Lego Mustang GT500 Sheepo

This is it; our final entry into the Master MOCers Series. Our ten Master MOCers represent the very best vehicle builders anywhere in the world, and our final interviewee is the best of the best. With out further ado; Sheepo

When did you first get into LEGO and what was your first set?
One of my aunts gave me a Duplo box set when I was 3 years old. My first Technic set was when I was 6 years old: the 8830 – Rally 6-wheeler.

How did you get started in the AFOL Community?
I never had dark ages, but after the year 2000 my building time was reduced for many reasons, but the most important was that I wasn’t able to find Technic sets in the stores, so I couldn’t buy more parts. In that moment I probably had less than 4,000 Technic parts. In 2006 searching some stores with LEGO in my city I found the recently created Hispalug Lego community, the only LUG in Spain in that time. In less than a year my parts collection grow up to more than 10,000 parts. Today I am member of the first Spanish Lego Association (ALE!)

What’s your favourite LEGO set or theme?
My favourite theme clearly is Technic. But for me is very hard to choose a set, there are many sets I really like: 8421, 8285, 8110, and some more, but if I must choose one probably I take the set which changed my mind about what was possible to build with Lego Technic: 8448 – Super Street Sensation.

Who is your favourite MOCer?
When I discovered the AFOL community in internet in 2006, some creators inspired me a lot. In that moment Brickshelf for me was a great information and ideas source, searching there I specially remember Zoli’s creations.
And a couple of years later appeared zblj and nico71. Awesome builders.

What is your favourite MOC?
It is very difficult choose only one MOC, but one of the most impactful MOCs for me was the GBC: Ball Factory ver.2 by akiyuki. I am not very fan of the GBC modules, but when I saw this one, I couldn’t believe it, I needed to see the video a couple of times to be sure that it was really LEGO without any Mindstorm control.

What’s your favourite brick?
I always try to built my mechanisms smaller, and in my opinion the best part for that is the Liftarm 2×1 thin. It is very small and give you the option to reduce some connections and reinforce easily any structure.

Lego Bugatti Veyron Sheepo

How do you start a build?
My first step is always choose exactly what I gonna build (usually a car), with exact model and version with all the details I want. After that I find out the wheel diameter, choose the LEGO wheel I want to use and I calculate the final scale with all dimensions. For me the limiting factor is the width because the brakes and the CV joints need a lot of space. I have had discard some of my favourite cars because I can’t build them whilst respecting the correct scale.

What makes your designs unique to you?
I always try to make the most advanced LEGO cars. Some years ago I designed some of the most complex mechanisms for cars ever built. But now have changed slightly my route map, now I prefer make those mechanisms smaller and more reliable instead of making them more complex

Who do you think will be a talent for the future?
I think jorgeopesi has a great future… if he can find the time to build. In some forums like Eurobricks he is known, but not in the AFOL community in general.. His designs are awesome; really well engineered and usually very compact. Also he is a fantastic person.

What’s next?
I never talk about my future projects, but I am working on a new MOC in a smaller scale than I have ever built, with all usual advanced features of my big cars. I hope I will be able to show it in the Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek in September.

Lego Volkswagen Beetle Sheepo

A huge thank you to the incredible Sheepo for joining us as the final Master MOCer in the series. To visit Sheepo’s excellent website and read more about his inspiring builds click the link below.

From here at the Master MOCers Series; That’s All Folks!

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