Classic Hit & Run

The Elves have been relatively peaceful of late. By which we mean none of the creations that they’ve found have been fast enough to smush one-another into the office carpet. That ended today. This is Lachlan Cameron (aka Lox Lego)’s spectacular Ford F100 hot rod, built as a commissioned piece and featuring full remote control […]

House Spider

We rather like house spiders. They eat flies and other pests and are a rather elegant design in their own way. Sadly we’re probably in the minority by safely capturing them and releasing them outside TLCB Towers, as most people tend to prefer smushing them. This one would be harder to smush though, and it’s […]

Monster Bug

We’re going to need a bigger slipper… Sariel’s latest creation sure looks tough to squash. Not so our Elves, who are famously easy to smush into the office carpet. It’s been a while since the last Elven flattening, but fear not readers – today Elf-on-Elf violence returned in a big way. With all-wheel-drive powered by […]

But It’s All Right Now, In Fact It’s a GAZ

This Thunderbirds-looking thing is actually a GAZ 3351, a real all-terrain transport vehicle with its roots in the Soviet Union. Well, this one’s made of LEGO, but you could buy a real one if you wanted to. Which is what we suspect the Elves, if they had any money or concept of money, would do […]

Going for a Massive Dump

The Lego Car Blog Elves have had a Good Day today. Firstly, the last four models to be blogged here have been yellow, and the Elves love yellow. Secondly, this was the fourth of them; built by Beat Felber and following on from his huge LeTourneau L-1200 front loader blogged here earlier in the week, it’s […]

A Soviet Smasher

It’s been a fairly calm week at The Lego Car Blog Towers. You can therefore imagine our dismay, as we stumbled down the steps into our luxury penthouse editorial suite and found smushed Elves embedded in the Axminster. It could only mean one thing: the Elves had found a Technic Power Functions model. This particular […]


TLCB Elves are great fans of remotely controlled creations. If they’re large and/or fast enough they can even be used to smush unsuspecting co-workers. Today’s Elf needs to go back to school though, as its find – paave‘s brilliant Technic school bus – is neither large nor fast. Unfortunately this meant that the group of Elves it […]

Trouble At Mill…

Regular readers will be all too aware of how our workforce enjoy using their finds of Lego machines to attack and smush each other. Unfortunately it looks as though this sort of behaviour is spreading, as witnessed here in Gary Davis’ Duelling Diggers. Gary was commissioned to build these and other models for this animated […]

Rancher RC

This magnificently tough looking off-road truck comes from previous bloggee filsawgood, and it smashed its way though the office today. As is usual, a deliriously happy (and spectacularly vengeful) Elf was at the controls, using the model’s twin L Motors to smush as many of its colleagues as it could before it was discovered and ejected […]


“Medic!!”, is a cry that can often be heard screamed in Elvish across the TLCB executive editorial penthouse. Our research team enjoy every possible opportunity to smush each other into the deep shag carpet. Well, we assume that’s what they’re shouting. To be honest we’re a monoglot lot and haven’t a clue what they’re saying. […]

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

There’s a happy Elf at TLCB Towers today, thanks to newcomer Damjan and his giant Technic truck. Damjan’s creation is yellow, has racing stripes (sort of), and is remotely controlled via LEGO’s Power Functions system – meaning it can be used to chase down colleagues and smush them into the office carpet.* With this achieved the […]

To the Post Office!

The Lego Car Blog, despite its charitable nature, is actually a pretty dark and shadowy organisation. The location of TLCB office is a closely guarded secret, TLCB staff forgo fame and fortune, preferring to shroud themselves in anonymity’s thick cloak, and the Elves… well, no-one really wants to get close to them so their mythical status is assured for some time yet. […]

Arctic Roll

It’s Technic! It’s Power Functions! It’s Pneumatic! It can smush 17 Elves into The Lego Car Blog carpet in one go! We’re still scraping up and plumping up our flattened workers after some of their colleagues brought this giant machine into the office. It has the perfect blend of Lego features to excite our excitable […]

Double Diggers

Our smelly little workforce has a history with remotely controlled construction machinery. It has in the past been used by individual Elves to exact revenge on colleagues, pre-emptively attack colleagues, and smush other colleagues into the carpet for – as the kids would say, ‘lols‘. Today’s calm was shattered by the arrival of the creation above, a […]

Shout Out

The Elves are particularly excited by today’s find. Not only does it have racing stripes and an ability to smush other Elves into the carpet via remote control, builder David Roberts’ has included a shout out to them in his creation description. Don’t think that doing this earned his ‘4×4 Greeble Transporter’ a place here though, […]