Wot, no DeLorean?


This year’s MOC Olympics are already into their third round, over on MOCpages. TLCB Elves don’t often look at the listings for this competition, as despite being packed with loads of creative builds, the MOC Olympics don’t produce many cars. Our hungry Elves were initially attracted by the modular cafe which headlines this MOC but were then delighted to find two cars, which meant that they got two meal tickets to spend.

Matt Rowntree’s challenge was to build a Back to the Future Lego set and he chose to avoid the obvious DeLorean and go for the scene at the diner, along with the two vehicles. First up is Biff’s ’46 Ford Super DeLuxe Convertible, with its sculpted front end, typical of that era. The second vehicle is D. Jones’ manure truck, complete with working tipper function so that it can fill Biff’s car. You can see more of the cars, plus the cafe and the mighty wurlizter jukebox by clicking this link to MOCpages.


4 thoughts on “Wot, no DeLorean?

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  2. matt rowntRee

    This is a first for me so I thought I’d thank you guys! (hope I’m not breaking precedence by doing so, I’m still sort of new to all this.) I’m glad you all enjoyed it and thanks again.


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