Lipstick Lights

The parts designers at the LEGO Company have been making increasingly intricate and bespoke pieces in recent years. One of the parts seemingly most dedicated to a singular purpose is the mini-figure ‘lipstick’ brick, with alternative uses suggested within TLCB Towers limited to ‘a baby’s lightsaber’ or ‘a dog’s erection’. You’re welcome Online Lego Community.

Thankfully regular bloggee 1saac W. owns a more creative mind than TLCB Team, and has redeployed the aforementioned lipstick brick to wonderful effect as the tail-lights on his beautifully presented ‘Anonymous Black Sedan’.

Superb building techniques and parts choices are evident well beyond the tail-lights, and there’s more of the model to see at 1saac’s photostream, where there’s even a hovercar version available too. Click the link above to put your lipstick on.

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