The Right Profile

Red has produced a monster-sized vintage racing car. Loosely based on a 1932 Alfa Romeo, this car has the aerodynamic streamlining that was all the fashion at the time smooth built in bricks. It also features working steering and an engine that uses so many ray-guns as greebles that it could almost be part of […]

Swanning Around

Whilst most of the sci-fi Lego world has been focused on building massive SHIPs for SHIPtember or trying to come to terms with the perpetually enigmatic Ma.Ktober, Tim Henderson has taken his own path with the “Swan“. Tim says that it’s the biggest spacecraft that he’s built but it stills looks a nice size to […]

Spacey Sunday

We enjoy a bit of sci-fi in our diet of Lego models here at The Lego Car Blog. This applies especially when it’s from older themes, which we can understand. The newer stuff is a lot harder to comprehend. Confusingly, SHIPtember starts tomorrow, on the 1st of August. Today we’ve got two models which revisit […]

SHIPtember 2015 Review

The darkening skies outside The Lego Car Blog’s skyscraper can mean only one of two things. 1) The Elves have opened an apocalyptic portal to Hades again or 2) it’s autumn and time to brace ourselves for various sci-fi themed building months. The TLCB editorial staff are renowned for our lack of comprehension of sci-fi. […]

Per Ardua Ad Astra

The Lego Car Blog is often a loud and noisy place to work in, largely thanks to our Elfish workforce. It was therefore with some trepidation that we exited the executive express lift this morning and found the office in total, complete, peaceful silence. Rounding the corner of the reception area, we came across the […]

SHIPtember 2014

The great Sci-Fi Building race that is SHIPtember is now officially over and has given way to Ma.Ktober. 105 monster spacecraft, each over 100 studs long and each a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts, were completed. Many SHIPs also fell by the wayside, as their builders struggled to find building time, inspiration, a suitably strong […]

Dust Storm

This incredible gunship is the work of TLCB newcomer [Stijn Oom], who has realised the artwork of previous TLCB bloggee Pierre E Fieschi in three dimensional form. Stijn’s Lego recreation of Pierre’s ‘Hammerfall Gunship’ design is one of our favourite entries into this year’s Flickr SHIPtember competition. We won’t pretend to know anything about what this craft […]

Generic Space Title

Here at The Lego Car Blog we’re even more amateurish than usual when it comes to blogging space builds. But we heard your Mom likes a big rocket so we’re going to give it a go. First up is Ryan Olsen’s lovely green spaceship. It features lots of great spacey things and is shown in space for added spaceness. Below is […]


It’s the end of SHIPtember in the online Lego Community and Flickr is awash with giant spaceships that we – being a car blog – don’t really understand. So whilst the proper blogs get busy with the sci-fi, here’s a 1966 Batmobile! Before Batman got the Tumbler, he and Robin had to ride around in this. Rumour has it that the […]

Red Letter Day

We’ve got a lot of red Smarties to give out today… The Elves, upon the recent discovery that red Smarties are made from crushed beetles, have gone on a bonanza of frenzied online treasure-hunting not seen since those pictures of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked. As a result we have no less than five(!) red creations to […]


The Small Starfighter Building Contest on Flickr has generated some novel and creative solutions to fitting a minifig scale spaceship into 14x14x6 studs. We’ve already covered some of the builds but the contest has now closed* with the onset of SHIPtember. One of the latest postings is Chris Perron’s “TYLYK“, an alien looking ship in […]

That’s What She Said

It’s so big! And long! It might not fit in. Is it loaded and ready to fire? Ok, we’ll stop. Lego Admiral’s 7ft 6inch (286 studs) ship is part of Flickr’s ‘SHIPtember’ project, where this September builders are producing sci-fi models over 100 studs in length. We don’t really understand sci-fi here at TLCB, so […]

Go Wide!

This year has seen a new month added to Lego builders’ calendars on Flickr: SHIPtember. A SHIP is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is typically over 100 studs in length. Builders from all over the world have been posting photos of both WIPs and completed projects, which are generally long and thin. Dover […]

What’s the Story?

It might be well into Ma.Ktober but here at The Lego Car Blog, we’re still not sure what that is. One of the Elves thinks that it has something to do with October being rainy and people needing coats but we’re not convinced. In the meantime, a crew of Elves has just dragged this late […]


With SHIPtember over a few days ago the online Lego Community needed another tenuously named month in order to function. Rumour has it that without such months certain quarters of the online community would just pace around in circles, unable to decide what to do. So behold, MAKtober! ‘But what is MAKtober?’ we hear you cry. […]