Lego Technic 8258 Trailer

9 thoughts on “Lego Technic 8258 Trailer

  1. Phillip

    Good day

    I’ve both sets the 8258 and 8043 so I would like to make the trailer.

    Could you send me a like for the trailer with the front buggy/jeep (as in the photo above) as I’m not sure what one I need to buy and order all the parts

    Many thanks

  2. Brandon keefe

    I would love to buy it but we where in a car crash so I need the money to by a new car so I can’t buy it I spend w lot of time collecting Legos to post on my YouTube Channel

  3. Luca Taddei

    ho fatto richiesta delle istruzioni ma a tutt’oggi non ho notizie print order#1000003874 in data 13/12/2016 trailer tr4 MK|| 8258 grazie

  4. Silke

    Hallo gibt es für den trailer eine bauanleitung?wenn ja wo?und wo kann man die einzelnen lego steine kaufen…?eine seite wo man ziemlich alles bekommt..bei manchen seiten bekommt man nur ein paar verschiedene bausteine…vielen dank…kleene

  5. Skylor Donovan

    Hello, can anyone get the instructions for that yellow flatbed trailer? I’ve been wanting a trailer just like that!!

  6. Jim Allison

    Not sure if I’m in the right place or not. I have just retired and am looking for a new hobby and I have settled on LEGO. I would like to build the 8258 truck but I want it all remotely controlled and of course the 8042 trailer with both Jeep and booster were can I find these two items? I live in Alberta Canada. I have tried to find to find a lego catalogue but have been unsuccessful at this time is there anyway you can steer me in the right direction please.
    Thank you for your time in this matter
    Jim Allison

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Jim

      Thanks for your message, congratulations on your retirement, and welcome to the club! : ) We hope you’ll find LEGO building becomes a great new hobby.

      Like everything we post this is not an official LEGO set and thus is not available to buy in stores. However the builder did produce instructions for their trailer, a link to which you can find in the main blog text;

      Sadly the builder passed away last year through motor neurone disease, so we’re not sure if their instructions can still be retrieved, but it’s worth following the links to see.

      There are many sources of discontinued parts and pieces, the most used of which are probably eBay and Bricklink. All LEGO’s remote control parts and motors can be bought new from a variety of retailers including

      Best of luck and happy building!

      TLCB Team


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