Lachlan Cameron

Lego Ford Mustang Gymkhana Ken Block Hoonicorn

In 2019 one creation that we featured here at The Lego Car Blog attracted more attention than any other. A lot more. Lachlan Cameron’s amazing remote control replica of Ken Block’s all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang ‘Hoonicorn’ went viral, so who better to become TLCB’s eighteenth Master MOCer! Lachlan (aka Loxlego) joins us here at TLCB Towers to tell us how he started to build with LEGO, and how he created that infamous model alongside an ever expanding list of spectacular creations. Over to Lachlan…

Hello TLCB Readers! My name is Lachlan Cameron, and quite a few of you know me as Loxlego. I’m from Barrie, a northern town in Ontario, Canada. We have lots of snow here and winter can be boring, so to keep my creative side rolling I’ve been building vehicles in 1:8 scale out of Technic Lego.  This is a great challenge, to replicate each car in similar suspension, functions and looks.

What car do you drive in real life, and what would you like it to be (and who would be in the passenger seat)?

My daily driver is a Hyundai Elantra. It’s a bit small and not perfectly ideal, but at 260,000km it’s almost time for a new one. I work far from home so anything that is fuel efficient is best. 

I prefer practical cars, something I’m comfortable in that can carry my bike and a few friends nicely. I guess the Lamborghini Urus would really be incredible. I’d be travelling with my brother Dugald, because he’s a massive car enthusiast and I’d take him off-roading as he’s done so many times with me.

Lego Technic Honda CRV

If you were a LEGO brick, which type would you be and why?

I would absolutely be a tile. For me, finishing each design is to attempt to cover all holes / gaps so the model has a finished look. I will go to extremes to fill a small 1×1 space for full coverage. If I could be a LEGO part however, I would be the Bugatti wheels. They’re the centre point of each build, the life to my designs. Let’s keep Rollin’ 👌

What was your first ever LEGO set, and which is your favourite LEGO set or theme?

First LEGO set… oh dear I wouldn’t have been old enough to remember. Since the day I was born we had LEGO around the house. Hand me downs from aunts and uncles. I think we had those evergreen 🌲trees from way back in the day. My favourite theme is definitely Technic LEGO. It has become so advanced and anything is possible. This keeps me thinking 🤔… what’s next? How can we design the future, today?

How and why did you get started in the online Lego Community?

I would have started on Eurobricks first. This is a nice forum to discuss design process, new builds, gear boxes, new sets coming out, lots of other good designers. Sharing photos on this site required me to get Flickr, a photo sharing site. After this I got Instagram (@loxlego), which was odd to me at first. You have to upload from your phone, photos had to be a certain size, you can’t add links. But over time it’s actually a really cool platform to share your creations. Next I started Technic United with two good friends of mine from Justin from Toronto and Jaesung from South Korea. It’s a great group of people that love Technic vehicles and new designs and it’s just shy of 5k members. After this I had setup my Facebook page Loxlego. I joined all these forums / groups to share the love of design and show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

Lego Technic Dodge Viper ACR

How do you start a build, and what makes your designs unique to you?

I have a very systematic procedure to design each of these models to the same scale and specs as the real car. I always start with collecting photos of the car to replicate, followed by a blueprint and Sariel‘s scaler. This tool shows me how wide the car should be so I can start building the suspension and to scale. Each part of the design is referenced with a photo overlay to ensure the proportions of the build fit. I feel

Like my most recognizable style would be beams over flex axles. This is a unique style that can be utilized to create any shape imaginable. 

What’s coming next?

I cant say much, As my next two builds are commissions. You will see soon of course, and I can’t wait to share with everyone, instructions included. I want to keep pushing myself to break away from what I’ve been building to a wider selection of vehicle types. I do plan on doing a B-Model with my brother of the new Lego Supercar. 

Where will you put your TLCB Master MOCers trophy?

It’ll go in my Lego room – right by my Lego table! Im honoured you folks have added me to TLCB’s list of incredible designers, and thanks for this opportunity! 

A big thanks to Lachlan for joining us here at The Lego Car Blog, becoming our newest Master MOCer. You can check out the seventeen builders that proceeded him by clicking here, and you can view Lachlan’s online spaces (some of which you will find links to instructions should you wish to recreate his awesome designs for yourself) via the links in the text above. See you soon for No. 19!