Matchbox Marvel


The Elves were delighted to find this Lego version of a 1970’s Matchbox K111 Rocket Launcher on MOCpages. Their tiny, claw-like fingers were soon opening up all of its various hatches and doors to fiddle with the working features, and missiles quickly started flying from the hidden launcher in the back of the truck. It’s all fun and games until some Elf loses an eye, so Andy L’s vehicle was swiftly confiscated.

The TLCB staff appreciated the HoG steering, via the spare tyre on the back and the technical achievement of making the missile launcher pop out of the truck. It also reminded us of childhood days, wearing flares and tank-tops, and trying to fit Lego cars down a Streakloop. You can enjoy the nostalgia and see more of the working features at the K111’s MOCpages listing by clicking the link.

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