Fantastic Four

Back in the ’80s, you didn’t need eight cylinders and a million horsepower to make a true drivers’ car. This is the first generation BMW M3 (‘E30’ in BMW-speak), and it’s powered not by a V8 or even a turbo-charged I6, but by a little 2.3 litre I4, making around 200bhp. Yup, that’s it.

Of course being from the ’80s the E30 M3 was also small and light, meaning 200bhp is all that was needed. It’s a world away from today’s M3, which has more than twice the power, weighs nearly twice as much, and is therefore half the fun. We’re not the only ones to think so either, as the prices of E30 M3s have gone berserk.

Eurobricks member danielsmocs has taken BMW’s original M3 and recreated it beautifully in Model Team form, with a wonderfully accurate exterior, opening doors, hood and trunk, and even working suspension. It also includes one of the most realistic engines we’ve ever seen; an easily removable replica of the E30 M3’s ‘S14’ 4-cylinder, complete with exhaust manifold, belts, and ancillaries.

There’s more to see of danielsmocs’ stunning E30 M3 at the Eurobricks forum, where further images and a video can also be found. Click the link above to make the jump, or here to see another E30 M3 that featured here previously, and the only BMW ever to win a WRC event.

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