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  1. Vibor Cavor says:

    Hey, people
    It is a tremendous thing that someone has started a blog that deals with LEGO vehicles because on other famous blogs there are not enough vehicles published. That is kind of a shame because there are so many people that do beautiful vehicles like Steven Marshal. Check that guy out.

    I would like to contribute with my own MOC’s so feel free to check my MOC page. There are several vehicles that you might like.

    Thank you for starting something like this. I am checking it on a daily basis.

    • Welcome to the blog Vibor and thanks for the tip-off : )

      Unfortunately MOCpages is having its weekly sulk and refusing to work, but we’ll be sure to check out your work. We tend to only post new MOCs mind.

      We look forward to your continued readership (and maybe you’ll even see your work here at some point too).

      The Lego Car Blog Team

  2. Vibor Cavor says:

    Hey thanx for the reply. As for the MOC pages it tends to crash from time to time, I know but I also post my work on the Flickr so here

    If you like something feel free to use it. My recent works are not really that old :))


    best regards :))

  3. Brian says:

    This LEGO model of NASA’s Deep Space Habitat project includes the Chariot Rover, which was featured on Top Gear. It’s a great project that is aimed at creating a planetary base and vehicles for astronauts to live and work in on future space exploration missions. The LEGO fan made model is on LEGO CUUSOO here:

    Please support it!

  4. Kisvakond says:

    Just another “worth-to-see” great MOCer on BrickShelf:

  5. traci2222 says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the Lego Citroen Avant set to buy? My fiance just bought the car to do a full restorement on it, so I would LOVE to get him this. Please email me at if you have any links for me! Thank you!

  6. traci2222 says:

    Thank you for the reply! I would love to see if the builder could make me one for my fiance! It is absolutely adorable and a perfect gift. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    • twohorse602 says:

      Hello Traci. I built the Citroen that you like – thankyou, I’m very flattered especially as you have a real one ! I’d be delighted to make another, but do remember that things like this are more complex and fragile than a typical Lego set, and more expensive. If you message me with an e-mail address we’ll talk further.

  7. er0lsgarage says:


    I would like to suggest a spectacular (IMHO) Technic MOC which has just been presented by Hypo (Heiko) in the German Forum 1000steine ( It is a huge Rosenbauer Panther ARFF. Check out Hypo’s Brickshelf folder, too: There are also some videos on YouTube.

    In my opininion it is one of the very best Lego ARFF around, design and functions are outstanding. I think it has not been blogged before (or at least I did not find it).

    Anyway, you do a great job here (I am very proud about having been blogged on the Lego Car Blog already). Thanks for your attention!

    Marcus aka ER0L

  8. Suggestions: keep featuring cars and set reviews!

    I would appreciate it if you’d take a look at my Ferrari 643:

  9. Hi guys, I love the site. Can you help me out though? Crowkillers put his Vampire GT on Lego Cuusoo and with your help can it reach 10,000 votes. If you can do a blog/article asking people to vote and support it this creation can become a real production vehicle for all car fans to enjoy. It you can also Tweet and Facebook it that would be fantastic search #VampireGT on twitter… here is a link to the project:
    Thank you

  10. I have a 1/11 scale Hummer H1 that I wouldn’t mind if you decided to feature. Here is the link to my LEGO CUUSOO page so you can see it. If interested, I can get you better photos and shoot a video if wanted.


  11. Oh yes, it is very much my own design. I have some 30 different LDD files with various sections of the vehicle mapped out, plus the completed model. I started the project when I was 14. Finished when I was 21. I have pages of notes to make sure I scaled the vehicle correctly. Sure, I took inspiration from other builders to get me going, but there is no other Hummer like it on brickshelf or mocpages.

  12. bob says:

    Hi. So great to see this blog for people who are doing cars. I want to be on it! (if you will have me) Please check out my flickr page. It would be so great to see my stuff here.

    thanks for your consideration.

    • Thank you Bob. Your work is exactly the sort of thing we’re looking for. We do only post recenty uploaded MOCs though, so we’ll keep an eye out for any new uploads from you

  13. Daniel Milburn says:

    I have a few models that you may like on my flickr page and I also have a model up on Cuusoo that you may like

  14. Vibor Cavor says:

    I’ve noticed you liked my Mercedes so here is another one. New. I hope you like it. ;))
    [Image Removed]

  15. This is an awesome blog, a great idea! A blog for only cars has been sort of a dream of mine. Nice work!It’s nice to have something other than TBB πŸ™‚

    I’m kinda hoping to contribute something – my flickr account is, I am on mocpages too, but as we know, mocpages is a little unreliable…

    Great idea people!

    • Thank you for your support! We’ll be sure to look at your work. We’re also always on the look out for more Lego Car Blog writers too, so anyone reading this who may be interested, please get in contact via the comments.

  16. Hi,

    Can I point you to my recent recreation of James Bond’s iconic spy car, the Aston Martin DB5? Pictures can be found on my cuusoo site.


    • Hi Jeroen. Thanks for your readership. Your DB5 has some superb functions, best of luck on Cussoo! We may run a feature of the best Cuusoo creations at some point; yours is exactly the sort of thing we like : )

  17. Isaac W. says:

    I love this blog idea, there aren’t many for things as specific as this! I haven’t seen anything as cool and interesting as this in a long time. Love the idea and will be visiting more often! I build LEGO vehicles as well, working in the small scale for the most part, my complete works can be found here:
    Many are newer and ‘better’, but there are tons of older stuff which I don’t think are worth blogging πŸ™‚ Could you maybe give my recent Corvette consideration?
    Thanks so much!

  18. Yes, we try to only show new posts otherwise our readers may well have seen the MOC before.

  19. Thanks for an awesome blog πŸ™‚ I absolutely loved trying to build my own cars with lego, but they sure didn’t look as nice as any of these!

  20. carlopandian says:


    Just a quick note to see if you would be interested in a guest blogger for The Lego Car Blog.

    My name is Carlo, I like building little LEGO models and I am also very fascinated by LEGO related robotics, design and art.
    The following are some article ideas that I have in mind for The Lego Car Blog(I would also attach images to make reading easier):

    β€’ How does a professional LEGO sculptor goes about designing and building LEGO models – checklist and tips on how to get big with your future models
    β€’ 5 cool LEGO Design pieces – from LEGO ice trays to belts, interesting items to show off LEGO love.
    β€’ How to do LEGO stop motion – software and equipment needed to produce your first LEGO YouTube video.

    Please let me know if you would be happy to consider a guest post from me and I’ll get something written up and sent over to you. I also share all of my guest posts on my social profiles (Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon) in order to drive more visitors to your site.

    Look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to send over any questions you may have.

    Kind regards

    Freelance Writer
    Twitter: carlopandian

    • Hi Carlo

      In a word; yes : )

      Probably bullet points 1 and 3, as long as they were vehicle-related.

      Let us know your email address in a comment (which we can delete while it sits in moderation so it doesn’t show on the site).

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

  21. Julius Reade says:

    What makes Lego so interesting?

  22. Bugattiboy says:

    what about this?

  23. Doug says:

    hi there im new to this blog, but i like to look at Mocpages! I love military and WWII tanks. i was just checking out some planes on Mocpages and ran across 2 planes i really like. The first one was by John lamrack , , i really liked the plane, but i saw a few mega blocks :\ The second plane i encountered, was Jon treasure, his was a great plane also, the only con i saw on his was that the wings were droopy a little and when they were spread forward they exposed a few parts that didnt look as good.( for me its a toss up between the two) . Im hoping you guys could pick one of these planes (or both of them!) and maybe blog it. Thanks for your time!

    • Welcome Doug, great to have you here at TLCB : )

      These are both fine MOCs. We’ve actually featured some of Jon Treasure’s models before (so you’re on the same wavelength as us!).

      We do however, only post new creations (i.e. uploaded in the last week or two), so that people don’t see things that they’ve known about before.

      If you’d like to be an Elf for the day and hunt down some recently uploaded planes we’d love to feature them : )

      Thanks and we hope you enjoy the blog

      The Lego Car Blog Team

      • Doug says:

        Ok thanks! i really like your website! I would love to search for some new planes, maybe not today though, because im pretty busy. Thanks, i will be searching for new planes throughout the rest of this week!

  24. Matthew says:

    Hey guys,

    I have always been a fan of LEGO planes and I came across this one the other day: I have always found it hard to build nice looking planes!

    • Hi Matthew, Thanks for your comment. That plane is superb! Do you know if the owner has made it in real bricks at all? If so we’d love to feature it. Readers; click on the link in Matthew’s comments above to see it in LDD.

      • Matthew says:

        I do not think the owner has; in the page is says “late Q1 2012”, so I assume not. It is quite a shame that he/she has not made it (yet)!

  25. Marty B says:

    Just giving my creations a bit of a plug here. A Mister Softee Ice Cream truck to the UK style πŸ™‚

    [Image removed]

  26. Josh says:

    I know this isn’t a car, but it is very car – related. Plus, Barman made it. A massive working V8, 32 valve engine.

    • Thanks Josh, and welcome to TLCB!

      That is a spectacular creation. The Elves have stumbled across it a few times, however unfortunately it’s too old to feature on the blog. To our readers; it’s well worth a click on Josh’s link if you’ve not yet seen it.

  27. Johnny says:

    I found this cool car:
    [Image removed]

  28. Zeto says:

    Hi admin, I would appreciate it very much if you use as reference my flickr photostream instead of other sites when you blog anything of my stuff. Thanks in advance.

  29. Ole Grung says:

    You guys should check this truck out: It’s a Scania 143 Streamline V8 500 made by Bricksonwheels.

  30. Isaac says:

    Hi again all, I’ve got some new stuff on my Flickr account!

  31. I featured a link to your Martini post at should be published on January 30, 2013!

  32. Egor says:

    Hello, i have created Toyota 1:9.5 scale. You can post it here. Dont know whats happened, but my previous post disappeared.

    • Hello Egor! That is a truly superb model, and perfect for TLCB!

      However, we only post ‘new’ creations (and if we change that now we’ll be inundated with requests), so… if you happen to post a new picture or two to Brickshelf, or upload your pictures to Flickr, we’d be able to feature your vehicle (hint hint!). Let us know if some new pictures are going to appear.

      The Lego Car Blog Team

      • Egor says:

        You mean, it is too late to post it, cause it was already posted in october 2012?

        Do you post deep modifications of Lego sets?

        • Hi Egor.

          Yes, although if you posted a new picture, or uploaded your pictures to a new medium (e.g. Flickr), then we could feature you here (in short post one new pic and you’ll be featured!).

          We have featured mods in the past, but only if they use very limited parts from the original set (e.g the chassis only).

  33. Florian says:

    Maybe you like to take a look at my first MOC project – I build my own classic Mercedes 280 CE CoupΓ©. Not as good as the fantastic models you featured in your blog but it is a start πŸ™‚

    Here are some photos of the original:

    • Hi Florian

      Thanks for looking us up : ) Your Mercedes is easily good enough to feature on TLCB! If only we’d found you sooner (as we only post ‘new’ MOCs). Keep us posted if you build anything, and you may well see it here.

      Kind regards

      The Lego Car Blog Team

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  35. drdesignz says:

    You guys featured my first hot rod, so I thought you might like my newest design:

  36. Thank you Bugattiboy, a fine suggestion. We’ve now blogged this builder on the homepage.

  37. Alex Brogan says:

    Hello! I have something that I think you would like,

  38. drdesignz says:

    Formula 1 Race Car

    [Image removed]

  39. Thanks for all your suggestions. Please do keep them coming.

    If you don’t see your suggestion featured please don’t be disheartened. Some aren’t quite good enough, some are too old, some don’t fit with the line-up for that week, and some would cause the Elves to threaten a mutiny if we bypass them.

    Lots of your finds have been posted, and all are reviewed, so please keep them coming : )

    TLCB Team

  40. Isaac W. says:

    Hi TLCB team, not sure if you’ve come across my newest build yet, here’s a link:
    it’s also viewable here:
    Also, I surely wouldn’t mind becoming a TLCB writer.

  41. I think you guys should have more “Featured TFOL” posts and thing similar.

  42. Josh says:

    I just saw this amazing car on Mocpages.
    It’s a 1940 Nash Ambassador by Senator Chinchilla.

  43. Loek says:

    Hmm… I might be interested in being blogger here. What are the requirements?

    • Hi Loek

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We’re looking for intelligent, English-literate bloggers able to give about 15 minutes of their time a week (about how long it takes to write each blog post) to become part of (we think!) the best blog for LEGO cars there is.

      Beyond the above there are no special requirements. You don’t need to have blogged before; we’d like to help people with an interest in becoming a blogger to realise their ambition.

      If this sounds like something you may be interested in let us know, we’ll be contacting those who have shown an interest soon!

      TLCB Team

      • Loek says:

        Right. I think this would be very interesting for me! Where can I contact? πŸ™‚

  44. John says:

    How about 1nxtmonster’s Trial Truck with automatic transmission? First ever trial truck with an autotranny!

  45. legonoitall says:

    I would love for you to check me out or , although i don’t know if i’m blog worthy

    • Hello legonoitall

      Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately we do not feature digital models, as this blog is for LEGO models only. They do look very nice though : )

      TLCB Team

      • legonoitall says:

        Ok, well i plan on getting parts for my Diablo, i’ll tell you when it’s finished πŸ™‚

  46. legonoitall says:

    Senator Chinchilla just posted a cool one

  47. Henry says:

    Hi. I have some nice alternate designs of Technic sets. My latest one is for the 9398 crawler that you may find interesting. But if not I will be making more in the future so I’m sure one day there will be something of mine worth featuring.

  48. Chris says:

    Hi there guys, I was really honored by your featuring of the Volvexa, and I’m curious if you’d be interested in my latest build, the 1961 GQ B-Type roadster. Self-plugging links to follow, and I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed building!

    [Images removed]

  49. David Roberts says:

    Just spotted this great looking tank, built to an unusual scale on MOCpages:

  50. dentalspagat says:

    If you like mowers, you should have a look at this:

    And if you like functional cars, maybe this one might be of interest (same builder):
    [Image removed]
    Look at the video at Youtube, despite it looks somewhat old…

    • Hello Dentalspagat, thanks for stopping by.

      Both of those models are superb, and just the sort of thing we like to post. Unfortunately they’re much too old for us as we only post recently uploaded creations, however we’ll keep an eye on this builder now.

      TLCB Team

  51. Marin says:

    Any idea why I can’t see any pictures last couple of weeks?
    I tried FF20 and IE10.

    • Hello Marin

      This is the first we’ve heard of any problem here at TLCB. MOCpages is broken again though…

      Is anyone else having difficulty seeing pictures?

      TLCB Team

      • Marin says:

        It’s got nothing to do with MOCpages. I can’t see any pictures. Links all work (to Flickr and MOCpages) but pictures hosted on the blog are invisible. I still check it and click on the links though. πŸ™‚

        • Hello Marin

          Judging by the screen shots of TLCB that we’ve seen uploaded by Flickr users it looks like the site is functioning correctly, so we suspect this is a problem with your browser or PC.

          If anyone else is having this issue please let us know, otherwise good luck fixing the issue Marin!

          TLCB Team

  52. [Video removed]

  53. [Video removed]

    • Hello Super Blackdino

      Thanks for your videos! The first is rather clever – we don’t think we’d be able crack it! It’s not a car though…

      The second looks very fun. We feature Nico71, whose design your 4×4 is based on, from time to time.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      TLCB Team

  54. Vince says:

    Maybe you’ll like my latest bike? πŸ™‚

    Will be post on MOCpages, when the site be fix…

    Her’s the Beast! (lol)

    See ya’, and keep sleuthing! :p

  55. Vince says:

    Glad you like it! πŸ˜€
    Happy to see it have been blog…

    Thanks TLCB!!!

  56. Dodo Juice says:

    So many awesome Lego cars – love the ghostbusters wagon!

  57. David Roberts says:

    Have you seen this super little mini-fig scale tow-truck?

    • Hello David

      What a great little MOC. Our Elves had missed that one (shoots dark look at rapidly retreating workforce). It’s too old for us to post now but we’ll watch the builder with interest. Typically the creations we blog are under a fortnight old.

      TLCB Team

  58. Timothy says:

    1nxtmonster’s trial truck with automatic transmission, the FIRST EVER! ITS EPIC!

  59. Timothy says:

    Oh, and from the same creator, an epic SUPER FAST trial buggy with two speed maual transmission:

    • Hello Timothy

      Thanks for stopping by. These are ace! We’ll look out for when this builder puts his technical innovations into a complete bodyshell – at which point we’ll be sure to post his work.

      TLCB Team

      • 1nxtmonster says:

        Hey TheLegoCarBog, I love your website. It has a lot of showcased cool MOC’s. Scrolling down through the submissions, I saw that one of my creations had been recommended, but i do agree with you that the bodywork on that was incomplete. My latest MOC should combine both good functioning with good looks

  60. lluisgib says:


    I’ve just seen that you shared my Pit-Lane model of the Circuit de Catalunya. First of all, many thanks. I would like to let you now that the project is now on Cuusoo. You can find it here:

    Thanks again for sharing. Keep pushing on this nice blog.


  61. lluisgib says:


    I’ve just seen that you shared my Pit-Lane model of the Circuit de Catalunya. First of all, many thanks. I would like to let you now that the project is now on Cuusoo. You can find it here:

    Thanks again for sharing. Keep pushing on this nice blog.


  62. Vince says:

    Another bike… from me… After “Little Racing Bike”, here is my Cafe Racer!
    Hope you like it!!!

  63. Vince says:

    Glad you like it guys! ; )

  64. Vince says:

    ! WARNING ! Mocpages seems to crash, again… : /

    • Hello Vince.

      Thanks for stopping by. MOCpages does indeed appear to have crashed. We have Elves trapped in there… but we’re not too bothered about that, just that there won’t be any new creations uploaded for a while.

      We’ll be focusing the Elves on Flickr and Brickshelf during the downtime.

      TLCB Team

  65. Technic Man says:

    You haven’t posted these guy’s creations:
    In my opinion, he is a great builder.

  66. Vince says:

    Why my friend “Senator Chinchilla”‘s Porsche 993 isn’t blogged?!!!
    C’mmon dudes, fix that! lol

    Here is Senator awesome Porsche 993:

  67. 1nxtmonster says:

    My latest MOC is very good functioning, with lots of technical goodies. But this is the first time i put much effort into bodywork as well, so i thought it might be worth submitting it here

  68. David Roberts says:

    Not sure if this is your thing but it does so much in such a small space and has a pull-back motor. Looks fun too!

  69. Angka Utama says:

    I haven’t thanked David Roberts for an article he wrote about my car (Redster) and TLCB Team for featuring it.So, thank you guys, it’s much appreciated.

    • Hello Mr. Utama

      You’re very welcome. David Roberts, who both suggested your creation and wrote the blog post, is the one deserving of thanks.

      TLCB Team

  70. Hayden Roy says:


    I am Hayden roy a professional blogger. I found your blog “ ” interesting and wondering if I can do a guest post? I wish to write something according to your blog niche. If this is something you could allow me to do, may I as well add a single link to our site?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    With Best Regards
    hayden roy

    • Hello Roy

      Thanks for stopping by. You may indeed, providing it meets our mission and standards of course. Please let us know your planned content.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

  71. Joeri Van hee says:

    Hi, I recently joined this blog and was looking for an initiative like this. I make custom lego sets and use the name BrickArtist4U. My recent project on the Lego Cuusoo website might be cool to post here. It’s a Batman Concept Hotrod that I made and that was just approved by the Lego Cuusoo team: My flickr photostream:
    In the coming weeks I will set up a website and make lots more models, I normally do all themes but I will be focussing on vehicles the next few weeks.

    • Hello Joeri Van hee

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We like the look of your work. We do only tend to features creations in real bricks though.

      Best of luck with your Cussoo project, and we hope to see more from you.

      TLCB Team

  72. Tom (8) and Paul (40) Harrington says:


    My son and I love your blog (having only just found it). I doubt you do ‘unprofessional’ vehicles made from all we had but here are our:

    Le Mans 24h cars (2013!)


    Group C Rally Cars (with a little explanatory video)

    Enjoy. I’m not expecting you to post them but they might just raise a smile.

    Tom (8) and Paul (40) Harrington

    • Hello Tom and Paul

      Thanks for stopping by! We like your models very much : ) You should definitely look at joining MOCpages or Flickr, you’ll find lots of like-minded builders!

      Keep it up and one day you may see one of your cars here on The Lego Car Blog : )

      All the best

      TLCB Team

  73. Chris says:

    I dunno how your “antique car” quota is going this month, but I’d be honored to throw my latest MOC into the mix if you’d like it to help the elves meet quota. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the consideration, and here’s a couple links for you!

    [Images removed]

  74. piterx says:

    Hi guys!
    have a look at this!

    I hope you like it ^^

  75. Angka Utama says:

    Hello TLCB Team! Quick, blog this defense system by Nick Barrett (it’s called Yosemite S.A.M, funnily enough) before The Brothers Brick does.

    • Hello Angka

      Thanks for stopping by. We recognise your name, we’ve featured a few of your models here before : )

      It’s not our usual kind of build, but we’ve found a way… check out the homepage dated July 4th to see.

      TLCB Team

  76. Norton74 says:

    Hello from Italy!
    Here “fresh” photos of my latest creation:
    [Image removed]

    I’d be happy you blogged it :))

  77. Lipko says:

    Hello TLCB Team!

    My recent build:

    It’s a completely redesigned and manual version of a former MOC of mine.

    I hope you like it!


  78. Octavspot says:

    Hello TLCB!

    Not sure if this is “fresh” enough (was submitted on July 1st) but I thought I’d share with you my custom hot-rod hearse:

    For more photos and the video, check out my Flickr page (where you can find more of my MOCs)

    Even if this doesn’t go up, at least I’d like to say that you guys do a great job with this blog, so keep up the good work!



    • Hello Octav

      Thanks for stopping by.

      A very nice MOC you have there. We have a bit of a queue of creations to post at the moment, however we’ve added you to our ‘ones to watch’ list – so keep MOCing and we’re pretty sure you’ll see yourself on TLCB.

      Thanks for your kind words, we’ve shared them with the Elves who have thrown a small party in your honour.

      TLCB Team

  79. Matt says:

    I have a Ford Model A project up on Lego CUUSOO and am hoping to rally more support for it. I was wondering if you might be able to share it on your blog. The project is here:

    The original project can be seen on flickr from all angles:

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks, and have a great week!


    • Hello Matt

      Thanks for stopping by. We really like this (TLCB readers; check it out at the links above!). Unfortunately it’s too old, almost 2 years, to publish on the main blog – however if you upload any new photos let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

      Best of luck with your Cuusoo project.

      TLCB Team

      • Matt says:

        Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your reply. πŸ™‚ I understand your reasoning in not being able to post the MOC. Gotta stick to standards.

        I did make a 1902 Oldsmobile Curved Dash recently, and when I get some good pictures up, I will write back to you.

        Thanks, and have a good week.


  80. vfracingteam says:

    Best TLCB,
    Mine ship the SL Gabon is ready and at mine flickr acount you can find the new photo’s.
    I hope your team can make a good interview from mine mail and the photo’s
    A lot off greetings,
    Edwin Korstanje
    Age 41
    Buildersname VFracingteam

    • Hello Edwin

      Thank you for updating us, and taking the time to answer our questions. Your finished model looks fantastic and is scheduled for publication on Saturday 27th July.

      We look forward to adding you to our master series!

      TLCB Team

  81. Nils O. says:

    Legopard strikes again!

    Take a look at his new Steampunk Tumbler + Batcave.
    Its just awesome!


    • Hello Nils

      We always take notice of comments from a previously blogged builder! Your suggestion is marvellous – we’ll definitely publicise this creation.

      Would you like to be a blogger for the day? If so let us know and we’ll pass you an email address that you can submit your words to! If not, we’ll blog this creation as normal.

      TLCB Team

      • Nils O. says:

        Hello TLCB Team,

        I would feel honored to serve as a guest blogger for this entry. You can send the e-mail address to the contact adress I posted with my suggestion.

        Regards from Lower Saxony,

  82. Hello Nils.

    A member of the team has contacted you via your Flickr account email. We look forward to seeing your post!

    TLCB Team

    • Nils O. says:

      There is a bug in my web-based e-mail account, so I can’t use the original e-mail address for the reply. I hope it doesn’t disappear in the spam folder … You can find my other e-mail address added to this post.

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  84. legonoitall says:

    Just letting you know that me and LEGO 911 just had a MOC off, though I don’t think we’re going to have a ‘winner’, it was just for the fun of it πŸ™‚ (both a 1969 Camaro)

  85. Hello TLCB team,

    I like your blog a lot, and I’d be very glad if you’d take a look at my last car, a DeLorean DMC-12 (not the one from BTTF).

    I think that it fits very well on this blog.

    Here’s the link:


  86. Vince says:

    Hi team!
    I know you liked “Little Racing Bike” and “Cafe Racer”…

    So wWould you like to see another mid’ scale bike from me? πŸ™‚
    It’s what I’ve done, for your viewing pleasure!!!

    Enjoy “Outlaw”! A very cool Street Fighter! πŸ˜‰

    • Hello Vince

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Another nice bike you have there. We have a few posts planned for this week but we may be able to fit your latest work in – we don’t always respond to self-requests but you know we like your creations!

      TLCB Team

  87. Vince says:

    Thanks, and no problem!

    Keep bloging!!! :-p

  88. Legoturner says:

    Hey guys! I have always read your blog; its quite nice! I understand that you all enjoy some diversity in your posts as well. I do have a suggestion here: It is a ship; and quite a big one. Maybe for something a bit, left field?

    • Hello Legoturner

      Thanks for your suggestion, that is a hugely impressive creation!

      Unfortunately it’s a little old for TLCB as we suspect many of our readers have seen it already, however now that we know of the builder we’ll inform the Elves to keep an eye on them for future builds, especially as they could be a potential ‘Featured TFOL’.

      TLCB Team

  89. Hey guys! I saw the comments above me; how kind Legoturner! Anyways, I would like to propose this MOC: It was inspired by MOC, but what is special is that the builder is building from an EXTREMELY reduced collection. India isn’t exactly well known as a LEGO marketplace. He has managed to make quite a large creation from his limited resources; despite the “rainbow warrior” look, I feel he deserves a mention.

  90. Two suggestions in one day; must be a record: All I have to say is this: Lego Builder JR. is back…….

  91. Yep, back again πŸ™‚ By a builder named claw paradox. Very talented; and some brilliant tanks on his page. Highly recommend him….

    • Hello Achintya

      Welcome back to the Feedback page! We have a bit of a queue to get through at the moment so we might not be able to blog this one, however the Elves are now watching this builder so they have a good chance of making it here in the future.

      Thanks for highlighting them to us

      TLCB Team

  92. Josh says:

    Just found this big green scraper on brickshelf

  93. Josh says:

    Ooh, and a landrover rallycar…

    • Hello Josh

      Thanks for stopping by. Both your suggestions are just what we look for here at The Lego Car Blog.

      The Land Rover we’ve actually featured here before, as the builder’s first version was constructed last year:

      The big green grader is an unusual vehicle, but the Elves like big machines and are jumping up and down so that we post it – so watch the homepage in the next few days!

      TLCB Team

  94. Aaden says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for blogging some of my builds, I’m very honored!

    I’m here to ask if you could do a tribute to possibly the greatest car group on the ‘pages, The Rod Club. Unfortunately, after 5 years, the group administrator, Ape Fight, is shutting down the ‘Elite Builders Section’ and the ‘ROTM Award’, leaving the group to only accept new members and MOC’s, so now it’s basically ‘frozen’ as Ape posted. You can read more about the group and it’s rich heritage here…ΒΒ 

    Thank you for your time


    • Hello Aaden

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Would you like to write a short ‘Group of the Month’ feature for us? Take a look at our past Group/Blog of the Month features via the Search function, and if you’d like to write one for us for this Group, as we can see some great builders in it, let us know and we’ll pass on an email address that you can submit your article to.

      TLCB Team

      • Aaden says:

        I would love to write a short feature for you! It would be a great opportunity for me and I thank you for it.

        Once I receive your email, I get writing as soon as possible.

        Thank you again for this opportunity.


  95. Norton74 says:

    Hello from Italy!
    Here my tribute to one of the greatest designer: BERTONE.

    [Image removed]

    It’s my 1/13 SCANIA 164G.
    I hope you’ll consider for TLCB.
    Best regards

  96. Legoturner says:

    Hello TLCB! That builder I was telling about, Achintya, has posted another creation; here is a link: Its the USS Cole.

  97. Great Blog. My son and I love Lego. Recently posts about the simpsons lego coming next year. Imagine the possibilities for simpsons lego cars. Lol.

  98. Hay, folks from TLCB Team

    I really like this Blog, it’s very organized and got some really interesting ideas… In the last days I’ve been looking this page twice a day, waiting for new posts. Thanks to you I discovered excellent new builders, Excellent new creations, I mean, lots of nice stuff, And thanks to you I became a better and more known builder. Also, a thousand thanks for making blog posts about My Apollo S, Ultimate Aero 3, Porsche 911, Tonagari Solace and 787B. I really appreciate your opinion about my cars, so I would like to ask what do you think about my brand new Jaguar F-Type (
    I’m not asking you to make a blog post, but please give me your opinion about it, in therms of technic, shaping, details… I would really appreciate =D

    Best Regards (and sorry for english mistakes, i’m brazilian)
    Alexander Paschoaletto.

    • Hello Alex

      Thanks for stopping by, and for and your kind words. It’s always good to hear from a builder that the Elves like!

      That’s a very nice creation in your comment, you certainly deserve the compliments you have received from fellow MOCpages users. Here at The Lego Car Blog we like to feature all sorts of vehicles, but the Elves’ favourites are the ones that look good and that we can use to teach them about mechanics too. Perhaps your next challenge could be to include some technical developments!

      TLCB Team

  99. Hey guys! I would like to thank you all for blogging me! Also, a fellow, close builder of my completed his USS Enterprise (CVN-65), the one we all know and love. I’m giving you a link to MP, and Flickr. Do post his creation; it is a brilliant exercise in what can be done with LEGO πŸ™‚

  100. piterx says:

    hi there guys!
    i’ve made a new car! it’s a Fiat panda 4×4
    have a look on eurobricks
    or if you want, just go to my blog

    i hope you’ll like it ^^
    keep up the good work guys!

  101. Nils O. says:

    Hello TLCB-Team,

    I can’t believe it, I’ve just found out that TLG has almost “copied” one of my favourite MOCs, my 4-wide VW camper. I have used some ideas from other builders myself and TLG had a 4-wide VW bus in their Cars series, too, but they really look quite similar.

    The 4-wide Camper is a giveaway at (set #40079). Take a look at it, yourselves ( and compare it to my one (


  102. Nils O. says:

    Hello TLCB-Team,

    I bet you’ve already seen that, but nevertheless I’d like to lead your attention to a fantastic scene of a classic race team that Nick Barret has posted today.

    After posting a fantastic transporter for his race team, he had also added an equally amazing Jaguar D-Type. Now he has completed the team with another D-Type, some figures and cool equipment. Check it out on MOCpages:


  103. Nils O. says:


    it’s me again, I don’t want to annoy you, but Alexander Paschoaletto’s new 14-wide Bugatti Veyron is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    It’s extremely well shaped and has a lot of cool funtions like a working rear spoiler and a pullback motor.

    Convince yourselves:


    • Hello Nils

      Thank you for another excellent suggestion. On this occasion we aren’t blogging this due to a high rate of submissions in the last week, and we like to have a variety of creations and builders featured.

      TLCB Team

  104. Ryan Evens says:

    Hi! I just discovered this blog, and I love it!
    Take a peek at my Jeep. I made it sometime in January, but I just posted pictures the other day. It’s my first MOC, but I think it turned out pretty well.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    • Hello Ryan

      Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you’ve found us!

      That’s a very nice creation. MOCpages is a great place to share your models with like-minded builders. We have a back-log of articles to publish this week so we may not be able to fit you in, however rest assured the Elves are now watching you!

      TLCB Team

  105. DikkieKlijn says:

    Hi elves,

    Maybe you’ve missed it but the’re now instructions available for my towtruck xl you’ve posted about a year ago :).

    [Image removed]


    • Hello Dirk

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Great to see you sharing your design with those who want to recreate it. We have contacted you via FlickrMail to see if you would like to publicise the instructions here.

      TLCB Team

  106. Hi again, folks from TLCB!
    I’ve made a new car, a 14-wide Bugatti Veyron. Can you check it out for me and tell me what do you think? It’s very important for me to hear your opinion πŸ˜€
    URL is here:

    • Hello Alex

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Another very nice model with some excellent comments attributed to it. It was suggested to us to blog, however as we have a busy schedule of posts and you’ve featured a few times on TLCB before it was decided on this occasion not to blog it, but it is definitely the standard we look for. The Elves like fast cars, and they also like working functions (steering, suspension, engines and suchlike), we think this is where you could develop your skills next.

      All the best

      TLCB Team

  107. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  108. TLCB Submissions – Notification of Rules Amendment:

    Apologies, TLCB is no longer accepting self-requests for creations. ‘News’ items (e.g. the launch of a new website, book or service) will still be responded to however.

    Requests to publish another builders’ work remain very welcome, and we will try to respond to as many of these as possible.

    TLCB Team

  109. Harry Gravett says:

    Hi, firstly I would like to say a massive thanks for blogging my models in the past, it means a lot! πŸ™‚
    I think this creation deserves some great attention:

    • Hello Mr. Gravett

      Thanks for stopping by and for your suggested creation. We have a few creations to post this week, however if we have a spare day we’ll see if we can fit this EB110 in to the schedule.

      TLCB Team

  110. Joshua Smith says:

    I think the 41999 alt is a cool alt, and maybe could be blogged. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Mr. Smith

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your suggestion. The model in question is excellent, however the photography is less so. Our apologies, TLCB requires clean backgrounds to post. We suggest a note to the builder to encourage a new photo-shoot, which would allow us to publicise this creation.

      TLCB Team

  111. Hi guys, I have found a real cool alternative 41999 Truck, check it out at. ( ).

    • Hello Kron

      Thanks for stopping by.

      This is the second request for this particular creation. We like the model very much, however the photography quality is below what we’d normally accept. But as this now makes two of you requesting it, we’ll see if we can edit the photos a bit to bring them up to a good enough standard.

      If you know the builder however, please hint that a clean white background (paper will do!) and no flash goes a long way!

      TLCB Team

  112. […] cartoons). We do however, also pick up suggested creations from you, our readers, through theΒ Feedback and Submission Suggestions page. Β The creation in this post has received a number of suggestions from you and thus it finds […]

  113. Hey guys! I’m sure you remember Alexander Paschoaletto. Well, he has just outdone himself. Get a load of his GTR: :-0

  114. Not sure if you guys have seen this incredibly unique vehicle from Peteris Sprogis, I’m not exactly sure WHAT to call it (a buggy?), but whatever it is, it’s cool!

    [Image removed]

  115. Norton74 says:

    Hello from Italy,
    please take a look at my latest 1/13 truck just uploaded on flickr and MocPages:

    [Image removed]

    many thanks

  116. Norton74 says:

    Thanks guys!

  117. LEGOMike says:

    Came across these two on mocpages today

    Sennas lotus f1 car

    Lambo miura

  118. Josh says:

    Just found this huge combine machine:

  119. Hay, I’ve found a new Harry Gravett’s Masterpiece that you’ll certainly like. It’s a Ferrari 360 Challenge, a car that is not usually recreated in plastic bricks.
    Convince yourselves:
    Also, thanks a lot for posting my GTR πŸ™‚

    Best regards,
    Alexander Paschoaletto

  120. Lipko says:

    Hello TLCB Team,

    Maybe you have missed this one:


  121. Norton74 says:

    The 1/13 LEGO VOLVO F12 meets 1/8 POCHER VOLVO F12:

    best regards

  122. Oookay guys. Senator Chinchilla has went off the scales with his new Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo:

  123. Hay! I just saw a new model from Senator Chinchilla on Mocpages and think it’s fantastic, so maybe you’ll think the same. Here’s the link
    It’s a Lambo Gallardo Super Trofeo

  124. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  125. bernhard Mollema says:

    Hi legocarblogger,

    Check dustyen055 on flicker

    He designed a Dodge Challenger ’70 R/T very nice design…..


  126. Shannon says:

    [Image removed]
    Hey! Check out this F1 car by drdesignz its got some fab details and a real cool shape

    • Hello Shannon

      Thanks for stopping by.

      This is a great creation, and just the sort of model we like to publicise. However we only blog creations under a week or two old, and this, though excellent, is much older. As such we can’t blog your suggestion this time but please keep your submissions coming in.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

    • Hello Shannon

      Another great model that’s unfortunately still a little too old. You’re hunting the right stuff though; we’ve featured a few models by this builder in the past, so you like the same things we do! Ideally we need a creation less than 1 week old.

      TLCB Team

  127. Lucioswitch says:

    Hallo TLCB Team,

    Try to take a look at this:


    • Hello Lucioswitch

      Thanks for stopping by. Apologies, we are no longer taking self-requests. However, that is a great-looking truck. I believe your work has featured here in the past too!

      TLCB Team

  128. Legoturner says:

    Hey guys! It looks Achintya is at it again: He’s built a few other MOCs, but I think this one really stands out….

  129. Shannon says:

    Hey there TLCB I just came across this on flickr:

  130. Matt says:

    Though not a car, I recently finished the Gold State Coach (carriage belonging to the Royal Family) and put it up on CUUSOO in hopes that folks might be interested in seeing it become a set. Miniaturized versions of it have been produced in the past. If you don’t mind sharing it, please let me know. Thanks for your time,, and have a nice weekend!

    Link to the Project:

    Link to more images on Flickr:

    Video on the real carriage:
    [Video removed]

    • Matt says:

      I just read you’re no longer taking self-requests. I’ll remember that for future reference.

      • Hello Matt.

        Thanks for stopping by. Yes, unfortunately we’re getting too many ‘look at my MOC’ comments. However, in this instance we might just pretend we saw your model ourselves…

        TLCB Team

      • Matt says:

        I can’t seem to reply to your reply directly, so I’ll do it here. πŸ™‚ Anyway, thanks for your reply and consideration. I can definitely see how that could become problematic, though. There are a lot of great MOCs out there, and it would be difficult to give every single one attention.

  131. I’m stuck with a rubbish internet connection at the moment and can’t blog stuff. This popped up in my e-mail though:

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  133. I thought that this looked fun. Probably best to keep the remote control away from the Elves’ fiddling fingers though:

  134. Rhys' Pieces says:

    AadenH (on MOCpages and Flickr) has built a ’03 Honda S2000 AP1 with a ‘stanced’ theme. There’s some neat details in his build (especially the wheels).

    Check it out.

  135. Shannon says:

    drdesignz just made this I’m really impressed

  136. Josh says:

    I just found this really cool ETF mining truck.

    • Hello Josh

      Thanks for stopping by. Wow, that is one hell of a model. Unfortunately the pictures aren’t quite good enough to be published on the homepage, however we’re now watching this builder.

      TLCB Team

  137. bernhard mollema says:

    Check this creation out:
    i like it very much….

  138. bernhard mollema says:

    Excellent choice..

  139. bernhard mollema says:

    I did it for you because it is excellent…

  140. MaKaDaM says:

    Hi guys, what’s up with the new colors on the website ? Can’t read anything, white background easier to read :/

    PS : sorry for my english, it’s not my primary langage.

    • Hello M.

      Apologies, we’re not sure. We’ve made no changes so it must be a WordPress glitch. We think the site is back to normal now (at least on Safari), please let us know if it isn’t for you and we’ll contact our hosts.

      TLCB Team

  141. piterx says:

    hey guys! i’ve just saw the “saving lives at sea” post…i think i have a “saving lives at sea part II” if you’ll like it πŸ˜€ i made it for a contest
    check it out it’s on my blog

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  143. piterx says:

    hey guys!
    for the second time i got something for you related to the last post you made …in this case “snow” theme XD

    i hope you’ll like it, here’s the topic on eurobricks ^^

  144. Lipko says:

    Hmmm. Are you taking self requests again? πŸ˜›

  145. bmcaleer says:

    Could one of you guys email me? I write for Road & Track and would like to feature some of these creations – and links – but I need to get permission and don’t see how to contact through mocpages or brickshelf. Cheers!

  146. Guys, IΒ΄m doing the writeup of the “Industrial Diorama”, which you guys can featuer as a special (if you still want to, and if my stuff is up to par, of course…). But whereto do I send the documentΒΏ?

  147. Thomas Graafland says:

    Found this one and I think this deserves to be blogged:
    [Image removed]
    Not a car, but it surely has wheels. πŸ™‚

  148. Hi guys from TLCB. Thank you for posting my Tractor with Butterfly mower on May the 5th 2013! After half a year of building, I present a MOC that is, even in reality, a rare thing. It’s both a Tractor and a Truck and it is allowed on the highway. It is also in the rare color orange and is very powerful. The review is on and the movie is on I hope it meets the criteria.

    • Hello Mr. Hogenhout.

      Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your superb model. Unfortunately we’re no longer taking self-requests, however to any of our readers looking at this, click the link above!

      TLCB Team

      • Sorry, I didn’t know that. Thanks for your reply.

        • Our fault entirely Mr. Hogenhout; this page was updated and the ‘no self requests please’ bit inadvertently removed. This has now been re-instated. In case you’re interested, your creation does indeed meet all of our criteria – a suggestion from another builder would therefore generate a post.

          TLCB Team

  149. Magda says:

    take a look at these “open air” shots found on flickr:
    I think they are very realistic!
    Best regards

  150. Legoturner says:

    Hey guys, once again! I think that builder, Prasad, has a new creation worthy for a look out:

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  152. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  153. I would like to see more interviews with builders. Maybe with MortalSwordsman, Bing Bong Brothers, Nick Barret, and Rolic?

    • Hello Nathanael L

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your suggestions.

      We have another interview due soon, and we have also got our eye on some of the builders you’ve mentioned. Watch this space…

      TLCB Team

  154. mr manperson says:

    hey guys, testing 1,2 ,3.
    just like to thank you and the elves for what you do. i would show you something, but MOCpages is having a hissy-fit and won’t work, so i’ll have to show you later. ;D

  155. mr manperson says:

    okay thanks. i understand, it would be odd having the same builder on the space of a few blogs. just really testing to see if it works, and to thank you guys for what you do. do you think you would blog a LDD (rendered by POV-Ray) 18-wide 1665 Pontiac GTO if it is any good?

    • mr manperson says:

      sorry, 1965. *face-desk* and you guys can call me Sam if it makes it easier.

      • Hello Mr. Manperson a.k.a Sam.

        The Elves are ‘trained’ to find any creation that meets our criteria (which you can find in a link at the top of this page). Digital MOCs rarely get featured here, but it has happened once or twice. However we do not take submission self-requests.

        All the best

        TLCB Team

  156. fmmmlee says:

    Since I have the 42006 as my first and only technic set, I am automatically attracted to any moc relating to motorizing my favorite Christmas present. On eurobricks, someone fully remote-controlled it *with only four motors.*

    • Hello fmmmlee

      Thanks for stopping by. That’s very cool. We don’t usually blog modified official LEGO sets but to anyone reading this – click the link above to see 42006 plus PF.

      TLCB Team

  157. Katie Day O'Neil says:

    A good friend of mine named Mikey McBryan up in Yellowknife Canada works for a company called Buffalo Airways. This company is also the basis for the show Ice Pilots. Mikey is trying to get their iconic airplane, the Douglas DC-3, made into a LEGO model. Its a great project that showcases a revolutionary aircraft from the 1930’s thats still flying up in Northern Canada. It would mean so much to us if this project could be featured on your site!
    Thank you for your time,
    Katie O’Neil

    • Hello Katie

      Thanks for stopping by. We’d love to feature this model. However, we only post ‘new’ (i.e under a week or two old) photos here, so… if Mikey has a few new pictures (or could take a few more) we’ll happily blog them! Just let us know.

      TLCB Team

  158. Katie Day O'Neil says:

    We’ve got a few new ones, and could take more if you’d like.
    Is there an email address I could send them to?

  159. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  160. Vince says:

    Hello TLCB!
    I just have a little question for you…

    “If there’s something strange
    in your neighborhood
    Who ya gonna call?

    If there’s something weird
    and it don’t look good
    Who ya gonna call?

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”

    That’s right dudes! I’ve find on Mocpages another Ecto-1…
    Well no! Not another!

    Maybe the coolest 6wide ecto-1… EVER! it’s from Jennifer Pedersen! (don’t know if you’ve already blogged her, but she have a lot of other cars, check it! )
    Enjoy! πŸ™‚


    • Hello Vince

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Your suggested creation definitely meets our criteria, it’s ace! Unfortunately the pictures aren’t quite up to code. If you can encourage the builder to take some good, clear, natural light pictures we’re in business!

      TLCB Team

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  162. Lipko says:

    Hi Team,

    Please check out this:


  163. mr manperson says:

    you guys fancy a (rendered) LDD rarity? the detail is incredible.

    • Hello Mr Manperson

      Thanks for stopping by. Your suggestion is a superb digital creation, however we very rarely publish LDD creations here, instead choosing to focus on real builds.

      TLCB Team

  164. mr manperson says:

    also, another new kid on the block.

  165. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  166. mr manperson says:

    thanks guys, he fully deserved it!

    Also, the almighty Alexander Paschoaletto is back, with a Porsche Carrera GT!!

    • Hello Mr. Manperson

      Thanks for stopping by. Your suggestion does meet all of TLCB’s criteria. However, unfortunately we’ve blogged several large scale supercars built from Ferrari Racers parts recently, and as such on this occasion your suggestion won’t be blogged.

      TLCB Team

  167. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  168. Hi, folks!

    You should blog this:

    this builder is really good and needs recognition!

  169. guess I didn’t understand the question πŸ˜›

  170. now I understood. sure I would!

  171. hey, guys! more fantastic work!! i know the backdrop in the pictures aren’t great, but i think this is quite a fun build!

    also, you might want to keep an eye on a contest i made a while back ( hopefully, there should be some great entries!

    • Hello Sam

      Thanks for stopping by. The build meets our criteria, however unfortunately the photos do not. As such we won’t be blogging your suggestion on this occasion.

      TLCB Team

  172. I’ve send the e-mail. did you recieve?

  173. Thomas Graafland says:

    Probably one of the best Technic cars I’ve seen in the past weeks. Deserves a blog in my opinion. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Mr. Graafland.

      Thanks for stopping by. Wow – that is one the best Technic cars we’ve seen too. We would love to blog this, however we require a clean-background photo first, either through editing an existing image or via a re-shoot. With this achieved we will certainly publicise this creation.

      TLCB Team

  174. I’ve checked out the criteria, and I now have one that fits perfectly! Beautiful engineering, and a whacky design – what could be better?

  175. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  176. fmmmlee says:

    Okay, I am absolutely drooling over this one. It’s another work of 2LegoorNot2Lego.
    He Lego’d very well on this one.
    It’s a bell B30D with tracks. Apparently it’s based off of a real prototype that was made.

    • Hello fmmmlee

      Wow, what an awesome creation! Unfortunately it’s much too old for us to post here. To see read the guidelines on suggested creations scroll up and click the link at the top of this page.

      TLCB team

  177. Isaac W. says:

    I’m back with a new one, check it out!

  178. Isaac W. says:

    Disregard my last comment, haha…I was a little too enthusiastic after posting and didn’t read the suggestion rules, sorry about that! Anyway, this is a pretty awesome model by Andrew Somers of a UH-73 Dakota:

    • Hello Isaac

      Thanks for stopping by. No problem, we only tightened the rules a little fairly recently (it’s a great looking creation though). Your suggested creation meets our required criteria and we will see if we can publicise it later this week.

      TLCB Team

  179. LEGOMike says:

    Hi tlcb
    Will you be doing a new master mocers interview? I really like them

  180. Thomas Graafland says:

    Great work right here:

  181. PS says:

    [Image removed]

    • Hello PS

      Thanks for stopping by, and apologies for the delay in replying – your comment went into our junk folder. Normally we just empty it without reading anything in it, but we caught your link by chance.

      Your suggestion was blogged 14th February 2014.

      TLCB Team

  182. I think this guy ( deserves a lot f recognition, he has HUGE potential. Here one of latest Β¬

  183. Shannon says: I think this truck is really brilliantly designed. It’s pretty big and has some great details….

  184. Dave says:

    Well thanks to discovering this website this week and a 20% off sale at a local dept. store, I now have a large heavy box with 42009 printed on it – first Lego I’ve bought in several years. Looking forward to putting that one together when I have a spare week. Also hunting down a Unimog…..

    Your reviews are utterly, utterly brilliant. Keep them coming!

  185. unimog123 says:

    Hey TLCB team! I was wondering if you could check out this awesome model here:

    I think it would be a great model to show here. Thanks.

  186. Hey guys, as I’m sure you are aware, my 15-piece contest is churning out some fantastic MOCs and creations. Just so you know, the deadline is the 17th of March, and, as I can’t afford any sort of prize, I think the top 3 or 5 deserve to be blogged. I was just wondering if that was okay with you guys. Thanks guy


  187. LEGOMike says:

    I saw these 2 cool jdm cars today
    Toyota celica
    And this miata. It has been posted before but now has been changed and it has your stkcker on it rear

    • Hello LEGOMike

      Thanks for stopping by. How would you like to become a Guest Blogger for a day?
      If you would, let us know by reply and we’ll send you an email address where you can submit the text for your post.

      TLCB Team

  188. LEGOMike says:

    I would like to but I do not have the time right now because of work. Sorry but maybe another time

  189. Hey guys, more fantastic work!! Give the Elves a little pat on the back.

    Anyway, I was just wondering what a ‘Featured TFOL’ was. I know what a TFOL is, but does the featured part mean they/their MOC have been blogged, or they’ve got an account and been a guest blogger? Also, is their such thing as a featured KFOL?

    • Hello Mr. Manperson

      Thanks for your question.

      The ‘Featured TFOL’ category is used when we blog a creation/s by a teenage builder, although the focus is often more on the builder than the builds.

      This category allows us to blog a creation that perhaps is a little short of meeting our usual post guidelines, but where we feel the builder is ‘one to watch’ and deserving of recognition, something that is not yet done by the other established Lego blogs.

      There are no current plans for a ‘Featured KFOL’ category. However any builder, no matter how old they are, may see their work appear on TLCB if their build meets our blog guidelines (these can be found in the main menu).

      We hope this answers your question,

      All the best,

      TLCB Team

  190. Hey, guys, I’d keep an eye on Harry Gravett – he’s working on something very cool. P.S. Just discovered the tiny little face at the bottom of the page =D

  191. Gatti says:

    Nice vintage truck!

    [Image removed]

  192. Jeff H. says:

    Greetings, fellow Lego enthusiasts,

    Found this really awesome custom car build:

    Don’t see where the elves found it quite yet. Though, it’s a fairly recent build from the looks of it.


  193. Hay, folks! How you guys doing?

    I saw this incredible car here ( with much less recognition than it should have. He’s very skilled!

  194. Hey chaps. The results for Motoring March ( will be coming very soon, so keep one lazy eye on it. I have a sneaking suspicion Senator has the victory under his belt….

  195. Martina says:

    Nice truck with combine harvester!

  196. The 15-piece challenge results are in chaps, if you want to take a nosy.

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  198. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  199. Bernhard Mollema says:

    Please check out this Audi Audi RS 5 DTM:

    This is amazing…..

  200. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  201. If you haven’t already seen, the Elves should get especially excited about this YELL, TRANSFORMING car with GUNS. From they’re little adventure in Head Turnerz, I figured they’d like this one. ;P

    • Hello Sir Manperson

      Thanks for stopping by and suggesting a creation. It meets our requirements and thus will be blogged later today (May 19th). Or alternatively, how would you like to be a guest blogger for the day? If so just let us know and you can write the blog post!

      TLCB Team

  202. […] Feedback & Submission Suggestions […]

  203. bernhard says:

    When will you publish the beetle of sheepo?surely you seen this…

  204. Chris Elliott says:

    [Image removed]

    Dunno if you guys have seen this absolutely delightful Reliant Robin yet, but if you haven’t, I think you should!

  205. Hello Chris.

    Thanks for stopping by. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to become a guest blogger to publicise this creation. If you’d like to accept this please contact us via FlickrMail.

    TLCB Team