Elf Lessons; No.1.

Lego Teacher

The Lego Car Blog Elves’ continual search to find the best LEGO vehicles on the internet has yielded some brilliant creations. But have you ever wondered how they choose what to bring back? Here are the guidelines they follow:

The ‘L’ is for ‘LEGO’: Perhaps a little obvious but the lines do get blurred with clone blands (e.g. Mega Bloks) and LDD. To stand the best chance of seeing a creation appear on The Lego Car Blog it’s best to use LEGO pieces only. Whilst we have occasionally blogged a digital creation, it’s fairly rare for us to do so. The Elves aren’t really interested in a creation unless they can climb on it.

And the ‘C’ is for ‘Car‘: The Lego Car Blog was set up in response to the disinterest of the established blogs in featuring LEGO vehicles. This means that we do have a car bias, but we’ll also publicise other vehicle-related creations, such as trucks, ships, sci-fi and motorcycles. If you’ve made a castle though… probably not.

Quality Control: The Elves are under strict instructions to return only high quality work, we like to blog the best! Take your time and do your research.

Pictures say a thousand words: So take yours well. Clean, contrasting backgrounds are easy to do and make a world of difference. Even the most impressive of creations will not feature on The Lego Car Blog unless the pictures are in focus, well lit and exclude any clutter from shot. These simple steps will make you look like a pro!

Don’t be a pirate: We endeavour to blog original creations only. Recreations will not be accepted. And they make the Elves cry. Similarly, creations by builders who trade ‘Likes‘, request high ratings, blatantly self-promote their creations, or otherwise engage in general community douchebaggery are unlikely to be considered.

Fresh Fruit: Here at the Lego Car Blog our aim is publicise new creations (typically those under a week old). This ensures that we bring you the freshest and most interesting creations on the ‘net.

That’s it! Easy huh? If you’ve found a creation that meets all of the above requirements you can suggest it to us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page and you could see it appear here!

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One thought on “Elf Lessons; No.1.

  1. mr manperson says:

    I’ve looked at this before, and i do agree with the rules. My chances of being blogged are pretty slim (money and brick limitation= LDD the best way for me), but, hey, that’s life! you guys do a great job!!


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