Lego Ferrari 599XX

The best Lego Ferraris are not to be found in the official Lego Ferrari Racers line. They’re found on Flickr (and MOCpages), by two incredible young builders, Sven Bode and Jens Matuschek. They become the sixth Master MOCer(s) here at The Lego Car Blog, and you can read their Lego story, courtesy of Jens, below…

When did you first get into Lego and what was your first set?
Phew, that’s hard to remember… my brother is seven years older than me and he already had a good collection of LEGO. I can definitely recall playing with the already iconic black convertible (6627). My first set? The 1981 Ambulance and helicopter maybe. The yellowed side panels are still in one of the boxes.

How did you get started in the AFOL Community?
By pure coincidence. I – as well as my buddy Sven – never really quit building Lego, espescially fighter planes and helicopters were on my list. Then, back in 2005 / 06, I accidently came across MOCpages and was shocked about the sheer mass of people and the quality of their models! I first started uploading fire trucks… and a modified Ferrari Enzo set. Obviously, the latter one produced more interest of mine…

What’s your favourite LEGO set or theme?
Although I never ever had one of these, the Model Team sets were dreams of my childhood as they were really huge and perfectly detailed. Other than that? Well, certainly the Ferrari Racers line as it incited me to modify those sets and make up my own models. They also offered a good amount and variety of pieces. After Lego stopped the Ferrari & Lamborghini themes the Creator sets are pretty cool to increase your brick stock… and Bricklink does the rest (haha).

Lego Lamborghini Murcielago

Who is your favourite MOCer? 
That’s a really tough question as there are sooo many around. I love the incredible part usage of Michael Jasper’s ( tiny scenes as well as the medieval scenes of Sir Mark of Falworth ( or Luke Watkins ( for example and just to name two. Regarding cars, espescially mid-scaled ones, I would always say ‘Mr. Porsche’ Malte Dorowski ( His building techniques always blow my mind and the paint schemes he conjures forth are simply ‘ravishingly beautiful’. Anyway, there are many more car nut builders I couldn’t name as I would certainly forget either one or the other. But two names have to be mentioned: first it’s Ryan Link (, who also focusses on Ferraris – and every time I wonder how he managed to build cars that I thought were ‘unbuildable’ (haha). And last but not least: Firas Abu-Jaber ( His Lamborghinis are already icons – as well as his other cars. I guess he still is the most influetial builder in this genre although he hasn’t posted anything for a long time. Let’s hope he will return from that dark age one day.

What is your favourite MOC?
Oh, that’s even harder than the question before so I will only consider my own creations (*blink*). When I finish a model I always have the feeling that THIS is the best… so I would say my 599XX Evo or the old F1-redux. My 575 GTC was (yes, it is no more) was a very hard build and I still like my Octan-themed Le Mans Prototypes. But, as I already mentioned, the last model always seems to be the best, so stay tuned for my newest addition.

Lego 392 F1 Car

What’s your favourite brick?
As in real life I really love cheese! But the whole variety of curved slopes comes handy, too!

How do you start a build?
Collecting photos…. LOTS of photos. And, if possible, blueprints. However, to build exactly to scale is a lesser concern for me than including the recognizable design elements and lines of the real car. I also use LDD to develop assemblies and whole models.

What makes your designs unique to you?
With Malte Dorowski’s models in mind I would say I’m a traditional builder. Most of the bricks in my models face upwards, SNOT is used where needed. Over the years I paid more and more attention on ‘studlessness’ as I think it looks much better on racing and sports cars. The interior and the engine are just as important to me as the covering – I love to include every single detail without building stuff and greebles that aren’t present on the real car.

Who do you think will be a talent for the future?
Will be a talent… hmm, I think all of them already demonstrated their abilities: Senator Chinchilla (it still puzzles me how fast he creates two or three models in a week or so), the Bing-BongBrothers, AadenH, the LegoBuilders and Starscream Soundwave (that F50!)… again, just to name a few. Regarding the huge mass of AFOLs there will apparently be lots of kids growing up playing Lego. And as long as there are kids with fantasy we will see many talented builders without any doubt.

What’s next? 
I already announced a new MOC above. It will be the Ferrari 458 GT3 racer. Actually I made two of them, one in red, one with a striking paint job I think. The red one will be equipped with Power Function remote control… one day in the remote future I fear as I momentarily have really limited time for Lego. Sven also suffers a creative crisis… I hope I will find some time to take a few photos of the 458 GT3 soon. A long time dream is to build a modern RC racing transporter… maybe one day.

Ferrari 458 Teaser

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