SHIPtember 2015 Review

The darkening skies outside The Lego Car Blog’s skyscraper can mean only one of two things. 1) The Elves have opened an apocalyptic portal to Hades again or 2) it’s autumn and time to brace ourselves for various sci-fi themed building months. The TLCB editorial staff are renowned for our lack of comprehension of sci-fi. […]

Bricks in Motion Picture Special

One of The Lego Car Blog’s very favourite builders has taken the brave – and often envied – step into the world of professional Lego model making. Certified LEGO Professionals Bright Bricks can now count the ridiculously talented Nick Barrett amongst their building staff. Nick joined the Bright Bricks team bringing a wealth of vehicular knowledge, […]

Mr. Blue Sky

This enormous chunk of Blue is the work of TLCB favourite Nick Barrett, and it’s mini-figure scale. Yup, that’s just how big a Liebherr LTM mobile crane is – even in mini-fig form it’s 10 studs wide and very very long. Nick has used the size well, engineering in all the working functions you’d expect to find on […]

Rolling a Six

Discovered by both a very excited TLCB Elf* and a TLCB Reader, today we’re bringing you seven models in one! TLCB favourite (and previous Master MOCer) Nick Barrett has beautifully reconstructed six cars that he’s previously owned, plus a truck on which to transport them. The truck steers and the trailer has a realistic mechanism to allow the cars […]

Nick Barrett

The Lego Car Blog Elves, armed with sharpened pencils, can be a formidable adversary. They’re huge fans of our next Master MOCer builder and took it upon themselves to ‘invite’ him into the Master MOCers Club. So here at No.8 in the Master MOCer Interview listings is the utterly brilliant Nick Barrett. Over to Nick […]

A Forking Good Time

One of our favourite builders, the Technic genius Nick Barrett, is back with two beautifully engineered forklift trucks. Each is loaded with Technic functionality, which Nick has used to hoist a rival, and most excellent, Lego blog’s logo. You can see Nick’s latest work on both MOCpages and Flickr. We’re also delighted to announce that some […]

Minor Marvel

It’s been a week without any cars here at The Lego Car Blog, but the Elves sure have made amends today. This glorious 1960 Morris Minor 1000 is the work of friend of TLCB and one of our Master MOCer builders, the incredible Nick Barrett. Nick’s work has featured here countless times over the last two years, […]

All Tippers Great And Small

Because one is never enough, MOCpages’ Nick Barrett has built a small army of tipper trucks ranging from Technic to micro. Each features a variety of working functions (well, except the last one), and all are available to view at Nick’s MOCpage here.  

Vanishing Point

The chase. The desert. The shack. The girl. The roadblock. The end. Nick Barrett recreates the ultimate road movie with his superb forced-perspective scene from the legendary 1971 film ‘Vanishing Point’. The piece earns him a place in the MOCpages 2013 MOC Olympics semi-finals, and you can see the amazing techniques that Nick used to create […]

True Blue

Today’s post is by Nils O, who makes his second appearance as a guest blogger (thank you Nils for both your suggested creation and for your writing talent). If you’re reading this and think you’d like to have a go too, contact us, TLCB is one of the most accessible Lego blogs around. This is the latest addition to […]

A Grand Father Clock and a Basket of Eggs

Friend of The Lego Car Blog, Nick Barrett, is back with – surprisingly – something he has built twice before. This glorious Citroen 2CV is his third version of the French Peoples’ Car. Each iteration has improved upon the last, and this latest incarnation is about as close to the real thing as you could […]

Hang on a Minute Lads, I’ve got a Great Idea…

Possibly the best movie ending of all time, The Italian Job’s final scene is one now enshrined in movie legend. Nick Barrett’s Bedford VAL coach might lack gold bars (come on Mr. Barrett, an easy addition!) but it’s spot-on otherwise, right down to the twin steered front axels. See more on Flickr.

Blockbuster – 4th July Special

Welcome dear Lego Car Blog reader, to our 4th July Blockbuster Special! In celebration of the independence of the United States of America this 4th July we thought we’d bring you a selection of models linked (one a little tenuously) to some of the biggest American blockbuster films of recent times. So grab some popcorn […]

Happiness is Mini shaped

This Mini, recently posted to MOCpages by the incredibly talented Nick Barrett, is so lifelike it’ll probably start rusting soon. Underneath the remarkably accurate bodywork sits a real working model of the famous BMC A-Series engine, driving the fully suspended front wheels via a working gearbox. It has working lights, brakes, hand brake, door locks, […]

Better Bike

With MOCpages back up and running there’s been an influx of new models uploaded. The Lego Car Blog Elves have been redistributed accordingly and are once again foraging far and wide to find the best Lego vehicles on the world wide web. Vehicles like this one. Nick Barrett must’ve read our recent review of LEGO’s […]