Crowkillers/Paul Boratko, has scored yet another sensational touchdown with his Deluxe Technic Supercar NFL Pittsburgh Steeler’s Edition.  This guy is seriously talented, if only he worked for TLG.  Hint hint wink wink.

4 thoughts on “Touchdown!

  1. Jans

    I am completely blown away by how good this model is. I don’t know what the steeler are, but this color and shape are unbelievable for a Technic model. It really looks like a model one would expect from Lego.

    1. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Hi thanks for the comment :D. The Steelers are an American Football team (hence the Touchdown! title). Yeah he is super talented, check out his website, he does sell his mocs but I wish he worked for Lego too.

  2. Josh

    I like the car, but there is one major flaw, and it has to do with the coloring. If I were to build this, I would switch all of the yellow parts to purple parts. Then it would be truly awesome:A Ravens car


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