Crowkillers Vampire GT Lego Supercar

The Lego Car Blog Master MOCers series returns for its fourth instalment. No.4 on our list is man who requires no introduction; Paul Boratko.

When did you first get into Lego and what was your first set?

Back in the spring of 1978 I got the 853 car chassis. I was 3 years old at the time. I don’t remember much from way back then, but I vividly remember getting that set and building it. After seeing the gears turning, I was hooked.

How did you get started in the AFOL Community?

I guess that it just started gradually and then progressed as I got better at building and I started to gain some popularity with adults my age who had seen my work and had no idea that things like these could be replicated with Lego. Then in 2008 I registered the domain name for I didn’t even start to work on the website until early 2009, and then in 2011 a man named Juanjo Montilla from Spain had contacted me and showed me a whole new website that he had developed for me and the switch to sites happened and now I have a great webmaster and also a great friend.

I have also set up a Friend’s Wall on my site that has links to many great builders showcasing one of their models in a picture link to give a preview to anyone that is thinking about checking them out. You could get lost for days clcking on builders links on that wall. I try to update it as often as possible. I know that I am still missing a lot of great people.

And of course I started doing annual Charity auctions. So far two of my models have raised $2,800 for Make-A-Wish.

Lego Technic Supercar Crowkillers

What’s your favourite LEGO set or theme?

The set that really got me back into Lego building after my “Dark Ages” was the 8448 Super Street Sensation back in 1999. Technic will always be my favorite theme, but I have an admiration for all styles of system building. I don’t discriminate when it comes to Lego.

Who is your favourite MOCer?

Nathanael Kuipers was my first inspiration and he still continues to wow me today. Another car guy that continues to impress me is Firas Abu Jaber. Jurgen Krooshoop is also an amazing builder who comes up with unique ways to use parts and build new mechanisms. Paul Kmiec also never ceases to amaze me with his models. I could go on all day….. 🙂

What is your favourite MOC?

My favorite MOC was done by a woman named Rae McCormick. She specializes in large scale old Victorian style houses, and I got to see her work at Brickworld 2010. The house that she had on display was amazing.

What’s your favourite brick?

I would have to say my favorite (and most important) is the 2 x 4 L-shaped Liftarm. I have also fallen in love with the new 1 x 5 thin liftarm with the axle holes on each end.

How do you start a build?

I usually try and come up with a new or different idea than I had in the previous model, whether it is a new gearbox or a new way that the steering or suspension works (usually I base models on the gearbox first) and then I build around that idea.

Lego Car Chassis

What makes your designs unique to you?

I always try and stay current with parts in production, especially newly introduced ones. Of course the color of those parts is a whole different story. It’s tough to do models in Black, White, or Yellow without using some older part that only came in one or two sets.

I also think that I am stuck somewhere in the middle between building models that could come from an official designer and ones that still break some rules. It seems that no matter how hard that I try, after my model is complete, there is always a building law being broken somewhere.

Who do you think will be a talent for the future?

Ronald Goedeke. He was born when the 8448 came out (1999) and he has built some very clean looking models.

What’s next?

I am currently working on a 1950’s style classic car to be displayed in a museum this holiday season.

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