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After much procrastination we’ve finally got round to publishing a Lego Directory!

Included are our sources, rival blogs, previously featured groupsMaster MOCer builder pages, and even our favourite car-related websites.

To visit the new one-stop-shop for all things Lego vehicle related simply click on the ‘Directory’ link in the main menu, or on the giant letters below.

 The Lego Car Blog Really Useful Links Directory

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3 thoughts on “Lego Directory

  1. Sato says:

    Lego Ideas (Cuusoo) is not made for image sharing, Suggesting to use it as such is Idiocracy.
    Put it under its own header named something like: Get your creation to become a real Lego set. or something else please.


    • Hello Sato

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Interesting thought. Our reasoning for including Lego Ideas as an image sharing site are as follows:

      1.’Sharing’, not ‘hosting’. ReBrick appears in this category too, and it doesn’t even enable image uploads.

      2. Lego Ideas describe the platform as a ‘sharing’ site themselves. Their site description is “Support your favorites, give feedback, and share ideas with your friends so they get noticed.”

      3. The opening paragraph on Lego Idea’s ‘How It Works page’ is titled ‘Share your ideas for new LEGO sets’.

      As such, we have categorised Lego Ideas as a sharing platform, although we do agree that the aim of its users is different to that on the other image sharing sites.

      What do any other readers think – should Ideas be moved?

      TLCB Team


  2. […] ‘Zwarte Zee’ below, and they’ll be good enough to appear on one of the major Lego blogs, maybe even this […]


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