And Now for Something…

…Completely Different. We’re not sure what’s got into The Lego Car Blog Elves today, but they’ve brought back some properly weird creations over the weekend. Of course we’re a car blog, so we’ll only be blogging those that closely match our title subject. First up, here’s a giant hovering airport tug thingumy! Built by Flickr’s Vince […]

We’re Tramming, and I Hope You Like Tramming Too*

This huge odd-looking device is a Suburban Tram, and it can give a ride to most of the town.** It comes from the mind of Flickr’s Vince Toulouse, who has deployed all manner of unusual pieces from several decades of LEGO themes to create it. There’s lots more to see at the tram’s album on […]

The Mechanic

Sadly for our Elves, this is not Jason Statham’s hitman coming to bring death and chaos but a rather more useful repair droid. This red robot comes complete with a box of tools and some nice parts usage on his sunglasses/welding goggles. He’s a slightly more mainstream creation from the often surreal and streamlined world […]


This utterly wonderful contraption comes from the brilliant Vince Toulouse of Flickr, and it looks like one of the most dangerous machines that this blog has ever posted, and it’s glorious! The bastard offspring of a soapbox gravity go-kart and a 1920s Grand Prix racer, Vince’s latest work is delightfully unhinged, and it makes use of […]

And Now For Something Completely Different

Previous bloggee Vince Toulouse completely baffles TLCB writing team even when he’s making a car, so this gloriously whimsical Cruise Airship is so far outside of our comfort zone all we can do is post a link to something silly. Despite our vernacular incompetence when it comes to anything without wheels (and, if we’re honest, most […]

Machine No.5

We have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, so it’s probably best you just ask Vince Toulouse. Whilst this is the fifth machine from Vince that we’ve featured here we’re no closer to learning what it’s all about. You can see some of his previous machines – and amuse yourself at our previous attempts at an explanation – by clicking […]


This beautiful creation is so far outside of our vehicular knowledge that we’re not even going to attempt an explanation. Vince Toulouse of Flickr owns the brain that created it, so it’s probably best we simply throw you a link to his page. Click this link.

Le Swoosh!

The weirdness continues here at The Lego ‘Car’ Blog, with this rather swooshable creation from a previous bloggee, the gloriously French-named Vince Toulouse. Entitled simply ‘Machine No.3’ there’s a whole host of gorgeous pictures on Flickr at the link above.