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BOXXCO LEGO Display Case | Review

Displaying LEGO sets. Or creations for that matter. Part of the appeal of LEGO vehicles is that, once complete, they can look rather awesome on a shelf. LEGO themselves have recognised this, releasing ever more intricate (and expensive) sets, many with the express aim of being a ‘display piece’. The “Adults Welcome” advertising tagline isn’t for nothing you know.

However, displaying a LEGO model isn’t without faff. Particularly for those responsible for dusting. But what if there was a way to display a LEGO set, or a custom creation, in a crystal clear case, sized perfectly and exactly for the model within it, just like a frame for a picture…

Enter display case specialists BOXXCO, and their brand new officially-LEGO-affiliated range.

Constructed from premium acrylic (which is both recycled and recyclable), BOXXCO’s range of display cases encompasses over 150 LEGO sets at the time of writing, from Technic cars to Harry Potter, and everything in-between. Better yet, cases can also be specified to bespoke dimensions, so if you own a LEGO set not yet catered for, you can create a case to fit it. Or – as we did – you can design the perfect case for your own creation.

Designing a custom case is the work of but a moment via the BOXXCO website; simply input the dimensions of your model (plus a bit), choose your background and base type, and BOXXCO will machine a unique display case accordingly.

Ours – a suitably enormous case for an enormous vehicle – arrived promptly, well packaged, and with each of the five clear acrylic sides covered with a peelable protective film. If you’re the kind of person that revels in peeling the protection from the screen of a new phone, the act of removing BOXXCO’s film is worth the price of admission alone.

Once (satisfyingly) removed, you’re left with five clear panels, a black base, and a few little bags of beautifully machined metal blocks and screws. Read on to find out how we got on with assembly, and what we put inside…*

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