we’re sure it more than makes up for in smokey sidewaysyness, and we know which we’d rather have. There’s more to see at Vova’s photostream and you can check out all the images by clicking here.

Lego Nissan 180SX

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Stihl Posting…


How did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday?

Here at The Lego Car Blog Towers, some of the Elves returned from the Flickr account of František Hajdekr, hoping to collect an orange Smartie (they’re the best sort). This MOC does feature a working, Technic, single-cylinder engine but it’s not a vehicle of any kind and so we were unable to blog it. No Smarties we awarded.

The enraged Elves then ran amok, demonstrating the Brush Cutter’s working features on their terrified colleagues. Eventually the miscreants were blasted into the Elf cage by Mr. Airhorn and disarmed. Fortunately, we discovered that you can glue Elves back together with Pritt Stick and so the editorial team spent our Bank Holiday gluing our workforce back together. Now that they’re all back in one piece*, the Elves are once more ready to scour the internet for the best vehicular Lego creations. That is until they’re eaten by a small dog or smushed by a Power Functions dumper truck…

*We had 3 right arms leftover and have put them in the filing cabinet as spares.

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Retro Rampage

Whiiiir! Crunch. Whiiiir! Crunch. Elven Screaming. Whiiiir! Crunch.

Sigh. These are sounds we’ve heard too often here at The Lego Car Blog Towers before, and they usually mean we’re going to have to get the carpets cleaned again.

A weary trudge to the corridor outside the office revealed the cause, and to our surprise there wan’t just one, but three. Three Elves were each controlling three separate (and rather impressive) Technic Monster Trucks, bashing them into one another and occasionally adding variety to the proceedings by driving them at and over the Elves who had come to watch the spectacle.

It admittedly looked like great fun, so Mr. Airhorn was deployed to break up the ruckus, the injured were patched up with Pritt-Stick and plasters, and we’ve taken control of the trio of Technic trucks for ourselves.

Each truck comes from Technic building legend Madoca77 and wears a gloriously retro livery, including the famous Ford ‘Big Foot’ colours and Toyota’s wonderful ’80s ‘pick-up’ stripe, and the three models are all remotely operable via bluetooth thanks to two SBricks.

These control the four XL motors (one per wheel), the two Servo motors that steer both the front and rear axles, the Medium motor that switches between crab steering and normal steering modes (just like LEGO’s excellent 40254 Claas Xerion 5000 set), and the Medium motor that operates the clamshell bodywork lift.

Madoca’s builds also include LED headlights, opening doors and dropping tailgates, plus – most importantly – a mega suspension setup which includes portal axles. They easily make it into our favourite creations list of 2019, and if you like them as much as we do then head to the Eurobricks discussion forum via the link above to read more about the builds and to watch a video of Madoca’s vintage monster truck design in action!

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