Coolness on Wheels

Lego Friends Ice Cream Van

Girls just want to have fun. And ice cream. And sometimes both…  Stephanie, Andrea and their Friends are no exception, so there was a need in Heartlake City for this cool vehicle; a tasty Ice Cream Van, delivered by a great car builder, LegoManiac.

Sweet, isn’t it? We think Steph and her Friends will have a great time during their first summer in Heartlake City.

3 thoughts on “Coolness on Wheels

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Sharon (and daughter!)

      Thanks for stopping by. You’ll need to contact the designer of this model to see if they have instructions or perhaps pictures that may help you to build it.

      If you click on the link in the text you will be taken to the designer’s Flickr page, where you can contact them by commenting on their creation or emailing them via Flickr mail.

      Best of luck!

      TLCB Team


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