Waterloo Station. And Make it Quick!

Black Cabs are absolutely not fast. They are filthy smog spreading abominations though, and fortunately London has had enough and decreed only EVs and PHEVs now qualify to become Black Cabs. Fortunately the newly-renamed London Electric Vehicle Company, now owned by Geely (Volvo’s deep-pocketed owners), have built a new black cab fit for the 21st […]

Big D

Diesel has become a bit of a dirty word of late. We have Volkswagen to thank for that, but the fuel from the black pump was dirty anyway, they just got caught being particularly loathsome. However diesel is still useful, being much more suited to high-torque applications than petrol whilst producing less CO2 (the key […]

Surplus Photo!

Those of you with good memories may be familiar with today’s creation. It is of course the Army Surplus Special, one of the many Wacky Racers that fought it out for fame and glory in the 1968 Hanna-Barbera series. This wonderful homage to the Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley’s cartoon chariot first appeared here back […]

Bricks in Wheels

Flickr’s Redfern1950s is one of TLCB’s favourite builders, thanks to builds such as this one. This beautifully constructed hardtail chopper motorcycle is packed full of excellent detailing and brilliantly minimalist design cues, making it not just worthy of appearance here but – far more impressively – of display at The LEGO House in Billund, where […]


The Master MOCers Series is back! We’re half way through Series 2, and we’re delighted to announce that one of our very favourite MOCers, the brilliant Martin Redfern aka Redfern1950s, is here at TLCB Towers, and he’s had quite a year! Martin becomes our seventeenth Master MOCer and the sixth in Series 2, joining a […]

Hot Copper

This delightfully whimsical steampunkesque hot rod comes from perennial bloggee Redfern. With a V12 engine up front and copper detailing in abundance it looks to be just the vehicle for a vulgarian gentleman. There’s more to see on Flickr – click here to make the jump.

Make Like A Volkswagen…

…and split. This deeply cool Volkswagen split-screen barn-door camper van complete with canvas extending high-top comes from TLCB regular Redfern. Chrome detailing is in abundance and you can see more at Red’s photostream by clicking here.

In the Bank

It’s time for some history here at TLCB, because we are – at heart – complete nerds. The world’s first purpose-built racetrack (or what’s left of it) lies not far from TLCB Towers. The Brooklands race circuit opened in 1907, built partly for manufacturers of the newly emerging auto-industry to test their cars, and partly […]

Pork Chop

Redfern1950s continues his run of beautifully designed motorcycles with this absolutely gorgeous police-issue chopper. Redfern is very probably the king of motorbike detailing at the moment, and his latest work also comes in civilian flavour too (see below), but that one doesn’t allow for a witty title. You can see more of both builds at […]

Master MOCers [Series 2]

Master MOCers [Series 2] | Eleven more of the greatest vehicle builders Norton74 Carl Greatrix Luca Rusconi Mahjqa Nico71 Redfern 1950s Lachlan Cameron Eric Trax . . .


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