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Here at the world’s thirty-sixth-best source for LEGO news, reviews and fan creations, we’re continually amazed by the propensity of people to, well… actually turn up to read the nonsense that we publish. That your views generate advertising revenue to fund the Executive Washroom and Sauna that we give to those that need it more than us, is more amazing still.

Whether you’ve been with us since the start, found us by accident, or seen one of your own creations featured here, you may not know that there’s more to The Lego Car Blog than the homepage feed. Not much more admittedly, but just enough to warrant this post!

So if you fancy stepping beyond the homepage into the murky backwaters of this site, here are a few of the lesser-known pages hidden behind a wall of incomplete menus and incoherent website mapping;

Some of the world’s best vehicle builders have been coerced – occasionally via an Elf armed with a sharpened pencil or some incriminating Photoshopping – to reveal the secrets to their success here at The Lego Car Blog. There are two seasons of ‘Master MOCers’ available, plus our ‘Become a Lego Professional’ series, and you can jump to each via the links below.

Master MOCers Series 1 | Master MOCers Series 2 | Become a Professional

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Do you want to find out who the shadowy figures that work here really are, how to get your creation featured, whether you can get building instructions for a model you’ve seen, or if we’ll publicise your website, product or LEGO Ideas submission? If so click the links below!

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The Archives here at TLCB Towers are a dark and foreboding place. A decade of Lego news, creations, and Your Mom jokes are stacked high upon towering shelves, the narrow corridors between which are rumoured to be inhabited by a band of long lost and terrifyingly feral Elves.

Fortunately you don’t need to go in there, as you can find pretty much anything via the handy Search box that appears on every page; type your query into it to see what it brings back. Plus we’ve been rather more organised with our reviews, with over a hundred available in the Review Library. Additionally, all our posts include a variety of Tags that appear in the post footer. If you’re intrigued by one give it a click, and any previous uses of that Tag will appear.

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Lastly, if you’ve had enough of The Lego Car Blog (and we can’t blame you), you can check out a whole host of other sites via the Directory, including considerably more professional Lego Blogs, Lego resources and creation-sharing platforms, third-party products, and even a few more general vehicle-related sites.


Happy clicking, and if there’s anything you’d like to see here at The Lego Car Blog (or stop seeing…) then you can let us know! You can contact us via a handy form, and – if it’s not one of the two hundred pieces of spam we receive every day – we will read it : )

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