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The third instalment of The Lego Car Blog ‘Master MOCer’ Series lifts the lid on a builder of some of most original and impressive Technic creations of recent times; the very talented Mr Edwin Korstanje, aka VFracingteam. Edwin’s work has featured several times here at TLCB, and his latest creation moved on from our usual wheels in favour of propellors and a lot of smooth lift-arms. Edwin explains all below…

When did you first get into Lego and what was your first set?

I started as a young kid and my first three big sets were from the 1981 Space theme (6927, 6929 and 6950), and I just used the tyres from 6950 on my latest MOC, the SL Gabon.

How did you get started in the AFOL Community?
In December 2011 an AFOL named JunckstyleGio found my youtube video showing my Unimog Firetruck (TLCB Note; A model we’ve featured here before) and he contacted me, showing me Eurobricks and Lowlug. He signed me off in the forums and later on that month I got my first blog from you here at the TLCB!

What’s your favourite LEGO set or theme?
In the beginning after my ‘dark age’ I loved the 8110 Technic Unimog; I made a lot of different MOCs from it and my favorite theme became Technic.

Who is your favorite MOCer?
In ship building it’s Konjara, and by far my favourite in truckbuilding are Legotrucks and BricksonWheels (TLCB Note; Brickonwheels is a previous ‘Master MOCer’ here at TLCB. To read his story, click here.)

What is your favorite MOC?
My new one, the SL Gabon.

Lego Ship Gabon

What’s your favourite brick?
Liftarms and pins (laughs) (TLCB Note; When you look at VFracingteam’s ships you can see why!)

How do you start a build?
First I Google what I want to build and when I find an example I make contact with the owner or the shipyard and ask for the drawings and better photos. Then I make big orders on Bricklink and start the build! I never make LDD drawings though, it’s all real!

What makes your designs unique to you?
I use studless only so on the side you won’t see any holes. I also think the combination from studless and studded is a bit of a trade mark.

Who do you think will be a talent for the future?
My daughter aged 8!

What’s next?
I think I’ll first take a little break, and then I’ll show my MOC’s in a LEGO event at Legoworld (Utrecht, Netherlands). After this I’ll fund a new project.

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