Lego Microphone

Become a Lego Professional | Taking building beyond a hobby

Sariel – Published Lego Author

Nathanael Kuipers – Set Designer for The LEGO Group

Nick Barrett – Bright Bricks Model-Maker


Master MOCers [Series 1] | Eleven of the greatest vehicle builders

DeTomaso Pantera




Chris Roach

Lego Exotics

Dennis Bosman

Nick Barrett

Ralph Savelsberg


Firas Abu-Jaber


Master MOCers [Series 2] | Eleven more of the greatest vehicle builders


Carl Greatrix

Luca Rusconi











23 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. […] of our Elves cornered Nick Barrett last week, and the result is that he joins The Lego Car Blog’s Master MOCers Series as our 8th Master […]


  2. […] right! The Master MOCers Series has awoken like a bear from hibernation, and it’s ready to raid your bins and steal your […]


  3. […] Master MOCers is back!… And Episode 2 is blurring the lines between itself and the Become a Pro series more than ever before. Today’s interviewee could well fit into either category, but as recipients of the Master MOCers award are rumoured to receive a priceless trophy, he thought this series best. […]


  4. […] we’ll aim to keep bringing you the very best vehicular creations, set reviews, LEGO news, and builder interviews, and we look forward to another year being totally puzzled by the fact that people actually come […]


  5. […] Master MOCers Hall of Fame is the place to find the world’s very best Lego vehicle builders. Fame, glory, and an […]


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