Mr. Big Stuff*

This enormous green and cream spiky looking arrangement is a Krone BigX 770 with an EasyCollect 600-2, and it is – if you’re a TLCB Elf – not something that you want to see at all. Built by Michal Skorupka (aka Eric Trax), the Krone BigX and EasyCollect 600-2 are equipped with no less than three SBrick […]

Retro Rampage

Whiiiir! Crunch. Whiiiir! Crunch. Elven Screaming. Whiiiir! Crunch. Sigh. These are sounds we’ve heard too often here at The Lego Car Blog Towers before, and they usually mean we’re going to have to get the carpets cleaned again. A weary trudge to the corridor outside the office revealed the cause, and to our surprise there […]

Rat Race

As you can imagine with a blog as ropey as this one, an Elven workforce held together with Pritt Stick, and our penchant for your Mom, we very much like objects of a slightly aesthetically-challenged nature here at TLCB. This is one such object, an absolutely brilliant Nissan 180SX drift pig by VovaRychkov. What the Nissan lacks […]

Stihl Posting…

How did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday? Here at The Lego Car Blog Towers, some of the Elves returned from the Flickr account of František Hajdekr, hoping to collect an orange Smartie (they’re the best sort). This MOC does feature a working, Technic, single-cylinder engine but it’s not a vehicle of any kind and […]